Donald Reynolds迷失的角色,由系列的製作團隊創作,他在迷失第6季第7集正式登場。


Donald Lawrence Reynolds華盛頓塔斯廷高中學校的校長,亦是Kim的秘密情人。



at which Dr. Benjamin Linus and Leslie Arzt work in the flash-sideways timeline. John Locke also appeared at this school as a substitute teacher. He seems to have a chilly relationship with Dr. Linus, dismissing the importance of the "History Club" that Ben runs and forcing Ben to oversee afternoon detentions instead.

After learning of an extra-marital affair that occurred on school property between Don and the school nurse, Ben threatens to report Don to the school board. During a confrontation in Don's office, Ben shows the principal printouts of indecent email exchanges (proof of the affair). He suggests that Don resign and nominate Ben as his replacement. Don, however, counters by threatening to write a scathing letter of recommendation for Alex Rousseau, one of Ben's favorite students, who asked Don for a letter to Yale University, his alma mater. Ultimately, Ben decides against reporting Don in exchange for a positive letter on Alex's behalf, and Don retains his position as principal. Template:Crossref



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