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飾演者 Teddy Wells
首次出現 第2季 第22集
最後出現 第3季 第22集
總出現集數 電視劇10集
姓名 Ivan
出身地 不明
出生日期 不明
死亡日期 2004年12月20日
死亡原因 被炸藥炸開
職業 「其他人」的成員
家庭成員 不明

Ivan was a minor Other seen in the background during late 第2季 and 第3季. Ivan possibly had medical training as he helped with part of Ben's surgery.

On the Island

File:3X07 DannyIvanJason.jpg

Ivan was first seen at the decoy village, and later at the Pala Ferry escorting Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley. Template:Crossref Template:Crossref

Later Ivan he escorted Kate to her breakfast with Ben with Tom and several Others. He later helped Tom to carry Sawyer back to his cage after his escape attempt had failed. Template:Crossref

Ivan was later part of Colleen's strike team raiding the survivors' sailboat. After Sun shot Colleen on board, he tried to shoot her but missed. Template:Crossref

Ivan was also part of Ben's surgery. In an attempt to take control over the Others, Jack hurt Ben during the surgery, and knocked Ivan down. Template:Crossref

As Ivan recovered, he was sent by Juliet to find Danny and go after Kate and Sawyer, who escaped their cages. He found Danny and Jason in the prisoners' cages, wounded and furious. Template:Crossref


Ivan at Ben's surgery. Template:Crossref

The three caught up with the fugitives on the beach, but failed to catch them, as they were hiding with Alex in her hideout. They continued their chase to the part of the Hydra compound, where they found Aldo on the floor, informing them that Kate, Sawyer and Alex have been here and freed a prisoner. Danny continued the chase on his own. Template:Crossref

Ivan was seen, as a surgeon, when Jack enters the surgery room to tell Ben that he will save him if Juliet gets to live. Template:Crossref

Later Ivan was seen preparing to depart the second camp with Ryan Pryce. Template:Crossref

Ivan was one of Pryce's "ten best men" who took part in the raid on the castaways' camp. Although he was not seen in the episode, Tom mentioned that he was killed in an explosion at the beach camp in. Template:Crossref


  • In the end credits of 第3季 第2集 , he was merely credited as "Other", but by the episode 第3季 第6集 , he was credited as Ivan. He was also an uncredited background extra in the season two episoes 第2季 第22集  and 第2季 第23集 .
  • Ivan is of Russian and Slavic origin. Variant of John (Hebrew) "God is gracious".
  • Teddy Wells is seen in 第2季 第3集  in Locke's flashback as one of the members in his anger management group. The camera hits him for a flash when Locke begins to tell everyone that they "feel" too much.