The glass ballerina was owned by the Paik family, possibly by Mr. Paik. Sun accidentally broke it, but claimed that the maid did so. When Mr. Paik warned her that he would fire the maid if Sun continued to accuse her, Sun lied again and reiterated that the maid was responsible.


The breaking of the glass ballerina may represent Sun's willingness to harm others in favor protecting herself at all costs. It could also signify Sun's broken youth or the irrevocable loss of purity and innocence, qualities symbolized by a ballerina.

The symbolism has also elicted fan theories that Sun may have been involved in Jae Lee's death, and was also reinforced by Sun shooting Colleen, the Other on the boat. However, on the Official Lost Podcast, writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirm that Jae Lee's death was a suicide.

The actual prop used on the show, or a very similar one, is available on the following website [1].

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