迷失 第2季第21集迷失第2季的集數,亦是整部劇集的第46集,由Carlton CuseDamon Lindelof編寫。



演員 角色
Matthew Fox Jack Shephard
Evangeline Lilly Kate Austen
Josh Holloway James Ford
Jorge Garcia Hugo Reyes
Terry O'Quinn John Locke
Daniel Dae Kim Jin-Soo Kwon
Dominic Monaghan Charlie Pace
Harold Perrineau Michael Dawson
Michelle Rodriguez Ana Lucia Cortez
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Eko
Cynthia Watros Libby Smith
Adetokumboh M'Cormack Yemi
Nick Jameson Richard Malkin
Melissa Bickerton Joyce Malkin
Oliver Muirhead 蒙席
Brooke Mikey Anderson Charlotte Malkin
Felix Williamson Ian McVay
Peter Lavin Caldwell
François Chau Pierre Chang
Avelene Edmonstone Robin



  • Locke禁閉天鵝站裡,他的腳被防爆門夾著,於是叫「Henry」去輸入數字
  • 被夾著時,Locke看到了在防爆門上的隱藏地圖,之後他憑著記憶把它畫下來
  • 「Henry」告訴Locke他走到電腦那裡,但沒有輸入數字,而什麼事都沒有發生
  • SayidHurley推介一片美麗的沙灘,並希望他能夠帶Libby到那裡進行野餐
  • 前往野餐其間,Hurley因為忘記帶氈子,所以Libby便決定獨自到天鵝站去拿
  • Jack要求Sawyer帶他到藏槍的地點,而Sawyer發現Ana Lucia偷走了他的手槍
  • 在天鵝站裡,Ana Lucia把「Henry」的事全都告訴Michael,結果被他槍殺了
  • Libby目擊到一切,因此也被Michael槍殺了,最後他槍傷自己並放走「Henry」


Eko以「Tunde神父」的身份成為了一個神職人員,並幫助一名自稱犯有通姦罪的男子懺悔。其間,該名男子突然透露他知道Eko並不是一個真正的神父,因此他們倆立刻暫停了懺悔,並走到外頭去。男子給了Eko一本假澳洲護照,讓他能夠進入美國境內。這時另一名神父突然走過來,並告訴Eko他前往美國的旅程要延後了,因為有一宗奇蹟發生了。A woman has claimed that her child drowned in a river but was resurrected the next day. He goes on to inform Mr. Eko that he has been chosen to start an investigation of the claim. After meeting the mother, Mr. Eko tells the Monsignor he is not a good choice because he does not believe the claim. The Monsignor, however, explains that this is exactly why he was chosen.

Eko interviews medical examiner about his account of the "miracle". The examiner informs a skeptical Mr. Eko that the girl was came back to life during the autopsy and provides an audiotape as supporting evidence. Eko visits the family who reported this miracle and finds a stare-eyed daughter at the porch. The mother comes out and informs him that it is not an appropriate time for him to visit. The father comes out, orders his wife and child to go back inside, and tells Eko that the whole incident was simply a misunderstanding. He claims that his wife knows that his psychic services are a fraud, that she is a fanatic and was making the claim to "spite" him. Eko tells him that he will report that the incident was not a miracle. As he leaves, he sees the daughter staring at him from the window.

悉尼機場裡,一名Oceanic航空公司的職員Eko辦理登機手續,並告訴他815航班將會在23號閘口登機,之後他拿走了機票便離去了,這時他看到站在一旁等待他的Charlotte。 She informs Eko that his brother Yemi contacted her when she was "between places." She then says she knows that Eko's not really a priest, but he should have faith in himself anyway, as Yemi still does. Eko begins to angrily question the girl as to how she knows about Yemi but Libby overhears him and ask them if everything is all right. Eko shrugs it off and leaves.


Eko在沙灘上用他的斧頭砍木頭,以建造他的教堂,這時Ana Lucia出現,並問他在建造甚麼。Eko解釋說他在建造一所教堂,而這個念頭是來自於一個夢,接著Ana Lucia便問他是否像一個這樣的夢,說後她的胸口突然出現了一個子彈洞,而她的嘴巴亦慢慢流出血來。Eko開始覺得奇怪,可是Ana Lucia則告訴他要幫助Locke。突然Eko來到天鵝站,並看到他死去的弟弟Yemi坐在電腦的前方。Yemi與Ana Lucia一樣也告訴Eko要幫助Locke,因為他已經迷失了自我。Yemi亦告訴Eko要讓Locke帶他到問號那裡,說後天鵝站便開始不斷的搖晃,計時器除了變成紅色和黑色外,數字亦全都變成了奇怪的問號。另外當Yemi在鍵盤上輸入數字時,鍵盤的符號也變成問號了。最後Yemi叮囑Eko要帶上他的斧頭,之後他便從夢境中醒過來了,並吵到在旁邊睡覺的Charlie。Charlie醒來後便問Eko發生什麼事,但他只默不作聲地看著眼前的斧頭。接著Eko拿起斧頭,並告訴Charlie他要去找Locke。


