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飾演者: Kiersten Havelock
首次出現: 第2季 第7集
最後出現: 第6季 第13集
出現集數: 7集
姓名: Emma
種類: 女性人類
出身地: 美國 加利福尼亞州
狀況: 在生
出生日期: 不明
家庭成員: 不明 - 母親
Cindy - 養母
Zack - 弟弟

EmmaOceanic航空815航班尾艙生還者,亦是Zack的姐姐。She is a young girl who was traveling with her brother Zach to meet their mother in Los Angeles. Emma is one of only three children who survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Emma and her brother were kidnapped by the Others on their 12th night on the Island. During their time with the Others, Cindy has acted as their primary caretaker.



After crashing into the water, Eko and Ana Lucia rescued Emma from the water. Ana Lucia performed CPR to Emma and promised she would get her home to her parents. Soon after the crash, Eko asked Cindy if she could look after her and Zach while he took the dead bodies out.

Ana Lucia and Cindy became maternal figures to Emma and her brother Zach. On Day 5, Emma and Zach were seen at Donald's funeral. On Day 11, Ana Lucia looked on as Zach and Emma had a small disagreement while playing. However, the next day she and her brother were among the nine "tailies" kidnapped by a mission of the Others. Template:Crossref

While living with the Others, Juliet spent some time with Emma and Zach. About three weeks after the crash, Juliet told Ben the children were asking about their mother and Ben said they would stop asking in time. During the conversation, they mentioned that the children were on the list. Template:Crossref



Cindy spoke to Jack while he was being held at the Hydra. The children were with her, and Emma whispered to Cindy to ask Jack about Ana Lucia. Jack got angry and Cindy moved her group away from him. Template:Crossref Later, Jack told Kate the children were safe. Template:Crossref

They appeared to be living with Cindy at the ruins, and were present when Locke failed to kill his father. Template:Crossref

According to the official Oceanic 6 story Emma died when the plane hit the water along with her brother Zach.



Zach and Emma are seen at the Temple along with Cindy and the Others in 2007. Cindy asks them to give food to Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Sawyer, and Miles. Template:Crossref

Emma, Zach and Cindy decide to leave the Temple when Sayid tells the Others of Jacob's death. Template:Crossref


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  • In "", Eko and Jin see a child holding a teddy bear in the jungle. Fans speculated whether the child was Emma or Zack based on the bear's similarity to the one they carried.
  • In the first Comic Con 2008 report from Ryan Ozawa, he stated he talked to an Octagon Global Recruiting representative named Emma who claimed to have been working for the DHARMA Initiative for five years. [1]
  • In every episode that Zach and Emma have been in, Cindy has appeared as well.
  • In "", when Zach and Emma appeared on screen, an enhanced caption stated that their parents died in the crash of Oceanic 815. According to Emma, the children's mother was supposed to meet them in Los Angeles, Template:Crossref and their father was never mentioned.