迷失 第6季第16集迷失第6季的集數,亦是整部劇集的第119集,由Adam HorowitzEdward Kitsis等人編寫。




演員 角色
Matthew Fox Jack Shephard
Evangeline Lilly Kate Austen
Josh Holloway James Ford
Jorge Garcia Hugo Reyes
Terry O'Quinn John Locke / John Locke
Naveen Andrews Sayid Jarrah
Emilie de Ravin Claire Littleton
Henry Ian Cusick Desmond Hume
Michael Emerson Ben Linus
Ken Leung Miles Straume
Nestor Carbonell Richard Alpert
Michelle Rodriguez Ana Lucia Cortez
Mira Furlan Danielle Rousseau
Tania Raymonde Alex Rousseau
Alan Dale Charles Widmore
Mark Pellegrino Jacob
Kenton Duty 童年 Jacob
Dylan Minnette David Shephard
Sheila Kelley Zoe
Wendy Pearson Kim Kondracki
Ernesto Lopez Hernandez
Ashlee Kyker 學生
Nancy De Foster Doyle



  • Jack和Sawyer在潛艇上檢視著炸彈。Template:Crossref
  • Sawyer表示,他不相信Jack,並拉下了電線,導致倒數加快。Template:Crossref
  • Sayid帶著炸彈跑開,以保護他的朋友們,而他死於爆炸之中。Template:Crossref
  • Sun被困在沉沒中的潛艇,Jin決定與她留在一起,他們最終一同死去。Template:Crossref
  • Jack、Sawyer、Kate和Hurley來到主島的岸邊,並哀悼他們犧牲了的朋友。Template:Crossref

閃邊世界時間線 (2004年)


Jack wakes in his apartment. Looking in the bathroom mirror he finds that the injury to the left side of his neck that he first noticed on the flight back from Sydney is bleeding. As he cleans it David tells him that he has made breakfast. David checks that Jack is coming to the concert that evening and tells Jack that his mom is coming as well. David tells Jack not to get all weird because of his mom being there. Claire joins them for breakfast as Jack receives a call telling him that the airline has found the missing cargo. Jack assumes that his father's coffin has been found. Desmond is in a car speaking to Jack on his cell phone - he has been posing as a representative of Oceanic Airlines.


John Locke returns to the school, recovered, and is welcomed by a student. Desmond is watching from his parked car. As Locke wheels across the parking lot, Desmond starts his car. Ben jumps in front of the car and shouts for someone to call the police. Desmond gets out of the car and punches Ben in the face. As Ben is held down on the hood, he says he won't let Desmond hurt Locke again. Calmly Desmond tells him that he is not there to hurt him but to help Locke "let go". Ben asks who he is and Desmond replies by saying "Do you want to know who I am?" and then beats Ben violently. While he is being punched, Ben has a flash of Desmond beating him while they were at the marina in LA. Template:Crossref Desmond leaves with Ben confused and laying beaten and bruised on the ground.

The school nurse treats Ben for his injuries. He looks at himself in a mirror as Locke wheels in and asks what happened. Ben replies that he was in a fight with the man who ran Locke down. He tells him that the strangest thing happened while he was being beaten, that he "saw" something. Locke uses his phone to call the police but Ben advises against it. He tells Locke that the man was trying to get Locke to "let go", not to hurt him, and that for some reason he believed him.


As the LAPD officer hangs up on Locke's terminated phonecall, Desmond arrives and asks to see a detective. Meanwhile, Det. Straume is reminding Det. Ford about the benefit concert set for that evening at his dad's museum. He asks Ford to go as his "date", but when Ford discovers that the red head he went out on a blind date with will be there, he passes. Desmond is brought to Ford and Straume and turns himself in for running Locke over and beating up Linus. Desmond is taken to a holding cell. He smiles as he joins Sayid and Kate in the cells.


Alex runs up to help Dr. Linus who now sports a sling, and can't get his car keys out. She wonders why anyone would want to hurt "the nicest guy ever". She insists that she and her mother give him a lift home. Alex takes Ben to the car where Danielle Rousseau introduces herself. They insist on having him over for dinner and Danielle says that Ben will come to dinner, even if "we have to kidnap you". Danielle is pleased to cook for someone as well as Alex. She tells Ben that Alex's father died when Alex was two and that Ben is the closest thing to a father Alex has ever had. Ben is touched by this comment, as he chokes back a sob and tears well up in his eyes. He passes it off as "the onions". Ben looks at Danielle closely as she says that next time she won't use so many onions.

John Locke stops by Jack Shephard's office. He remarks about a photo of Jack, David and Christian, which Jack says was last year's Thanksgiving. Locke observes that he and Jack were on the same flight from Sydney; that when he was hit by a car, of "all the doctors in Los Angeles" he happened to be treated by Jack. Then the same man who ran him down beat up a teacher at his school today and said that he wasn't there to hurt Locke but to help him "let go" - and that these were the same words Jack had used when they were last together. He adds that maybe this is happening for a reason and that Jack is "supposed" to fix him. Jack suggests that he is mistaking coincidence with fate. Locke says whatever it is called he is ready to get out of his wheelchair.


