迷失 第4季第5集迷失第4季的集數,亦是整部劇集的第77集,由Carlton CuseDamon Lindelof編寫。



演員 角色
Matthew Fox Jack Shephard
Naveen Andrews Sayid Jarrah
Henry Ian Cusick Desmond Hume
Elizabeth Mitchell Juliet Burke
Jeremy Davies Daniel Faraday
Rebecca Mader Charlotte Lewis
Jeff Fahey Frank Lapidus
Sonya Walger Penny Widmore
Alan Dale Charles Widmore
Kevin Durand Martin Keamy
Anthony Azizi Omar Idris
Fisher Stevens George Minkowski
Graham McTavish 中士
Darren Keefe Billy
Chris Gibbon 士兵
Edward Conery 拍賣家
Chris Barnes 守衛
Marc Vann Ray


4x05 Des Panick

Desmond panicking in the helicopter

实时事件: Desmond正和Sayid,Frank一起坐在直升飞机上,他望着Penny的照片陷入沉思。Frank按照Daniel所说严格沿着入岛的坐标飞行,眼看直升飞机飞进了暴风雨区域,Sayid担心不已。飞机遇到气流,Frank向Sayid保证一定会没事。气流越来越强,Frank竭尽全力保持飞机的航向。眼看航向开始偏离原本的305航向,突然Desmond的意识开始出现闪回。

4x05 Des in bed


Desmond在军营里突然惊醒,而此时一天的操练已经开始,中士冲来呵斥他没有对起床号迅速做出反应,向他要一个解释。Desmond说当时他梦见自己在一架茫茫大海上的直升飞机里,即将迎来一场暴风雨的侵袭,中士嘲他至少作了个有关军事的梦。 出于Desmond没有集中注意力,他命令整个团罚作两倍的4分钟的常规晨间操练。
4x05 Keamy Des


实时事件: Desmond在意识闪回后又从现实中醒来,显得不知所措。他惊慌着挣开安全带,想要从直升飞机跳下去。当Sayid喊了他的名字,问他一切是否还好,但他一连困惑,完全不认识他,询问Sayid的名字。Desmond然后从口袋里拿出了他和Penny的合照,开始平静下来。飞机顺利通过了暴风云团,降落在货轮上。KeamyOmar跑向Frank,询问Desmond和Sayid的身份和他们来这里的原因。Frank告诉他们是815航班的幸存者,而Keamy回答他不该带他们上船。Desmond因为不认识周围的人,痛苦万分地大叫起来。Sayid又试着让他安静下来,但还是失败了。Keamy说要带他进船上的病房,让他们的医生进行一下诊断,然后Sayid才能看到他,而Sayid勉强同意。在带着Desmond去病房的路上,Keamy告诉他他来自拉斯韦加斯,而Omar来自加利福尼亚。他们的船从斐济出港,至少他们还在太平洋上。之后,Desmond又进入了意识闪回。

意识闪回: 此时Desmond的意识又闪回到了军营,他站在正在雨中做仰卧起坐的队友当中。中士嘲弄了他并因为他的古怪行为而惩罚整个团做10公里的跑步。之后Desmond告诉了他在军队里的一个朋友有关他经历的这个“梦”。他的朋友认为他疯了,但他问Desmond"梦"里是否有他认识的人。Desmond想起来他当时正在直升飞机上看他和Penny的合影。于是他立即赶往最近的电话亭给Penny打电话。但是,正当他要进入电话亭的时候,团里另一个人将他撞倒,并讥讽的感谢他不服从命令而造成整个团被中士惩罚。正当Desmond起身想捡起掉落的硬币时,他的意识回到了货轮上。

Real-time events: Keamy and Omar escort Desmond down to the sick bay, which they lock him in. Desmond panics and starts pounding on the door and screams to be let out. He hears a voice behind him saying "You have it, too." Turning, he sees a man lying on a bed, strapped to it. The man asks him if "it is happening" to Desmond as well.

Back on the beach, Jack and Juliet are worrying about the helicopter, as they haven't heard from Desmond or Sayid for a day now. Juliet notices that Charlotte and Daniel are not so worried, even though the freighter is only 40 miles away - 20 minutes of flying, and questions them about it. Against Charlotte's advice, Daniel admits that the perception of time on the Island might be different than the time experienced off the Island. He says that as long Frank uses the bearings that were given to him, the people on the helicopter should be fine. If not, there could be "side-effects".
4x05 Sayid Freighter