Ana Lucia的屍體躺在天鵝站的沙發上

JackKateSawyerLocke正在森林裡,並一起返回天鵝站。在他們抵達天鵝站的後門時,手臂中槍的Michael突然蹣跚地走出來,並告訴大家他被一個不明人士襲擊。聽後大家便立刻進入天鵝站,這時拿著斧頭的Eko突然出現,並幫助Jack一起扶著Michael回到站內。Kate和Sawyer進入天鵝站後,分別發現躺在沙發上的Ana Lucia和倒在地上的Libby。Kate走到沙發去,並證實Ana Lucia已經死亡,而Sawyer則走到Libby的身旁,但她仍沒有死去,還咳出滿口的鮮血,Jack見狀於是立即走過去治療她,亦因此Michael顯得有點驚慌。Eko替Ana Lucia的屍體祈禱,而Locke則站在一旁觀看。Michael告訴大家「Henry」已經離開了餘半小時,但Jack仍堅決要去尋找他。Sawyer認為Jack要留下來,因為他要照料傷勢嚴重的Libby,因此Eko主動提出由他去尋找「Henry」,並邀請懂得尋找蹤跡的Locke一同前行。不過事實上Eko沒有打算要尋找「Henry」,而他的真正目的是要Locke帶他到問號那裡去。


Locke showing Eko his map

離開天鵝站後,Locke找不到任何「Henry」的蹤跡,但Eko則撒謊指他找到了,於是他們倆便繼續在森林裡走。不久Locke意識到Eko在撒謊,而事實上他並沒有發現「Henry」的蹤跡,於是他打算折返。這時Eko要求Locke帶他到問號那裡去,可是卻被他拒絕了。結果Eko在沒有辦法之下,用他的頭撞暈Locke。When Locke later regains consciousness he shows Eko the diagram he drew from his memories of the blast door, with the question mark in the middle. Eko then tells Locke that they will go to the question mark, stating that Ana Lucia told them in his dream to find it. Locke responds with a look of skepticism. Eko asks him, "Have you ever followed a dream?" Later, as the two are arguing about symbols on the map that Locke had copied from memory, Eko steps on a Virgin Mary statue, and the two stumble into the burned plane. Eko asks what made the plane fall and Locke answers that it was "Boone who made it fall" and that his death was "a sacrifice that the island demanded." They make camp and "wait for further instructions."


Kate telling Hurley that Libby was shot

In the Hatch, Michael asks if Libby had said anything. Jack says that she is still unconscious and is suffering and that all he can really do is to make her more comfortable. Jack then gives Sawyer a stern look, to which Sawyer says that he already gave him all of the medications. Jack clarifies that he was referring to the heroin. He asks Sawyer to fetch it and that Kate should accompany him so that she knows where Sawyer has hidden the guns. Sawyer agrees and leads Kate back to his tent. Kate learns to her surprise that he hid his belongings in a pit underneath his bed. When they leave the tent Hurley approaches them and asks if they have seen Libby. Kate tells Hurley the bad news.


In a dream, Yemi appears before Eko and directs him to climb the cliff. At the top, Yemi, seated in a wheelchair, says "Wake up John", and in terror, Eko loses his grip of the cliff and falls back to the bottom. Locke wakes from the nightmare. When he describes his dream, Eko tells him that the priest he saw was his brother, Yemi. Locke says that Yemi wanted him to follow. He then looks up the cliff from his dream, and Eko climbs the cliff. Eko struggles to the top and Locke calls to him asking if he has found anything. Eko surveys the islands verdant landscape and replies that he hasn't found anything. But as he looks down at Locke, he sees a giant question mark on the ground formed by the earth, with the plane's tail making the period at the base of the question mark.


Eko tastes the soil and finds it was salted in the pattern of a question mark to prevent growth. Eko then picks the ground with his axe and discovers a hatch buried beneath the plane. They open the Hatch and descend. Locke finds a working light switch and they enter a room with several tables (one with cigarette debris on it) with adjustable rectangular magnifying lenses, and a series of television monitors. Locke turns them on and one shows a live surveillance feed from the Swan where Jack is seen walking past the camera. Locke sees another camera above them and also finds a pneumatic tube which is functioning when he inserts his map sketch and it sucks it up the tube.

File:Lost S02E21 Report.png
Locke also finds a computer terminal with a command prompt: >: PRINT LOG? Y/N. Locke inputs Y, and a dot-matrix printer is heard in the background as it produces the log printout.
Eko finds another Orientation movie on a U-matic tape. Eko and Locke watch the tape with the orientation again presented by the man in the Swan orientation tape and learn that the hatch they are in is "Station 5 - The Pearl," constructed to observe the other station(s) and to record how the subjects perform actions which they believe to be of great importance. Locke is disillusioned about his habit of entering the Numbers thinking it was just an experiment, whereas Eko's belief in its importance is heightened. He explains that they are being tested and that the reason they push the button is not because they are told to do so but because "we believe we are meant to". John responds in frustration and anger that he was never "meant" to do anything and that every moment of his "pathetic and useless life" is as useless as that button. Eko explains his responsibility for his brother's death, how Eko's plane crashed on the Island and how on this Island he has found the plane which took off from Nigeria, and here he found his brother and put around his neck the same cross he first wore the day he first took another man's life - so he asks Locke how he can say that this is meaningless and that he thinks the task at the swan is more important than anything and that if Locke won't push the button then he will. Eko takes the log printout with him as they depart.

At the Swan, Hurley tells Michael he was going on a picnic with Libby and adds that he is glad Michael is OK. Hurley says his goodbyes, and tells her how sorry he is for having forgotten the blankets.Libby's last word is a hoarse "Michael...," which Jack misinterprets as a sign of concern for Michael. Template:Crossref When Jack reassures Libby that Michael is fine, she appears frightened. Libby dies. While Sawyer hugs a tearful Kate, Locke and Eko make their way back to camp. Michael looks up from his heart of darkness as the alarm starts beeping.


迷失 第2季