PauloOceanic航空815航班中部的生還者,他亦是另一名生還者Nikki的男朋友。Paulo和Nikki都是職業騙子,他們為了要偷走富有導演Howard L. Zukerman價值八百萬美元的鑽石,所以他混入了Zukerman的家中當廚師,並與Nikki一起謀殺他,去偷走他的鑽石。完事後,Paulo和Nikki乘815航班返回美國重新生活,可是航班卻墜毀在小島上,於是他們偷來的鑽石不知所蹤了。由於Paulo和Nikki不太願意與其他生還者一起生活,因此他們倆獨自居住在沙灘營地的一旁,另外他們在小島上的大部份時間都用來去尋找那些鑽石,並幾乎不想花時間去做其他事情。其後Paulo意外地找到那些鑽石,但是因為害怕Nikki得到那些鑽石後會離開他,所以他隱瞞著Nikki並把鑽石藏起來。最後Nikki發現了Paulo早已找到那些鑽石,所以在憤怒之下放了隻美杜莎蜘蛛去咬他,令他的心跳停止,並像死了般倒在地上癱瘓不動,不過她亦不慎被蜘蛛咬了一口,因此都癱瘓了。其他生還者以為Paulo和Nikki已死,於是把他們一起埋葬,而他們倆因動彈不得而不能自救,雙雙被活埋。



3x14 NoSmoking


Paulo來自巴西,但從不明的時間開始,他在悉尼當導演Zukerman的御用廚師,可是Zukerman完全不知道Paulo事實上是一名職業騙子,並且與他的女朋友Nikki Fernandez一起計劃去偷他價值百萬美元的鑽石。Nikki為了要得到鑽石,所以便接近Zukerman,並假裝喜歡上他,以成為他的情婦去獲取他的信任。後來Paulo在Zukerman吩咐他準備的食物中下毒,把Zukerman毒死。Zukerman死後,Nikki立刻從他的頸上取去一條夾萬鑰匙,並走進他的衣帽間,打開一個隱蔽的夾萬,偷去藏在內的鑽石。Template:Crossref


3x14 ReadingPaper

Paulo reads aloud the story about Zukerman's death. Template:Crossref

After killing Howard Zukerman and taking the diamonds, Paulo and Nikki bought tickets out of Sydney to escape suspicion, and start a "new life" together after they had sold the stolen diamonds. Sitting in an airport restaurant, Paulo read a newspaper story to Nikki about Zukerman's death which says that the police believed the cause of death to be heart failure, and the two laughed and embraced each other in excitement and relief. Shannon and Boone suddenly interrupt the celebratory kiss they shared with squabbling over whether to try to get a seat in the restaurant or not. After observing the two fight (and assuming they were a couple), Paulo and Nikki promise each other that they will never end up like that.Template:Crossref



File:3x14 ShakingHandWithRom.png

When the plane crashed on the Island, Paulo was, very visibly, severely shell-shocked. He stood next to the beach staring straight out to the ocean with tears in his eyes, while most of the other survivors ran around him and panicked. Nikki later found Paulo, and, rather than acting concerned for his safety and well-being, she frantically asked him if he knew where the diamonds were. Paulo had trouble understanding how she could be thinking of that, of all things, and he told her that he did not know where they were.Template:Crossref

Six days after the plane had crashed, Nikki was still arguing with him about the diamonds and where they could be. Ethan Rom, who had infiltrated their camp, approached Paulo and Nikki and asked them if he could help them find any missing clothing. Nikki rejected his offer of help when Charlie caught Boone with the camp's stolen water. It looked like Boone was about to be mobbed when Jack intervened, and Paulo and Nikki silently witnessed Jack's Live Together, Die Alone speech.Template:Crossref

File:Paulo nikki find the pearl.JPG

Nikki convinced Paulo to search for the diamonds with her, and they headed out far into the jungle, and found the downed Beechcraft. They also came across the unhidden Pearl station, but Nikki held Paulo back from exploring inside when they opened the Hatch, deciding that it was too dangerous.Template:Crossref

