迷失 第1季第1集迷失第1季的集數,亦是整部劇集的第1集,由Damon LindelofJeffrey Lieber等人編寫。


迷失 第1季第1集 講述Jack Shephard是洛杉矶的一名医生。某日,他乘坐的飞机在一座神秘小岛上失事。他成了48名幸存者中的一员。在其他幸存者的帮助下,他开始救治伤员,并试图寻找飞机的驾驶舱,跟外界取得联系。


演員 角色
Matthew Fox Jack Shephard
Evangeline Lilly Kate Austen
Josh Holloway James Ford
Jorge Garcia Hugo Reyes
Terry O'Quinn John Locke
Naveen Andrews Sayid Jarrah
Daniel Dae Kim Jin-Soo Kwon
Yunjin Kim Sun-Hwa Kwon
Dominic Monaghan Charlie Pace
Emilie de Ravin Claire Littleton
Ian Somerhalder Boone Carlyle
Maggie Grace Shannon Rutherford
Harold Perrineau Michael Dawson
Malcolm David Kelley Walt Lloyd
L. Scott Caldwell Rose Nadler
Fredric Lane Edward Mars
Kimberley Joseph Cindy Chandler
Jon Dixon J.D.
Dale Radomski 止血帶男子
Geoff Heise 氣體男子
Barbara Vidinha 跌倒女子
Greg Grunberg Seth Norris
Dustin Watchman Scott Jackson
Frank Torres Gary Troup
Sean Douglas Hoban Doug
Chris Candella Craig
Jim Mazzarella Jerome
Bryan Sato Richard
Marjorie Mariano Beth
Kathleen O'Neill Joanna Miller
Ivana Michele Smith 黃衣女子
Faith Fay 性感女子



Lost pilot a244


Jack Shephard坐在大洋航空815航班23A的座位上。他向窗外看去,仿佛有些心事。这时,一位友善的空姐Cindy Chandler走到他的旁边,问他是否满意他的饮料。Jack不温不火的回答了她。空姐见状又多给他两瓶伏特加。Jack把其中一瓶一饮而尽,然后起身来到飞机的过道上。就在这个时候,Charlie Pace急匆匆的从Jack身前经过,而Chandler和另外一名空姐正在追赶他。坐在23D座位上的Rose Nadler(即Jack的旁边)嘴里嘟嘟囔囔的评论着这3个人。突然,Nadler感觉到飞机有些摇晃,继而有些担心。Jack在一旁宽慰她。Nadler说,她丈夫也总是安慰她说“飞机就是应该在天上飞的”。不过,她丈夫现在暂时不在。过了不久,飞机摇晃得越来越剧烈。突然,飞机猛地向下一沉,那些没有来得及坐下的乘客的头都撞到了机舱的顶部。接著由于机舱内气压失控,氧气罩从天花板上掉了下來,乘客们都立刻戴上了它。当Jack戴好氧气罩从飞机右侧的舷窗望出去的时候,他看到飞机正冲向大海。


Jack Pilot

Jack Shephard跑过丛林


Jack Shephard醒来

Jack Shephard平躺在丛林边一片竹林里的树下。一只金毛猎犬Vincent穿过树林跑来,在Jack旁边停留了一小会,然后跑走了。Jack费了很大力气才站起来,靠在一棵竹子上休息,从他的外套口袋里掏出一瓶飞机上的伏特加酒,然后又放了回去。然后Jack开始穿过竹林向海滩跑去,经过了一只从他右侧树上吊着的白色网球鞋

815航班被毁坏的中段逐渐显现出来,Jack向坠机地点跌跌撞撞跑去,Charlie Pace还没有从坠机中清醒过来,呆站在一个还在旋转的飞机引擎旁边。Jin-Soo Kwon完全不注意其他乘客,只是在大声地用韩语呼喊他的妻子,而Michael Dawson同样也在寻找他的儿子Walt。旁边,Shannon Rutherford尖叫着站在飞机仅存的摇摇欲坠的机翼旁边。在John Locke和其他幸存者的帮助下,Jack把一名断了腿的乘客从飞机断裂的轮胎下拉了出来。Jack注意到一名怀有8个月身孕的孕妇Claire Littleton求救的声音,他让Locke把其他人从引擎边领开,他赶快跑向她问她阵痛多久来一次。Jack也注意到Boone Carlyle正在笨拙地为Rose Nadler作心肺复苏术。就在这时,Gary Troup走过还在旋转的飞机引擎旁边,他被吸了进去,引擎爆炸了。

1x01 Jack Hurley Claire


保护Claire躲过爆炸之后,Jack告诉她要保持绝对静止,然后指导旁边的Hugo "Hurley" Reyes帮助她逃离燃烧残骸所产生的毒气,并且要他如果情况恶化的话要喊他。Reyes和Littleton挪动到了飞机翅膀底下,而Jack正在安排那个有强烈的救人意愿但又不知如何的Boone去找一枝钢笔来,这样Jack自己才能不受打扰地抢救Rose。随后,Jack催促Hurley和Claire赶快离开机翼,刚好赶在机翼从机身上断了下来之前,随之而来的是另一次大爆炸,飞机的另一个引擎也脱落了,而Charlie还在到处乱逛,一块碎片擦着他的头皮飞了过去。

Jack独自从飞机残骸下穿过,来到幸存者的中间。在与Boone简短交谈之后,Jack从沙滩上的一个手提箱中拿出外科缝合包,离开残骸检查自己身上的伤口。Jack见到一个年轻女子从沙滩旁的丛林中走出来,然后让她帮自己包扎伤口。Kate虽有点不情愿,但还是同意了。 Seemingly terrified, Kate is calmed by Jack during the process by listening to the story of his first solo surgical procedure, where he conquered his fear during an emergency by "letting the fear in," but only for five seconds.

