飾演者 Ariston Green
首次出現 第3季 第4集
最後出現 第3季 第22集
總出現集數 電視劇7集
姓名 Jason
出身地 不明
出生日期 不明
死亡日期 Sayid用腳扭斷頸部
職業 「其他人」的成員
家庭成員 不明

Jason was a minor Other during Season 3 who on numerous occasions aided Pickett, Ben, and Ryan Pryce.

On the Island

File:3X07 DannyIvanJason.jpg

Jason was first seen when he assisted Matthew in the Hydra operation room. Jason tells Sawyer to bite down on a stick, "for the pain" and holds him down. He later accompanied Ben and Sawyer on their journey to the Hydra Island lookout. Template:Crossref

He was also present at Colleen's funeral in "" and held Kate at a gunpoint, so she would not try to prevent Pickett from shooting Sawyer in ""

After being locked in the cages with Pickett and being freed by Ivan the three of them caught up with the fugitives on the beach, but failed to catch them. They continued their chase to the part of the Hydra compound, where they found Aldo on the floor, informing them that Kate, Sawyer and Alex had been here and had freed Karl.Template:Crossref


Jason was one of Pryce's "ten best men" who took part in the raid on the castaways' camp. He survived the initial explosions of the tents, and helped to capture Jin, Sayid and Bernard. While Hurley ran Pryce over with the DHARMA van, Sayid tripped Jason, and with his legs, broke Jason's neck, killing him. Template:Crossref