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See Countdown Timer for information on the equipment found in the Swan station.

Hieroglyphs are writing systems that use iconic symbols to communicate messages. Multiple ancient cultures used hieroglyphs, but the most famous variety are Egyptian hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs typically visually represent their meaning when read alone. Multiple hieroglyphs can also be read phonetically to sound out a word. The Egyptians wrote left-to-right or vice versa, but key symbols such as humans and animals were always drawn to face back to the beginning of the sentence.



The first hieroglyph sequence to have been shown in Lost was displayed by the Countdown Timer in the Swan. In The Lost Experience, it was found in Rachel Blake's Iceland 02 blog post, where they are connected to the Valenzetti Equation.

These hieroglyphs, known as "folded cloth", "curl", "fire drill", "vulture" and "stick", correspond to symbols S29, Z7, U29, G1, Z6 from Gardiner's Sign List. The vulture and stick spell "evil enemy".

At Comic Con 2006, producer Damon Lindelof translated this sequence to mean "underworld", which is now considered the official translation. Template:Crossref Another translation has also been found in Raymond O. Faulkner's A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, shown below.


Possible translation from Faulkner's dictionary


Lost wall l

Ben's secret door

A secret door in Ben's house in the Barracks bore symbols resembling hieroglyphs.


The following table summarizes the phonetics and meanings associated with the hieroglyphs seen so far, as well as some related hieroglyphs.

Symbol Gardiner Code Phonetics Additional Stand-alone Meanings
folded cloth S29 s "health"
curl Z7 w hieratic form of G43
quail chick G43 w
fire drill U29 DA "healthy"
vulture G1 A "evil-"
stick Z6 determinative (modifies previous word) hieratic form of A13 or A14
bound man A13 det. "enemy","rebel","foreigner"
wounded man A14 det. "to die","dead enemy"
man with stick A24 det. "hit", "beat", "strength", "strong", "force", "teach", "instruct"



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