1x01 Michael Walt


回到海滩后,Jack tends to 一名失去意识的男性幸存者 who is badly injured by a fragment of the fuselage that is embedded in his torso. Kate asks Jack if he believes the man will live and informs him that she was sitting next to him during the flight. Other survivors (including the father and son we later meet as Michael Dawson and Walt Lloyd) congregate to discuss what to do with the bodies still in the fuselage.

一名伊拉克幸存者生了一堆火,要求另一名幸存者帮助他。同时,另一名scruffy-looking man is seen lounging nonchalantly on his back amongst the wreckage, smoking a cigarette. Hurley salvages some meals from the plane's galley and distributes them, giving two to Claire, whose labor pains appeared to be false. Elsewhere, a young woman petulantly refuses a snack offered by Boone, her male companion, because she will eat on the "rescue ship" when it arrives. By that time, the growing general expectation among the survivors is that they would be rescued at any time. Sayid organizes the cleanup of the beach.

1x01 Monster


In the evening, beyond the light of their fire, the peacefulness of the waiting is suddenly interrupted by loud and terrifying mechanical-sounding noises from the nearby jungle, punctuated by the crashing of trees. The source of these noises seems invisible or hidden and is later referred to as the Monster. Rose remarks that the sounds reminded her of where she used to live—The Bronx, New York.

第二天,Jack决定为了增加他们获救的机率,幸存者们应该用飞机上的报话机来发送无线电信号,报话机位于飞机的驾驶舱内,但驾驶舱已经在空中断裂了 (in doing so, Jack reveals to Kate that he took a few flying lessons but that it "wasn't for him"). Jack leaves Boone in charge of the wounded, including the man with shrapnel in his stomach. 按照她关于烟的位置的描述,Jack在Kate的陪伴下走入了丛林,由于她的坚持,同去的还有Charlie。As the trio walk away from the beach, they are observed from the brush by the dog encountered by Jack as he awoke in the jungle. Kate跟Charlie说他看起来很眼熟,他告诉她说他是一个名叫Drive Shaft的乐队的贝斯手。

1x01 Quest

Jack, Kate和Charlie, on their quest to find the Front section

As the three advance into the jungle, they are drenched by a sudden rainstorm. They soon find the nose section of the plane, which is sitting at a steep angle in the trees. The three of them, led by Jack, climb into the nose and scale the slanted floor, where Jack pries open the cockpit door. Inside he and Kate discover the pilot, still in his seat, who suddenly awakens. The pilot tells Jack and Kate that the plane had lost radio contact before the crash and had changed course towards Fiji. They were, in his reckoning, 1000 miles off course and thus no one knows where they are. The pilot locates the transceiver, but can't get it to function. At this time, Kate and Jack notice that Charlie is missing, when he emerges from the restroom to the suspicion of Kate.

同时,on the beach during the same rainstorm, a group of the survivors huddles in part of the fuselage. The conspicuous exception is the older fellow, John Locke, who sits alone in the rain on the beach, un bothered, with his arms outstretched in the air, as if glorying in the rain itself. 一对年轻的韩国夫妻(我们在后面知道他们是Jin-Soo KwonSun-Hwa Kwon) stay together under part of the fuselage. 男人用韩语告诉他安静的妻子要一直呆在他身边。

1X01 KateCharlie


在丛林里,the conversation in the cockpit is interrupted by loud noises from outside the plane, accompanied by mechanical thrashing identical to the Monster heard by the survivors on the beach. The pilot attempts to investigate by cautiously climbing out of a broken cockpit window. To the horror of the survivors, he is seized by some unseen presence while halfway out the window, his blood splattering upon the plane's front end. Jack quickly grabs the transceiver as he and Kate exit the cockpit in terror. As the three run from the Monster, Charlie is nearly taken by it after he trips. Jack leaves Kate to return to rescue him. She calms herself by counting to five as Jack had suggested in his story. Charlie runs into Kate and the two begin searching for Jack, who is now apparently missing. Moments after, Kate finds the pilot's badge in the mud beneath a tree. Charlie and Kate look up and spot his bloodied body suspended in the treetops. Jack then steps out of hiding, saying that he dodged the Monster, and Charlie wonders what could have possibly done that to the pilot.