Kate had told Nikki earlier about how she had found the gun case in the waterfall, so Nikki lead Paulo there next in hopes of finding the bag. Paulo dove into the lake and, discovering the bag containing his nicotine gum and the diamonds, left them on the pool bed. When Paulo resurfaced, he lied to Nikki and told her that he did not find the diamonds. After she left, he dove again to retrieve the bag.Template:Crossref


File:3x14 Gotcha.jpg

Now in possession of the diamonds, Paulo began to realize that Nikki only was with him because she needed his help to find them. In order to stay with her, Paulo decided to hide the diamonds rather than keep them. He first attempted to bury them on the beach, but Locke approached him and told him about the tide coming in, and that nothing would stay buried on the beach for very long. He convinced Paulo to bury them somewhere that where they would not be washed away.

Taking Locke's advice, he traveled back to the Pearl, where he discovered a lavatory and hid the diamonds inside the toilet tank. When he was about to leave, he saw Ben and Juliet and stayed hidden from view. He saw them watching the video feed from the Swan station and discussing how to persuade Jack to perform surgery on Ben's tumor. After Ben and Juliet leave, Paulo emerged and discovered a walkie-talkie. Scared after the incident, he returned to camp and did not tell anyone of what he had discovered. Template:Crossref


File:3x04 Golfing.jpg

Paulo was sleeping against a tree when Mr. Eko was brought back to the survivors camp, severely wounded. He listened to Locke's speech along with Nikki, Charlie, Hurley and Claire. He then assisted Nikki and went with her to get bandages for the wounded Mr. Eko. Template:Crossref

Paulo turned to the camp's golf clubs to drive kiwis into the ocean. He lent Desmond a five-iron, his least-used club, after being very noticeably rude and distant with him. Paulo was having trouble with accuracy and distance, and Desmond gave him some advice on stance and positioning, which he reluctantly accepted. Template:Crossref

File:3x05 WashroomTime.jpg

Several days later, he joined a party to the Pearl, along with Locke, Desmond, Nikki, Sayid and Eko. Nikki, who had given up on finding the diamonds, saw it as a chance to become more included in the "core group" of survivors. Paulo tried to talk her out of it. He joined the group in order to retrieve and hide the diamonds again, so that she would never find the bag. At the Pearl, Paulo discreetly entered the bathroom while the other survivors worked on the computer. He removed the diamonds and put them down his pants, then flushed the toilet and emerged from the bathroom, leaving everyone with the impression that he had just used it. When the sounds of the Monster were heard, Paulo and the rest of the group ran out to find a dying Eko. Template:Crossref

File:3x11 NoNeedForToiletPaper.jpg

Paulo, Nikki, Desmond, Locke and Sayid were the only survivors present at Eko's small, makeshift funeral, where Locke discovered a sign on Eko's "Jesus stick". Locke then lied to them, telling them that he must have been killed by a wild animal, so that the other survivors wouldn't worry about any other impending threats when they heard of Eko's death. Template:Crossref

Once back at the camp, Paulo was preparing a meal with Nikki when Hurley tries to convince everyone to investigate the DHARMA van he found in the jungle. Paulo wasn't interested in any more adventures, and he turned Hurley down. When Nikki looked more enthusiastic to help, he pulled on her shorts, convincing her not to go with Hurley either. Template:Crossref

A while later, Paulo is seen carrying one of Sawyer's magazines. Sawyer called him "Zorro", and the two engaged in a short verbal altercation, which Sawyer ultimately loses when he realizes that Paulo was using the magazine for bathroom reading material. Template:Crossref


Roughly a week later, Nikki discovered his nicotine gum, and realized that he knew where the diamonds were. She cornered him in the jungle and confronted him about it. Paulo tried to explain, but Nikki was beyond reason. She threw Dr. Arzt's sample Medusa spider on his neck, and it bit and paralyzed him. He tearfully tried to explain what he had done, but Nikki wouldn't hear it. She triumphantly found the diamonds in his pants. Nikki was about to leave when the sounds of the Monster surrounded them. Paulo, who, at this point, was only able to move his eyes, saw many Medusa spiders approaching Nikki. They were males attracted by the pheromones of the female that bit Paulo. He tried to warn her, but his efforts went unnoticed. One crawled up her leg and bit her. She panicked, and quickly buried the diamonds and left Paulo behind.

