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飾演者: Mickey Graue
首次出現: 第2季 第7集
最後出現: 第6季 第13集
出現集數: 7集
姓名: Zack
種類: 男性人類
出身地: 美國 加利福尼亞州
狀況: 在生
出生日期: 不明
家庭成員: 不明 - 母親
Cindy - 養母
Emma - 姐姐

ZackOceanic航空815航班尾艙生還者,亦是Emma的弟弟。He is one of only three children who survived Oceanic Flight 815, and one of only two children among the tailies.

Before the crash

Zack and his sister, Emma were traveling to meet their mother in Los Angeles.

On the Island

After crashing into the ocean, Mr. Eko carries him to shore, when he calls out for his sister and points to his sister still floating in the water. Mr. Eko pulls her to safety. Ana-Lucia sees her and performs CPR, saving her life. Template:Crossref


After saving his sister from drowning, Ana-Lucia takes it upon herself to become a maternal figure to both Zack and Emma. On the first day after the crash, Mr. Eko asks Cindy if she can look after Zack and Emma while he takes the dead bodies out. Emma had a teddy bear with her on the plane, that Zack held onto while Emma was hurt.


They were seen at Donald's funeral, both hugging Ana-Lucia and looking sad. They were both, however, taken on Day 12 by The Others. Template:Crossref

Over a month later, after they were kidnapped by the others, Zack was seen by Jack along with his sister and Cindy, holding the teddy bear. As they leave Zack looks at Jack angrily. Template:Crossref

When Kate finds Jack at The Barracks, she asks "And the people they took...the kids?" Jack confirms that they are safe. Template:Crossref

He is briefly glimpsed along with Cindy and his sister Emma after Ben shames Locke due to his failure to kill his father. Template:Crossref


  • In "", Eko and Jin see some people, possibly Others, walk past them in the jungle. One of the group appears to be a child, and is dragging with him a teddy bear tied to some rope. The bear resembles Zack's, though Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse denied the similarity on the Official Lost podcast.[source needed]
  • Zack's name is spelled "Zach" on the Lost trading card game.