Sayid on the freighter's deck

4x05 Desmond PhoneBooth

Desmond calls Penny

Meanwhile, on the upper deck, Sayid is surveying the freighter. He notices a closed-circuit camera on the railing beside him. Looking up on a higher deck, he sees Keamy and Frank arguing. As Frank comes down the stairs to meet with Sayid, Sayid asks him why they left at dusk but arrived midday. Frank doesn't know. Sayid then asks for the phone, which Frank will only give him if Sayid gives him the gun. Sayid gives Frank the gun, and calls Jack. He tells him that Desmond doesn't seem to remember who they are. Jack then puts the phone on speaker. Daniel asks if Desmond has been subjected to intense dose of radiation. He then says that by coming out of the Island, some people "might get a little confused", but it is not amnesia.
4x05 Minkowski Asleep

Minkowski, relaxed from the drugs

In the medical room, after Minkowski phases out, a doctor, Ray enters. Minkowski wakes up and tells Ray that "this" will happen to everyone else once they go back to the Island. The doctor injects Minkowski with a sedative. After this, the doctor checks out Des' eyes with a lamp, so he can "help him". In the middle of a phrase, Desmond has another flash.

Flashtime: After picking up the coins on the floor, Desmond goes to a phone booth to call Penny. Troubled by his call, Penny tells him that he shouldn't be calling her as he broke off with her and then joined the army. She adds that she has moved. She hangs up after telling him to not call her anymore. When Desmond tries to answer her, the flash stops.

Real-time events: Sayid comes down with Frank in the medic bay to bring the phone. The doctor pushes the alarm button. Sayid then quickly gives the phone to Desmond as on the other end is Daniel, who urgently wants to speak to him. Daniel asks him what year does he think he is in, to which Des answers 1996. Dan then asks where he is "supposed to be" and then tells him that he should go when he has another flash to Oxford so that Desmond will be able to give Daniel a message in the past. When Omar and Keamy suddenly enter the bay to stop the call, Desmond has another flash.

4x05 Dan and Des

Daniel and Desmond watching the rat experiment

Flashtime: Desmond visits Daniel at Oxford. The 1996 Faraday is seemingly more neurotic than his 2004 counterpart. He chastises some students and rants to himself. When Desmond approaches and tells him that he has been to the future where Dan told him to find him in the past. Daniel is suspicious, feeling that his colleagues were trying to set him up. Desmond has the settings given by Daniel for Faraday's machine: 2.342 and 11 Hz, which piques his interest, but not satisfactorily. Desmond then uses his final piece of information: "I know about Eloise." Desmond then goes with Dan to a secret room, where Daniel does what "Oxford frowns upon". Daniel then asks Desmond if his future-him remembers this particular meeting between the two men, to which Desmond responds negatively. Desmond adds that "maybe you just forgot" to which Daniel laughs at the comment. Daniel then adds that you cannot change the future, he then puts on an anti-radiation vest. Desmond asks why he doesn't get one, but Daniel says that it is only used for prolonged exposure (as he does this kind of thing 20 times a day). Desmond asks why Daniel doesn't put something on his head, but Dan again laughs at the comment. Daniel then pulls out of a cage a rat, named Eloise, and puts it in a maze. After calibrating a machine situated just above the mouse via Des' indications, Daniel turns it on to "unstick Eloise in time". The machine emits a bright red ray on the rat and then stops. Quickly, Daniel takes off his anti-radiation vest and looks at the rat without doing anything yet as "she is not back yet". When she is, Daniel removes the little door at the beginning of the maze to let the rat walk in it and find the exit. Without any hesitation, the rats quickly finds the exit. Daniel is extremely happy but Desmond doesn't understand why this is incredible. Dan then answers that it is incredible because he built the maze the morning before, and he is not going to teach the rat how to run it until an hour later: he has sent her consciousness, her mind, in the future. Desmond then confronts Daniel as to why he sent him here if not to help him. He then adds that Daniel in the future is on an Island, to which Daniel replies: "Why would I go to an Island?"

4x05 Go Back

Desmond tries to "get back"

Real-time events: Back in the bay, Keamy takes the phone back from Desmond. He and Omar then bring Frank outside the room, as the captain wants to talk to him. Sayid adds that he too wants to talk to the captain, to which Keamy answers sarcastically: "I'll be sure to let him know. In the meantime have a seat." Des tries to "get back" using the doctor's lamp but doesn't succeed. After Sayid calls Desmond by name, Minkowski suddenly reacts, freshly woken up. He tells them that he is George Minkowski, the communication officer. Before they strapped him down there, all the calls to and from the boat went through him in the radio room. Every so often, a flashing light went on his console, an incoming call. They were under strict orders never to answer these call, which actually were made by Desmond's girlfriend: Penelope Widmore.