The other survivors discovered Nikki and assumed she was dead. Jin, Hurley, and Sawyer went looking for Paulo, and they found his paralyzed body in the jungle. Assuming they were both dead, they tried to piece together what had happened. They discovered Juliet's walkie-talkie in Paulo's tent, and juggled with theories of them secretly being in league with the Others, or them being killed by the Monster. When they found the bag of diamonds, they decided that Nikki and Paulo had murdered each other in order to get them.

The rest of the camp held a brief memorial service, and they placed Paulo and Nikki in a double grave. They were filling it up just as the paralysis began to wear off, and Nikki opened her eyes. She was covered with dirt, so no one was able to tell that she was awake. They both presumably died after being buried alive. Template:Crossref


One day after their tragic, accidental demise, Hurley stated the deaths of Nikki and Paulo as one of the reasons for him persuading Sawyer to take a leadership role within the group of survivors. Template:Crossref

According to the story of the Oceanic Six, Paulo died when Flight 815 hit the water, along with Nikki. Template:Crossref


  • Paulo is one of only 2 main characters who have not appeared in any episodes after their death (sharing this title with Michael).
  • Paulo was the twenty-third character to ever have a flashback.
  • Paulo's episode count so far is 7. Paulo died on his 7th appearance.
  • Paulo along with Nikki are the main characters with the lowest amount of appeareances (both appeared in only 7 episodes).
  • Paulo is the only main character who appeared in no more than one season.
  • After the revelation of Libby's last name at the 2009 Comic Con, Paulo and Eko remain the only main characters whose last names have not been revealed. (Eko was referred to as "Tunde", though this has not been proven as his real name.)
  • Paulo has never met Daniel, Charlotte and Miles. However, he has met all the other main characters.
  • Paulo along with Nikki were the sixth and seventh main characters to be killed.
  • Paulo and Nikki were noted by the producers to be the most universally despised characters known to the show, due to their sudden appearance in "".
  • A deleted scene introduced Nikki and Paulo in alternative way: Claire is taking care of Aaron when she hears some weird noises coming from Jack's tent. She starts to call Jack's name, and when she opens the tent she sees Nikki and Paulo having sex there. This scene was deleted from "".
  • Paulo is a common name in Portuguese-speaking countries, like Brazil (the actor is Brazilian).
  • Paulo, Michael and Eko are the only main characters not to make an appearance after the season in which they died.
  • Paulo is the Portuguese equivalent of the name Paul. In the New Testament, Paul was not one of the original disciples of Jesus, but was called to become an apostle later. This led to slight contention between himself and the original disciples that was later resolved, but much contention between scholars centuries later - this parallels Paulo's involvement in the show, as he was not an original cast member but later was fleshed out and it was shown how he connected to the rest of the characters.
  • Paulo is the Portuguese translation of Paolo, name of one of the "lustful" sinners in the classic Inferno by Dante Alighieri. He and his lover, Francesca are condemned to the Second Circle of Hell, where Francesca informs Dante of how she and her husband's brother (Paolo) committed adultery and died a violent death at the hands of her husband. Many scholars have discussed the fact that in the entire Canto, Francesca is the only person to speak - Paulo does not even speak once. The souls in the Second Circle are those overcome by lust and are blown about to and fro by a violent storm, without hope of rest.
  • Paulo was a very accomplished chef; he was referred to as "Brazil's Wolfgang Puck".
    • This was most likely a nod to Rodrigo Santoro, who plays Paulo. In real life, he is referred to as "Brazil's Tom Cruise."
  • Nikki and Paulo are buried in a different way to any other survivor. Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby and Scott were all buried in single graves, while Paulo was put in a double-grave with Nikki.
  • According to an Entertainment Weekly article, Nikki and Paulo were originally supposed to be part of a longer story arc, with one episode having its flashbacks devoted to Nikki's fictional TV show, Exposé, to end with a surprise twist (presumably revealing that those "flashbacks" were merely part of a TV show Nikki was acting in). Faced with the negative fan backlash to the two characters' abrupt introduction, the producers decided in December 2006 to trim down the story arc and kill off the two characters in a single episode.

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  • What is his surname?


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