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Miles Straume


Miles Straume

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Miles Straume is a spiritualist. He parachuted onto the Island in "第4季 第2集".

Before the Island

4x02 Milesghost

Miles invokes the spirit of Mrs. Gardner's grandson. Template:Crossref

Around the time that the supposed wreckage of Flight 815 was recovered, Miles was visiting the house of a woman named Mrs. Gardner in Inglewood, California. Her grandson had been murdered and she wanted his spirit exorcised from her house. Miles agreed to talk to the spirit for a fee, and after he was paid $200 in advance, he entered the boy's former bedroom. There, using a ghostbuster device, he appeared to talk to the spirit, and through it located a stash of money and drugs which the boy had hidden in his room. He took the money and left the drugs. He then went back to Mrs. Gardner, and refunded her $100. Template:Crossref

When Naomi and Matthew Abaddon discussed his recruitment, Naomi disparagingly referred to him as a "ghostbuster". Template:Crossref

On the Island

Season 4 (Days 94-96)


Miles holds Jack at gunpoint. Template:Crossref

Miles was one of the three passengers to parachute from a helicopter which had taken off from the freighter. He appeared to have landed on a rocky outcrop near the north shore of the Island.

As Jack, Kate and Daniel approached him, he pretended to be incapacitated, but threatened Jack with a handgun as Jack attempted to examine him. He then informed Daniel that it was the survivors that killed Naomi, and demanded to be taken to her body. During their journey to Naomi's remains, he held Jack and Kate at gunpoint. When Naomi was found, Miles spoke in quiet tones over her body and afterwards confirmed Kate's story about her death.

Soon after, he was informed by Jack that they were in fact covered by their friends with firearms. Miles was forced to drop his gun when Sayid and Juliet came out of the jungle firing their guns.

He behaved aggressively toward Sayid when he was questioned about who he was and what he did. Upon hearing from Frank that Juliet was a "native" of the Island, he became hostile and demanded to know where "he" was. Showing a photograph, Miles said that the team came to the Island to find Ben Linus. Template:Crossref

Miles, Sayid and Kate took a journey to The Barracks to retrieve Charlotte Lewis from Locke. Upon arriving, they found Hurley tied up in a closet. Hurley told them Locke was losing it and insisted Miles and the others were there to kill them. Hurley asked him if they were, to which Miles replied, "Not yet."

As they continued searching the house, they were ambushed by Locke and Sawyer, who had used Hurley to set a trap. The three captives were taken to different areas of the compound, and Locke and Sayid agreed to trade Miles for Charlotte. Template:Crossref

4x04 Bite down

Miles is forced to bite down on a grenade by Locke. Template:Crossref

While at the barracks, Miles uses Kate to gain access to Ben. He demands $3.2 million dollars in exchange for telling his employers that Ben is dead. When challenged that Charlotte already knows that Ben is alive, he says that he will take care of Charlotte. Miles explicitly states that he knows exactly who Ben is, including the fact that Ben has access to a large amount of money. Kate then attempts to take him back to the boathouse, and he reveals he knows what she's done and who she is. Locke then appears, and takes him back to the boathouse. The next day, Locke sticks a grenade in Miles' mouth and pulls the pin, forcing Miles to keep his jaws clamped down on the trigger. Locke then leaves him there. Template:Crossref


  • Miles是第二十六个拥有闪回的角色.
  • In an interview in EW Magazine:, Damon Lindelof said, "With Miles Straum, we just thought it would be cool if his name sounded like maelstrom."
  • "Miles" is a main character in Henry James' The Turn of the Screw, an American ghost story previously referenced on Lost. Template:Crossref In the novel, Miles is a ten-year-old boy whose governess becomes obsessed with the idea that he and his younger sister are going to be (or have already been) corrupted by the ghosts of their deceased former governess and her lover.
  • "Straume" is the name of a city in Norway, and a Norwegian word meaning "penalty" or "punishment".
  • When Miles is talking to Naomi's body in a hushed tone, he is actually talking in reverse - much like the Whispers. When the audio is reversed he is clearly saying "You've got to see it through".

Unanswered questions

  1. 請不要在這裡解釋這些謎題
  2. 提出問題時請不要暗示答案
  • Where did he get the photo of Ben that he showed to Jack and Juliet? Template:Crossref
  • What is the nature of his spiritual abilities?
  • Why was he selected for the freighter team? Template:Crossref
  • Why did the pictures on the wall of Mrs. Gardner's house change in between Miles going upstairs and then back downstairs?
  • Is he truthful about his intention to leave Ben alone if he obtains the $3.2 million?
  • Why does he want $3.2 million dollars?
  • What does he mean by "I'll take care of Charlotte"?