Others prominent during Season 2. From Left: Benjamin Linus, Bea Klugh, Tom, Alex and Danny Pickett

「其他人」指的是一群上的居民,包括敌人、与敌人结盟的前DHARMA Initiative成员和岛上最早两帮人从岛外招募的人员,后来还包括一些飞机尾部的幸存者。在敌人与DHARMA Initiative的长期冲突结束后,即肃清后,这个组织便形成了。

The Others居住在DHARMA留下的Barracks里并且在另一个岛上的DHARMA设施里工作,但是目前已经放弃了这两个地方。前DHARMA Initiative成员Benjamin Linus(Ben)是The Others的领导,但他最终听从Jacob的命令。

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1x07 locke

"We're not the only people on this Island...and we all know it!" Template:Crossref

Although they're known under various names ("Them", "The Hostiles"), their current nickname—the Others—was coined by Danielle Rousseau when she claimed to Sayid that they had taken her daughter Alexandra 16 years prior. Rousseau, at the time she met Sayid, claimed she had never seen the people now known as the Others. She described the whispers as being the only contact she had with the Others. The term has since been claimed by both fans and writers as the unofficial name for the group. It is however worth noting that the term "others" is entirely contextual; for example, it's been pointed out in the show that everyone is an "other" to Rousseau in essence, even the Losties, who of course could be correctly referred to as "others" by the Others. Further examples include:

In the Official Lost Podcast/March 20, 2007 it is confirmed that the Hostiles are the same as the Others. It has been confirmed by Damon Lindelof that there is more than one faction within the Others.


主條目: Lists

The list given to Michael

Danielle claims the Others kidnapped her daughter. At the same time, Danielle claimed to Sayid that she had never seen the others during her entire time on the Island and only knew them as whispers. Alexandra was raised as Ben's daughter and is under the impression that her mother is dead.

Claire was abducted by Ethan. Charlie was also taken with Claire, but he was hanged in circumstances not yet totally explained and later revived by Jack and Kate. Charlie later murdered the Other responsible for Claire's abduction. Walt was taken seemingly because he had talents in which the Others were very interested but also because Ben was interested in manipulating Michael. Template:Crossref Template:Crossref

In a matter of two weeks, 12 of the Tailies were taken from their camp by the Others. Three Others were killed by the Tailies during these abductions. Cindy, another Tailie, disappeared later. Template:Crossref No guns were used by the Others in any of these abductions. Cindy and some of the people taken were later shown to be living among the Others. Cindy was shown to be a full member of their community along with four of the other "taken" Tailies: Emma, Zack, and two background (#08 and #09).. When Kate asked Karl why the Others took the children among the Tailies, he said "we give them a better life". When Kate further asked "Better than what?" Karl answered "better than yours."

Michael was lured into a trap by the Others using Walt as bait. Ben intended to use Michael to capture Jack, Kate and Sawyer long before he was captured by the Losties. Template:Crossref Michael eventually made a deal with the Others where he would lure people into a trap where they would be abducted and free Ben. In exchange, Walt would be freed. Michael also demanded that he be given a boat on which he and Walt could leave the Island. Michael, on his own initiative, murdered two people in the course of freeing Ben. Afterward he led Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer into a trap. The Others kept Jack, Kate and Sawyer captive at the Hydra, but allowed Hurley to return as a messenger when they were at the Pala Ferry. Michael and Walt were given a boat and left the Island. Template:Crossref

Ben told Locke that the Others plan to kidnap all the pregnant women among the survivors. He told Locke the kidnapping would be non-violent. Template:Crossref Later Ben sends a team to take all the women who might be pregnant and gives orders that any survivors who get in the way of this should be shot. Template:Crossref



The Losties talk with the Others for the first time Template:Crossref

In the initial interactions between the Others and the Losties, the Others did not carry guns. An Other woman killed by Ana-Lucia had a military knife in her pocket which was not used. Ethan knocked out Jin with a slingshot. Their behavior seemed to change after Ethan was killed by Charlie with a handgun and seemed to become even more pronounced after the Losties gained control of the armory at the Swan.

The first armed confrontation occurred when Tom took Walt from the raft. Shots were exchanged between Sawyer and the Others but Sawyer was only shot in the shoulder. The Others also employed a crude grenade to destroy the raft, leaving Jin, Michael, and Sawyer struggling to survive in open water.Template:Crossref

The second armed confrontation occurred after Michael was captured by the Others attempting to recover Walt. A group led by Jack followed Michael's trail and was confronted by a group of Others led by Tom. Tom told them that they had a reached a line and warned them against crossing it. Alex among the Others said at the time that that purpose of the action was to scare Jack and those with him. Template:Crossref

The third armed confrontation occurred as Michael was leading Jack and several other people into a trap. Sawyer discovered one of the Others following their party and shot him dead. The Others employed Taser-like devices to incapacitate the members of the party. Template:Crossref

The fourth armed confrontation occurred aboard the sailboat. Sun was left on the boat while Sayid planned to ambush the Others in the jungle and hopefully capture two so they could be tortured for information. A party of Others including Colleen boarded the boat to seize it on Ben's orders. Colleen went below deck. She was confronted by Sun and did not appear to be armed. After attempting to calm Sun down by talking, Sun shot Colleen in the stomach and made her escape under fire from other members of the party on the boat. Template:Crossref