Flashtime: Back from the "future", Desmond wakes up in Daniel's Oxford room. Daniel notices that Des was gone for 75 minutes and tells him that the more time he goes back and forth, the more it gets harder and harder as in his case the progression is exponential. Des then notices that the rat is dead, from a brain aneurysm. Desmond then confronts Daniel about that, but Dan says that he doesn't know if Des is going to also die. Eloise's brain short-circuited, she couldn't tell the difference between the past, the present and the future as she didn't have any thing to attach herself to: she did not have a constant. Daniel then tells him about the need for Desmond to have a constant, something that is present in both times and that he really cares about. Desmond then jumps to the phone and calls his constant, Penny, but the number has been disconnected.

Real-time events: When Desmond returns to his 2004 conscience, he knows he has to contact Penny. He tells that to Sayid, but Minkowski interrupts their conversation and says that two days earlier, someone sabotaged all the equipment. All communications with the mainland has been lost. Minkowski could have fixed it, but then he went nuts. Sayid then asks where is the radio room and frees Minkowski so he can show them the way. Sayid also asks how they are going to get out of the room, but Minkowski notices that the door is open: they seem to have "a friend on this boat". Desmond notices that George has started to bleed from his nose. They prepare to leave.

4x05 Charles Widmore auction

Mr. Widmore at the auction

Flashtime: In 1996, Charles Widmore is present at an auction for lot 2342, the ledger of the Black Rock's first mate. The contents have not been published and are unknown to anyone outside the seller's family, Tovard Hanso's family. Charles wins the auction for 380 000 pounds. Meanwhile, Desmond has arrived at the auction and is trying to get past the guard to talk to Widmore. After the auction ends, Widmore walks out and agrees to talk to Desmond quickly. At the men's bathroom, Desmond tells him that he needs to get in touch with Penny. He doesn't know how to reach her as her number has been disconnected. After Widmore talks about Des' cowardice and his "second thoughts", he ultimately gives him her address so that she can tell him herself that she hates him. Just as Des is about to close the sink, the flash ends.

File:4x05 Minkowski Dies.jpg

Real-time events: On the boat, Sayid, Minkowski and Desmond are going to the sabotaged radio room. Minkowski says that "it" is happening faster and is getting harder. Desmond then asks to George how it happened to him. Minkowski tells him that they were bored out of their minds, waiting for their orders, anchored "here", so him and Brandon, another crew member, decided to take the ship's tender to see the Island. But Brandon started acting crazy so they turned around. Soon after, Brandon died and Minkowski went nuts. Sayid looks at the destroyed equipment and asks Minkowski "who did this". George doesn't seem to know and adds that he feels sorry for the person when the captain finds out. He then suddenly phases out again. Sayid then uses his military training expertise to repair the phone. Desmond notices a calendar: "it's 2004". Sayid sees it also and notes that it's almost Christmas. Desmond starts to bleed from his nose, and suddenly Minkowski has a fit and bleeds from his face. Minkowski's final 'trip' cost him his life, as he returned to 2004 he died, his last words being I can't get back.

File:4x05 Shocked Penny.jpg
4x05 Journal end

"If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant"

Flashtime: Desmond awakens in the same bathroom as before, the sink full of water. After refreshing his face, he goes to see Penny. She opens the door to a distraught Desmond in 1996. Despite clear signs that Penny wants to have a "clean break" from Desmond, the latter insists, pleading for her phone number. After entering the flat, he tells her that he needs her phone number so he can call her in 8 years (December 24th, 2004). Ultimately, after a bit of reassuring, Penny gives Desmond her number: 7946 0893.

Real-time events: Desmond comes back from another flashtime and tells Sayid the London phone number. Sayid repairs the phone, dials it, and then gives it to Desmond. Desmond then engages in a heartwarming phone call with Penny, preparing Christmas; she has been looking for him for 3 years, also confirming to Desmond of her conversation with the late Charlie. She knows about the Island, she has researched it, and is trying to find him. After they exchange their love for each other, the battery dies out. A happy Desmond then thanks Sayid, seemingly having remembered everything. He is now "perfect". On the beach, Daniel begins flipping through his diary until he comes to a page that reads: "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant."



