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Aaron Littleton

Aaron Littleton
Christian Shephard - 祖父
Carole Littleton - 祖母
Lindsey Littleton - Great Aunt
Jack Shephard - 舅舅
Thomas - 父亲
Claire Littleton - 母亲
Kate Austen - 养母
Deceased Great Uncle

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Aaron Littleton是一个出生在岛上的孩子, 他是Claire Littleton和Thomas的儿子,Christian Shephard和Carole Littleton的外孙,也是Jack Shephard的半个侄子和Lindsey的亲侄子.看起来当Aaron离开这个岛时Kate Austen收养了他.

Before the Island

File:3X12 ClaireCaroleHospital.jpg

Aaron is the son of Claire and her ex-boyfriend Thomas. Thomas was initially enthusiastic about the prospect of having a child with Claire but later panicked and left Claire. Aaron was to be adopted by Arlene and Joseph Stewart in Sydney, before Claire had a change of heart. Richard Malkin, a possibly fraudulent psychic, says that danger surrounds the baby. He claimed that there was a couple in Los Angeles "perfect" for the baby, and insisted Claire catch Flight 815 to meet them. Template:Crossref

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 41-44)


While Jack was busy tending to Boone after the Nigerian plane accident, Claire went into labor outside the camp. With the help of Kate, Claire delivered a healthy baby boy whom she named Aaron. His birth approximately coincided with the death of Boone. Template:Crossref

The next day, Charlie looks after Aaron so Claire can rest and comes up with the name Turnip-Head. Aaron doesnt stop crying until Charlie walks up with the crying baby, and Sawyer expresses his irritation at the sound of the crying. With the sound of Sawyer's voice the baby immediately stops crying. Template:Crossref

Meanwhile, Charlie plays his guitar to Aaron as Claire cuts his hair. He offers Claire a place to stay in Los Angeles when they get rescued. Template:Crossref

When Danielle Rousseau found out that Claire had delivered her baby, she devised a plan to get her daughter Alex back. Rousseau kidnapped Aaron to attempt a trade with the Others at the location of the black smoke. Charlie and Sayid rushed to rescue Aaron and took him back when Rousseau realized that the Others were not there. Template:Crossref

Season 2 (Days 44-69)

File:Aaron baptise.jpg

Sun is working in her garden when she is interrupted by Claire carrying Aaron, and Shannon with Vincent. Claire tells Sun nervously that they have found the message bottle from the raft Template:Crossref

When Claire, who heard Shannon's screams, arrives with Aaron, Charlie acts very paternal and scolds her for waking the baby up. As Locke helps Claire get the baby to sleep, she complains to him about Charlie, saying that he acts like the baby's father. Template:Crossref

Claire, with Aaron introduces herself to Mr.Eko but is very short when Mr.Eko hears about the statue and breaks it with Claire finding the drugs. Finally, Charlie apologizes to Claire, but Claire tells him to leave her and Aaron alone. Template:Crossref

Later, Charlie had visions that Aaron was in danger because he had not been baptized. While sleepwalking, Charlie kidnapped Aaron. He insisted to everyone that it was a misunderstanding. Later on, Charlie started a fire to distract everyone so he could take Aaron to be baptized. The fire was put out and Claire realized that Aaron was gone. Locke rescued and returned Aaron to his mother. Later when Claire asked Mr. Eko about baptism, she admitted that she had not been baptized either. Mr. Eko then baptized both Claire and Aaron together. Template:Crossref


Aaron became sick and developed a rash, at which point Rousseau told Claire that he was "infected" and Claire began to have flashbacks of when she was taken by the Others. She remembered Aaron being injected (while still in the womb) with the CR 4-81516-23 42 vaccine. Despite Jack telling her that it was a common, non-threatening virus called roseola, Claire began a determined search for what happened to her during that time with the Others. She, along with Kate and Rousseau, trekked to the Medical Station where she was held. Claire did not find the vaccine she thought would be there, but she did find and take a blue bootie she had knitted there in the nursery they had for Aaron. The next day, Aaron’s fever broke and he began to recover. Template:Crossref