Det. Ford arrives at the cells to hand over Sayid, Desmond and Kate for transfer. Kate makes her last bid for Ford to let her go, but while he looks tempted, he tells her it isn't going to happen. As they are traveling in the wagon, a smiling Desmond says that it is time to leave. Sayid says he is a crazy person who turned himself in. Desmond partially confirms this by saying that he ran over a guy in a wheelchair. He accepts that he is crazy but says the issue is whether they want to get out of here or not. He says that when the driver stops he will need their trust because after he sets them free he will exact a promise from each of them to do something. Kate and Sayid both make their promise, skeptically.

The paddy wagon pulls to a stop and Officer Cortez frees the three, asking for her pay-off. A yellow Hummer arrives and Hurley jumps out. He remarks that he hadn't known Ana-Lucia was going to be there, but then realizes he shouldn't have said that when Ana says she doesn't know him. He gives her $125,000. Hurley asks Desmond whether she is coming with them but he says she isn't ready yet. Cortez leaves. Hurley points out his Camaro parked nearby, including keys and the other things they'll need. Sayid goes with Hurley, while Kate accompanies Desmond, who takes a cocktail dress from the trunk of the Camaro and tells her "We are going to a concert."

原時間線 (2007年)



在沙灘上,JackKate傷口縫針。Kate想到了Ji Yeon,並表示Jin還未見過他的女兒。她與Jack決定要殺死"Locke" SawyerHurley看著海水將潛艇的廢物沖到岸邊,Kate依在Sawyer的肩上。當Jack催促他們時,他們開始去尋找Desmond身處的井。Jack承認,若"Locke"想要Desmond,代表他們也需要Desmond。


在途中,Sawyer對"Locke"為甚麼不直接殺掉Desmond感到疑惑。Jack認為,可能是"Locke"的其中一條"規則"。Sawyer覺得他要為潛艇死的人負責,因為他不遵從Jack的建議,試圖去拆除炸彈。Jack堅持是"Locke"殺死他們。就在他們二人後面,Hurley發現年輕的Jacob站在遠處的一個古老草屋裡。突然,年輕的Jacob出現在Hurley面前,並要求把Ilana收集的骨灰還給他。 當Hurley問為甚麼他要骨灰,Jacob搶走了骨灰跑開。Hurley追著他,並發現到成年的Jacob坐在火堆邊。Jacob表示,他的骨灰在火堆裡面,當火堆燒完後,Hurley就永遠見不到他,並表示"我們與終點已經非常接近。"("We are very close to the end.")。






Jacob帶Jack來到溪邊。當大家在遠處看著時,Jacob教Jack在哪裡可以找到小島心臟的光,解釋當初Jack看不到,但他現在可以找到了,因為他決定保護那裡。Jacob向Jack索取了一個杯,然後捧起一些水,對水施加咒語,將裝滿水的杯交給Jack。在Jack喝下去前,他問Jacob關於工作的任期,Jacob表示,他要一直做,"直至你無能為力為止。"("as long as you can.")。Jack喝了那杯水。Jacob擁抱了他,並表示"現在你與我一樣。" ("Now you are like me.")。






Widmore發現到炸藥,並表示他來到島上時,已將炸藥放在機上。當Ben他是如何來到島上,Widmore表示是Jacob來探訪他,就在貨輪沉沒後。Ben認為他是說謊,但Widmore說,Jacob向他顯示他之前的方法的錯誤,並說服他回來,告訴Widmore如何達到"這個特定目的"("this exact purpose")。 在Widmore有機會詳細解釋前,Zoe報告發現"Locke"到達。Widmore命令她立即撤回,並要求大家匿藏起來。






當密室的燈開啟後,Ben表示"抱歉,Charles。"("Sorry Charles.")。Locke問Zoe是誰,她回答了一句,Widmore就警告她不要與對方談話。"Locke"一刀割開Zoe的喉嚨,殺死了她,並表示Widmore叫她不要說話,所以她對他毫無價值可言。"Locke"威脅他離島後,首先要做的事,就是殺掉Widmore的女兒。他承諾Widmore只要肯開口,他就不會殺掉Penny。Widmore表示他負責帶Desmond回島,因為Desmond擁有對電磁力量的獨特抵抗力,而他是最後的保險措施。Widmore表示他不會再在Ben面前多說,"Locke"叫他在耳邊說話。Widmore說話時,Ben開槍將他射殺,表示"他沒有機會去救他的女兒。"("he doesn't get to save his daughter.")。"Locke"表示,Ben從沒有停止去令他感到驚奇,但幸好Widmore已經將他想知的事情說完。Ben就追問是否還有"其他人要殺","Locke"顯得十分得意揚揚。



"Locke"帶著Ben穿越叢林。Ben問為甚麼他既然能變成黑煙,卻還要走路。對方解釋,他喜歡腳踏實地的感覺,因為這種感覺提醒他,他以往是一個人類。他們來到井邊,卻發現井裡甚麼也沒有。"Locke"表示,Sayid明顯沒有殺掉Desmond。Ben發現到井邊有繩掛著,表明有人幫助Desmond逃離,"Locke"卻反而說,那個人幫了他一個大忙。Ben想知道Widmore說了甚麼。"Locke"表示,Desmond是當所有候選人被殺後的"故障安全"(fail safe),是Jacob阻止他離島的最後方法。Ben問為甚麼"Locke"聽到Desmond逃走,卻十分高興。"Locke"解釋,當他找到Desmond時,他會讓Desmond去做一件他做不到的事,就是"摧毀這座小島"("Destroy the Island.")。

迷失 第6季
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