NBC Picks Up J.J. Abrams’ Emerson/O’Quinn Show
5x16 LockeBenAtCamp

NBC has picked up another Abrams project and given it a pilot commitment. That’s right, it’s the much talked about show that features ex-castaways Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson. The show has been described as a comedic drama, was said to have the working title Odd Jobs and will feature the two men as former black ops agents. The report states that Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec (Alias) are writers and executive producers and Abrams and Bryan Burk are also executive producers. 更多

New Weezer Album Cover Stars LOST's Hurley

Now, I've never been a particularly huge Weezer fan. They're an okay band, of course; I like "My Name is Jonas" just as much as the next disgruntled teenager, and I can nod my head to "Pork and Beans" just like anyone else. But I don't own any of their albums; they simply haven't made enough of an impression on me for me to spend $15 on a CD. That's about to change, and it's all Jorge Garcia's fault. Weezer is putting out an album titled Hurley later this year, and you know its got to be good just by looking at the cover art. 更多

Review - LOST Epilogue "The New Man in Charge"

It's the last episode of LOST ever. "The New Man in Charge" is a little mini-episode that follows the events of LOST's series finale, and it totally defied expectations while at the same time meeting them head-on. First of all, I need to clarify something: the spoilers that DarkUFO posted of the epilogue which claimed a Locke appearance and a Walt disappearance? It was almost entirely false, so consider yourself relieved if you had any spoiler-anxiety going on about having ruined your last LOST experience for yourself. Intrigued yet? You should be. The entire epilogue is sure to keep fans talking for at least a few months more with all the answers it hands us — and there are a few surprises that should have even the most casual fans grinning like maniacs. 更多

LOST:第1季-第6季完整系列 現正接受訂購
Complete collection

LOST:第1季-第6季完整系列是一套38碟裝的影碟,包含Lost第1季第6季的各集、製作花絮和刪除片段等,並有普通版和藍光版之分。LOST:第1季-第6季完整系列將會在2010年8月24日發售,現正接受訂購。 更多

LOST百科全書 現正接受訂購
Lost Encyclopedia

LOST百科全書是一本包括劇中所有東西的指南,共有400多頁和超過1500幅插圖,其廣泛的內容包含劇中的角色、地點、物件、情節、角色間的關係和劇中出現的神話等。這本由ABC廣播電視公司和DK出版社共同創作的百科全書,將會是唯一一本得到認可的指南,並且含有LOST製作人Damon LindelofCarlton Cuse撰寫的前言。LOST百科全書將於2010年8月24日全球發售,現正接受訂購。 更多

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