Ryan Pryce
飾演者 Brian Goodman
首次出現 第3季 第13集
最後出現 第3季 第22集
總出現集數 電視劇4集
姓名 Ryan Pryce
出身地 不明
出生日期 不明
死亡日期 2004年12月21日
死亡原因 Hurley駕車撞倒
職業 「其他人」的成員
家庭成員 不明

Ryan Pryce, often referred to simply as Pryce, was an Other who policed the Others' community. On the island, Pryce had a security function similar to the one Danny Pickett had before he was killed.

On the Island

3x13 TMFT ryan

Ryan guards Sayid
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He was first mentioned by Colleen. According to her, Ryan had radioed in to report that Sayid had found the decoy village. He had also followed Sayid back to the shore, and reported the existence of a sailboat. Template:Crossref

When Kate, Sayid and Locke went to the Barracks to rescue Jack, Ryan and his team found Kate and Sayid and held them hostage. Ryan held a gun at Kate and asked, "Who else is with you?". He was put in charge of supervising Sayid while he was bound to the swing set, and attempted to quiet Sayid when he began divulging information about Alex's mother to her. Later, Ryan discovers Locke leaving the submarine and confronts Locke along with the Others, Jack, and Juliet. Ryan holds a gun at Locke and tells him to put his hands up, when suddenly the submarine explodes. Template:Crossref

Later Ben sent Pryce to drop off the medical supplies for Juliet so she could save Claire. Template:Crossref

3x22 tom pryce promotional

Ryan and Tom try to shoot at Hurley driving the van Template:Crossref

Pryce was playing chess with Luke when he was charged with the task of leading a group of ten armed men on a mission to invade the survivors' camp and abduct the women. Ben also instructed Pryce to kill any men that got in their way. Template:Crossref

Ryan Pryce got together an army of nine of his best men, and arrived at the camp at night. However, the camp had been recently abandoned after a warning from Karl, leaving the Others to invade empty tents stocked with dynamite stacks for Sayid, Bernard, and Jin to fire upon and explode. After the explosions from the dynamite trap wiped out most of the invasion team, only Pryce, Jason, and Tom survived. Jin, who misses his shots to blow the dynamite, is discovered and knocked down by Ryan. Ryan holds a gun to Jin's head, and announces his prisoner to Sayid who aims for Pryce's head. However Ryan was saved from being shot after Jason surprised and held a gun to Sayid. Template:Crossref

Ryan hit by van

Ryan seconds before his death. Template:Crossref

After surviving the dynamite trap, Pryce, Tom and Jason hold Jin, Sayid and Bernard hostage. Later, Pryce and his surviving team were instructed by Ben via walkie to shoot the three hostages, a bargaining chip to get Jack to cooperate with Ben. Pryce instead shot three bullets into the sand, suggesting a previous bluff arrangement unbeknownst to Jack, when the Others surviving team was ambushed a second time. Hurley rammed and ran over Pryce at full speed with the DHARMA van, thus rescuing the hostages and killing him. Template:Crossref


  • Ryan is of Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "little king". Also possibly (Gaelic) "water".
  • Tom addresses him as "Sir", indicating a higher place in the Other's hierarchy.