  • 本集首次出现意识闪回(既不是闪回也不是闪后)。相反,Desmond以现在时间为基准意识清晰地穿梭于1996年和2004年两具Desmond的身体之间。
    • 在另一集以Desmond为主Flashes Before Your Eyes中,Desmond也曾经出现过时间穿梭,但是那时是闪后类型的,类似于未来事件在脑海中提前回放。
  • Penny在伦敦的电话号码是79460893。
    • 02079460893是寻找815角色扮演游戏中的有关第四季的一个额外线索Template:Crossref
    • 020直到2000年4月22号才被指定为区号。此前伦敦的市郊区号是0171,市区区号是0181,市内电话号码为7位,不是8位。所有以0171为区号的电话号码改为0207。因此Penny的电话号码最开始应该是0171 946 0983。
    • 尽管表面看去这是一个英国伦敦电话,实际上却是一个未分配的号码。(Ofcom特别指定以02079460打头的电话号码为虚拟号码,可供影视剧使用[1]).
  • Penney的地址为伦敦Cheyne Walk 423号
  • 牛津皇后学院物理系Southfield也是寻找815游戏中第四季的一个额外线索。Template:Crossref
  • Charles Widmore在拍卖会上买的日志就寻找815角色扮演游戏第五章中Oscar Talbot提起的日志。Talbot是Widmore集团分公司的职员,曾经提起他的雇主有该日志。
  • 日志的卖家叫Tovard Hanso
  • 黑岩日志拍卖结束后,一些查理狄更斯的所有物开始被叫卖。
  • 按照墙上日历和desmond的说法,本集中的实时事件发生在Sayid,Desmond和Frank离开小岛的那天,即第94天,圣诞节之夜。这说明船上的第94天其实是岛上的第96天。
  • Camp Millar也是寻找815游戏中的第四季的一条额外线索。Template:Crossref
  • Kevin Durand, who plays Keamy, was in the movie Smokin' Aces with Matthew Fox and Nestor Carbonell. He was also in the movie Wild Hogs with M.C. Gainey and Walking Tall with Michael Bowen
  • In the Bible, Daniel, like Daniel Faraday, is known to have skills in interpreting dreams (Desmond tells his Sgt. that he had a dream).
  • The phone that Sayid connects to the battery is a standard Lineman's Handset (looks like a Harris TS22).
  • Jeremy Davies, who portrays Daniel Faraday, also portrays Tom-Tom, the main character in the movie "The Million Dollar Hotel." Tom-Tom is in love with a woman named Eloise. Likewise, Davies' character Faraday is closely linked to another Eloise: the white lab rat.
  • Minkowski mentions that in the Radio Room on the ship there is a blinking light and incoming calls from Penny, very similar to what was seen in The Looking Glass communication room.
  • Desmond trying to grab Penelope's attention and tell her about how he was (is) lost on a boat at sea is reminiscent of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
  • Fisher Stevens (George Minkowski) played Chuck Fishman on the show Early Edition. The show was about a man, Gary Hobson, who "gets tomorrow's newspaper today." Hobson would try to prevent bad events mentioned in the next day's paper from happening.
  • Fisher Stevens, who plays Minkowski, was in the 1985 Sci-Fi film "My Science Project", which dealt with other dimensions and time travel.
  • Fisher Stevens also starred in the film adaptation of Super Mario Bros. which dealt with parallel dimensions.
  • As the helicopter approached the freighter, a sign near the landing pad indicated the name of the ship: 'Kahana'.
  • The majority of the notes on Daniel's chalkboard and notebook are (introductory) notes on Special Relativity and General Relativity, with a small amount of quantum mechanics scattered in.
    • Special Relativity deals with linear contractions/dilations of space and time
    • General Relativity deals with the curvature of space and time
    • There have been evidences of both Special and General Relativity on the island - as Faraday pointed out (and his payload experiment showed), there is a contraction of time when you go to or leave the island, perhaps due to a relativistic effect (that is not yet understood). Also, the writers may be building on a "worm-hole"-ish idea (vile vortices?), which would relate to General Relativity.

Production notes

  • Ben, Claire, Hurley, Jin, Kate, Locke, Michael, Miles, Sawyer, and Sun do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode features the smallest number of original characters of any episode to date - only Jack and Sayid appear. Also, this episode features only six main characters, tying with The Man from Tallahassee, and falling behind A Tale of Two Cities, Not in Portland, and Stranger in a Strange Land, which each featured a mere five main characters, all comprising the five episodes of the series featuring the fewest main characters.
  • The scenes in the military camp were filmed on the slopes of Diamond Head. [2]
  • The dog seen at Oxford university when Desmond finds Daniel Faraday seems to be the same dog used for the picture in Jacob's cabin.


  • 在直升机上的地图中出现了两个版本的货船。第二个版本中货船上有两条线。
  • 在1996年伦敦的电话只有7位(号码于2000年升为8位,并将区号0171和0181改为020 [3]). 所以Penny在1996年的号码应该是946 0893(或者是0171 946 0893)。
  • 在Daniel房间的黑板上,薛定鄂的方程有误。(On the blackboard in Daniel's office there is an incorrect form for Schrodinger's equation for the time evolution of a wavefunction.) 正确的方程应该是:$ \Psi = i \hbar \frac{\partial \Psi}{\partial t} $,而不是$ \Psi = i \hbar \frac{2 \Psi}{2 t} $
  • Desmond在电话亭中看自己的手的时候,他的手有些干瘪,这不可能是真正的雨造成的。
  • 指向货船的地图上用了两种不同的度量单位: 40 Miles(英里) N(向北) @ 305, 7 K East.
迷失 第4季