首次出現: ""
最後出現: ""
姓名: 未知
狀況: 死亡
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Aande 2


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“亚当和夏娃”是LockeJackKate中发现的两个尸体的昵称Template:Crossref 在这些尸体之上,Jack找到了一个含有一白一黑岩石的小包。


  • They are skeletons found in the caves discovered by Jack in the episode "". They have not been seen since.
  • The bodies themselves were not discovered until the episode "", when Jack returned to the caves to collect water.
  • They have been dead at least 40-50 years according to the deterioration of their clothing.
  • They were carrying one black and one white stone. Jack took these stones and neglected to mention them when Locke asked what had been discovered. See also: Black and white.
  • The religious nickname is taken from Adam and Eve of the Bible.

Interview testimony

  • In an article, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse answered the fan question, "What is the meaning or significance of the two skeletons that Jack and Kate found in the cave of season 1?" (potential spoilers)
  • In an Underground Online Article the producers talk about how the skeletons may give insight into the nature of the show and evidence that certain elements were planned early on. (potential spoilers)

Unanswered questions

  1. 請不要在這裡解釋這些謎題
  2. 提出問題時請不要暗示答案
  • Who were Adam and Eve?
  • What is the meaning of the black and white stones found on the body?
  • How did they die, and how did they get in the cave?
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