  • 这一集和第1季 第2集 的预算是1000到1400万美元,创造了美剧历史上最昂贵的试播剧纪录。
  • Jack was originally intended to get killed off in the pilot episode, with Kate replacing him as the de facto leader of the survivors. However, due to strong notes from the network against the death, the writers decided to keep Jack and introduced the short-lived pilot character instead. Contrary to popular belief, this story change occured long before the casting of Matthew Fox.
  • Boone最初的名字是"5"。当他们决定把他改名为"Boone"时,他们在剧本上作了一次简单的查找替换。他们后来发现这一替换改变了Kate和Jack在缝合场景中的对话,变成了:"1, 2, 3, 4, Boone." (在DVD导演评论音轨的14:50处提到,Boone的全名是"Boone Anthony Markham V",其他人管他叫"Five"。)
  • 扮演那个被the Monster杀死的飞行员的是Greg Grunberg,但他的名字没有出现在演职员表中。他是J.J. Abrams的童年玩伴,几乎所有Abrams的作品中都有他的影子。
  • 2004年9月22日,这一集公映的日子,后来被采纳为Oceanic Flight 815失事的日期。这一日期后来在第2季 第23集 第4季 第4集 明确确认过。


See main articles: turbine explosion, persistent rumors
  • 在飞机坠毁之后,人们惊慌失措那一段,我们看到同一个人在主角身后的背景中跑进跑出……
  • Rose此时并没有把她丈夫的结婚戒指戴在脖子上,尽管她之后说她在飞机上总是这样做……
  • 这架大洋航空公司的飞机应该是一架波音777,但是当Jack跑过飞机残骸的时候,你会发现飞机的主起落架上只有4个轮子,而波音777的主起落架有6个轮子。另外,当Kate,Jack和Charlie找到飞机的前部时,在几个场景中你会发现驾驶舱里有3个示功器,而波音777只有2个……
  • When Jack uses his tie in the first scenes, you can see he is still wearing it in the next shot.
  • The black object that appears to swoop down in front of the turbine engine just prior to it exploding was believed by many fans to be the cause of the explosion, and related to The Monster. This was later refuted by the producers as being an artifact of poor CGI effects (which should have been shown radiating out after the explosion was rendered, instead of approaching the turbine before).
  • When the Monster grabs the pilot and pulls him out of the plane, a lot of blood falls on the window behind Kate. Although, few seconds later, the window is clean again.
  • In the scene when the pilot first wakes up, you can see him wearing a wedding ring. Later in the scene right before he is sucked out by the monster, he puts his left hand on the back of the seat and he is not wearing a ring. See Frank's flashback in Template:Crossref


  • "找到驾驶舱"是一项A任务

Recurring themes

Recurring themes in Lost
Black and whiteCar accidentsCharacter connectionsDeceptions and consDreamsEyesFate versus free willGood and bad peopleImprisonmentIsolationLife and deathMissing body partsNicknamesThe NumbersParent issuesPregnanciesRainRebirthRedemptionRelationshipsSacrificeSecretsTime
  • Charlie puts tape on four fingers of his left hand and writes the letters F A T E on the tape. Template:Crossref
  • When Kate is getting prepared to sew up Jack's wound she asks him if he had a thread color preference for the stitches, and he replies, "No. Standard black." Template:Crossref
  • The episode opens with a close-up on Jack's eye, which becomes a recurring theme. The character with their eye in close-up view will most probably be the center of the episode's events and flashbacks. Template:Crossref
  • While Kate is sewing up his wound, Jack talks about his "Count to 5" story, which he used to combat fear. Template:Crossref
  • On their first night on the Island, the survivors are awoken in fear by mechanical noises and shattering trees in the jungle. Template:Crossref
  • At the Front section, Jack, Kate, and Charlie have their first traumatizing encounter with the unseen "Monster." Template:Crossref
  • At the wreckage on the beach, the presence of death is very strong, with all the dead bodies lying around, in addition to those trapped in the fuselage. Template:Crossref
  • At the wreckage, Gary Troup gets sucked into a still-running turbine, instantly killing him and causing the turbine to explode. Template:Crossref
  • Jack saves Rose's life. Template:Crossref
  • The pilot is pulled from the cockpit, and later found dead on a tree. Template:Crossref
  • Among the very first survivors Jack tends to is the pregnant Claire. Template:Crossref
  • Jack, Kate and Charlie are drenched with a sudden rainstorm as they advance into the jungle. Template:Crossref
  • Jack is sitting in row 23 on the plane. Template:Crossref

Cultural references


Literary techniques

PlottingCliffhangerPlot twist
Stock Characters:  ArchetypeRedshirtUnseen character
Story:  FlashbacksFlashforwardsForeshadowingRegularly spoken phrasesSymbolismUnreliable narrator 
  • Jack's flashback introduces the main storytelling device of the series. Template:Crossref


  • Kate is first seen by Jack emerging from the jungle rubbing her wrists. In 第1季 第2集 , we see that this is because she was wearing handcuffs on the plane.
  • When Jack is explaining to Kate what happened on the plane, he makes a model of the plane out of leaves to illustrate his point. This looks a lot like Kate's toy airplane.

Plot twist

  • The introduction of the Monster is the first big plot twist of the series. Its appearance and nature remain concealed. Template:Crossref



  1. 請不要在這裡解釋這些謎題
  2. 提出問題時請不要暗示答案

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