Claire is tending to Aaron as Charlie approaches. Claire is still cold toward Charlie, and Charlie gives Claire a small case full of vaccine and a pneumatic injector which he found in the palette. Template:Crossref

After Desmond's arrival, when Claire injects herself and Aaron with the vaccine Charlie had just given her, she was confronted by Desmond who said that she was wasting her time. During the discharge, Claire holds Aarons ears, Later Bernard moved Claire and Aaron to safety, helping them to avoid being hit by the quarantine door.Template:Crossref

Season 3 (Days 69-93)


During Locke's vision, Locke points at them and Boone tells Locke Charlie, Claire and Aaron are "fine, for awhile", and appear to be a family in the vision. Template:Crossref

Desmond tells Claire she and Aaron needs to move down the beach, so he can fix her roof. Template:Crossref

Charlie arrives at her tent, carrying Aaron, and tells her about a picnic he has planned on the beach, and arranged for Sun and Jin to take care of Aaron while they dine. Template:Crossref

File:3x16 claire morning sick.jpg

Sawyer goes over to Claire and says something nice about Aaron, giving him a blanket to give to her. Sawyer does so awkwardly making Aaron cry. Later Sawyer bringing food to Claire, who lets him hold Aaron. Template:Crossref

The next day, on the beach, Charlie hears baby Aaron crying, but Claire is asleep and seems unfazed. Charlie comforts Aaron and wakens Claire to find that she isn't feeling well. Charlie takes the baby and leaves Claire to sleep. Later Charlie is shown sleeping next to Claire's bed with one finger in baby Aaron's grasp and the other hand holding Claire's. Template:Crossref


Aaron is carried by Claire while following Jack into the Jungle. Desmond says he has seen a flash—one of Claire and Aaron getting into a helicopter and leaving the island. Before Charlie leaves for the looking glass, Thinking of Aaron as his own son, Charlie passed off his Drive Shaft ring, a valued family heirloom to Aaron before he went on his sacrificial mission. Later Claire picks up Aaron and leaves with Hurley, but they do not see Charlie's "DS" ring, left behind in the crib. Template:Crossref

Aaron cried at the exact moment Charlie drowned within the communications room in the Looking Glass, suggesting some sort of extrasensory perception of the event on his behalf. Template:Crossref

Several people on the Island offered to help care for Aaron, especially Charlie who assumed the position of surrogate father. However, Sawyer was the unlikely person who was found able to soothe Aaron’s incessant crying by reading to him.

Aaron currently sleeps in a crib made by Locke (as a birthday present for Claire) in 第1季 第18集 . It is calculated by the timeline that as of episode 3x22, he is 51 days old. It may be important to note that Aaron and Walt are the only two children among the middle section survivors. Both he and Walt have been described as "special" (Aaron by Richard Malkin and Walt by Tom).

Season 4 (Days 93-95)

Aaron accompanies Claire and the rest of the survivors to the cockpit, where he, involuntarily, goes with his mother and sides with Locke. Template:Crossref

At the Barracks, Aaron lives in a house with Claire. When Kate comes to the Barracks, he interacts with her, and Kate remarks that Claire is a good mother. Claire remarks that being a mother was the last thing she thought she would be, and encourages Kate that she should be a mother someday. Template:Crossref

After the Island


After the Island, Aaron, now older, is living in California in the care of Kate who refers to him as her son. Aaron refers to her as his mother. For reasons not explained, Jack does not want to see Aaron, and thus does not visit Kate's home. Kate returns home, where Aaron is in the care of a nanny. She goes upstairs to hug him, and he tells her he loves her. Kate's mother also has a great desire to see her "grandson" as she puts it, Kate is strongly opposed to this for unknown reasons. Template:Crossref


