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飾演者 Dustin Geiger
首次出現 第2季 第22集
最後出現 第3季 第22集
總出現集數 電視劇9集
姓名 Matthew
出身地 不明
出生日期 不明
死亡日期 2004年12月20日
死亡原因 Jin槍殺
職業 「其他人」的成員
家庭成員 不明

Matthew was an Other who seemed to have some medical experience. Matthew is credited as a character in some episodes, while in others he appears as a part of the background cast.

On the Island

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Matthew was first seen when he was a member of the party that captured Michael and brought him to the Decoy village, and at the Pala Ferry. Template:Crossref Template:Crossref

Later Matthew was part of Colleen's strike team which was sent by Ben to capture the survivors' sailboat. Template:Crossref

With the assistance of Jason, he administered an injection into Sawyer's chest in the Hydra operation room. Later, he and Jason accompanied Ben and Sawyer on their journey to Hydra Island lookout. Template:Crossref


Matthew was one of the Others who was hit by a rock from Alex's slingshot the day she stormed the work camp. Template:Crossref

Matthew was a part of the group Kate watched donning gas masks while preparing to leave The Barracks, and later appeared at the second camp. Template:Crossref

Matthew was one of Pryce's "ten best men" who took part in the raid on the castaways' camp. However he was shot in the chest and killed by Jin during the raid on the losties camp. Template:Crossref


  • Matthew was killed in the beach raid by Jin along with Luke. Matthew and Luke are the names of the ones who wrote of two self-named the Gospels in The New Testament of The Bible.
  • "Matthew" was the code to get the clue for season 4 (number of Oceanic) in the game find815. However, it was a reference to Matthew Abaddon.