  • Nicknamed "Turniphead" by Charlie.
    • In the 2004 Japanese anime film Howl's Moving Castle, the character Turniphead (who is a scarecrow) turns out to be a missing prince who was under a witch's spell.
  • The name Aaron comes from a Hebrew word meaning "bearer of martyrs". Sun asked Claire what it meant but Claire said she didn't know.
    • The name could also derive from an Egyptian word, "Aha Rw", which means "warrior lion."
    • Other known meanings of Aaron are "High mountain", "exalted", and "of high station".
  • After asking what she named her newborn son, Mr. Eko informed Claire that Aaron was the name of Moses' elder brother.
    • Aaron was a spokesman of sorts for Moses, persuading the Israelites to follow his brother and performing miracles with his staff, which turned into a viper before Pharaoh (Exodus 7:8-14) and unleashed the first three plagues. Aaron joined Moses, Nadav and Avihu on Mount Sinai to receive the Covenant, and saw a vision of God (Exodus 24:9). During Moses' 40-day encounter with God, Aaron acceded to popular demand by making a golden calf, outraging his brother (Exodus 32). Aaron became chief priest after the Ark and Tabernacle were constructed. He died at the age of 123 on Mount Hor, and was allegedly denied entry to the Promised Land after he called forth water from a rock by invoking his own name ("I command") rather than invoking the name of God ("I command you in the name of God"). Aaron's age at death not only contains the number 23, it also contains the number 12 (4+8). It is also the sum of 108 + 15.
  • Aaron is the name of the Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern's father, who was in the military and worked for a covert government agency. Aaron Rayner left his family when Kyle was almost three years old. Kyle Rayner is one of the main characters of Walt's comic book, originally belonging to Hurley.
  • The biblical Aaron is the great-great-grandson of Jacob (through Levi, Kohath and Amram).
  • Aaron in the Dead Sea Scrolls and other sources was the precursor of the line of the "Preistly Messiah" (as opposed to the "Royal" Messiah of the Davidic line).


  • Extras casting director Julie Carlson is responsible for finding babies to appear as Aaron
  • For the second season she needed 27 babies.
  • For the third season, she needed 30 babies.
  • She spends a lot of time calling doctor's offices, mom's clubs and twins clubs.
  • The babies (boy or girl doesn't matter) all have to look alike, making close-ups difficult.
  • The babies soon outgrow their part due to the time frame on the show being roughly one episode per day on the island.
  • For emergencies, Carlson always arranges to have an extra infant on the set.
  • William Blanchette played Aaron in a flashforward at the age of 2. To prevent spoilers, he was credited as child. In the end credits of the episode, he was credited as "two year old boy." Template:Crossref

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  • Aaron is a Scorpio, just like his mother, Claire. In astrology he is also an infant and not even old enough to walk, this very likely shows some kind of a strong connection between mother of the baby and the parent of that particular child throughout both of their whole lives; Locke remarks to Claire that it's a good sign that her baby's birthday is close to her own birthday.
  • Desmond told Charlie that he had a flash of the future, in which he saw Claire and Aaron leave the Island via a helicopter. According to Desmond, this would only happen after Charlie sacrificed himself. Template:Crossref


  1. 請不要在這裡解釋這些謎題
  2. 提出問題時請不要暗示答案
  • 为什么他必须尽快洗礼, Charlie 反复梦到这个? Template:Crossref
  • 为什么 Claire 选 Aaron 作名字?
  • 为什么 Richard Malkin 说 Claire 必须亲自养大 Aaron?
  • 他怎么被 Kate收养的?
  • Aaron 是 Oceanic 6之一吗?
  • 为什么 Kate 拒绝让 her mother 看 Aaron?
  • 为什么 Jack 不想见 Aaron?
  • 未来的 Jack 是否知道 Aaron 是他半个侄子?

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