In the fifth armed confrontation, Sayid was shot by Mikhail in the shoulder when he approached The Flame station. Eventually, an armed standoff with hostages on both sides developed. Bea, being held by Sayid, told Mikhail to simply shoot her which he did. Mikhail, after a failed attempt to kill himself as well, was taken prisoner. Template:Crossref

In the sixth armed confrontation, Sayid and Kate were captured at the barracks. Both were quickly overpowered after being detected. No shots were fired. Locke took Ben and Alex hostage, destroyed the submarine with explosives and then surrendered himself to the Others. Template:Crossref

A seventh confrontation occurred between Desmond and Mikhail. Although no shots were fired, Desmond threatened Mikhail with a flare gun. The conflict ended when Mikhail traded medical treatment for his freedom.Template:Crossref

3x22sayid promo

The climax of the last battle against the Others Template:Crossref

The eighth confrontation occurred when Ben Linus ordered a raid on the survivors beach camp to take any pregnant women among them. Ben also gave orders that if anyone got in the way of the raid, they were to be killed. Word of the raid was leaked by Juliet, Alexandra and Karl. Dynamite was placed near the tents and a team of Sayid, Bernard and Jin was left behind to set off the dynamite with gunfire. Seven out of the team of ten Others involved in the raid were killed either by the explosions or by exchanges of gunfire after. Sayid, Bernard and Jin were captured. Ben ordered them kept them alive as hostages, and later ordered their executions. However, Ryan shot into the sand instead, keeping the captives alive. The captives were freed when Hurley in the DHARMA van crashed into Ryan. Sayid took the opportunity in the confusion to kill Jason. Tom, the last of the Others alive, then surrendered but was executed by Sawyer. Template:Crossref

The ninth armed confrontation was at the Looking Glass. When Charlie reached the station, he was captured by Bonnie and Greta at gunpoint. Desmond, in a boat above the station, was shot at by Mikhail from the beach. When Mikhail reached the station he was ordered by Ben to kill both Charlie and the team of Others at the station consisting of Greta and Bonnie. Mikhail was able to kill Greta by gunshot and fatally wound Bonnie. But before killing Charlie, he was shot by Desmond with a spear gun. Mikhail later recovered and detonated a grenade in front of the porthole in the room which contained the communications jamming equipment. According to later statements by the producers, he died. Charlie sealed the flooding radio room and died by drowning. Template:Crossref


The Others have on numerous occasions been falsely accused of actions against the crash survivors. Charlie kidnapped and beat Sun on orders from Sawyer resulting in the Others being afterwards accused. Locke blamed the Others for burning the first raft in front of the entire group even though he suspected and later confirmed that Walt was responsible. Ana-Lucia blamed the death of Goodwin who she had killed on the Others and did not reveal to anyone that he was one of the Others. The presence of a walkie among their effects led certain people at the camp (including Sawyer) to falsely assume that Nikki and Paulo were working for the Others.


Scott was found murdered on the beach after Ethan threatened to kill one person a day until Claire was given to him. As the land routes to the camp were closely guarded, it was theorized that the attacker would have had to have come out of the sea. His death was particularly brutal in that he was discovered with his arms broken, all his fingers broken and a broken neck.

Ben impersonated Henry Gale who arrived on the island by balloon. Ben had a great deal of information about Henry Gale which he used as part of his impersonation. Henry Gale was discovered buried in a marked grave near the site of his balloon crash. Template:Crossref.


The Others are responsible for the mass murder or "Purge" of the DHARMA Initiative members residing at the barracks Template:Crossref. There is one verified case of one of the Others murdering a plane crash survivor on the island.

Goodwin murdered Nathan after Ana-Lucia said she would begin cutting off his fingers the next day. Goodwin offered as explanation that Nathan was not a good person and that Ana-Lucia may have started looking around at other people after she had cut off Nathan's fingers. Goodwin snapped Nathan's neck Template:Crossref.

See also: Body count, Life and death


The Others held Claire at the Staff Station in what appeared to be a drugged state. She was injected with a vaccine by Ethan, and they planned to take her baby from her, and look after it. However, she escaped with the help of Alexandra and Rousseau. Template:Crossref

Walt, after being taken by the Others, was held at an as-of-yet undisclosed location. He was made to take tests. On seeing his father, he was threatened by Bea Klugh with some sort of punishment involving a room if he said too much. He was released as a result of a deal Michael made with the Others.

Michael was imprisoned at the Decoy Village for several days. A blood sample was taken from him when he arrived. He spent most of his time restrained within one of the buildings, but was released when he made a deal with the Others that he could have Walt back and leave the Island.

Jack, Kate and Sawyer were held prisoner on Hydra Island - Jack was kept in a tank originally designed for sharks and dolphins; and Kate and Sawyer were kept in cages originally designed for polar bears. All the prisoners were kept under constant video surveillance, which was monitored by Ben. Kate and Sawyer were made to do manual labor at a location called the Quarry. They were kept under close guard and forbidden from communicating with each other. After attempts to escape, Sawyer was psychologically tortured, being told he had been implanted with a pacemaker device that would lead to heart failure if his pulse was above a certain rate. The story was false and there was no implant, but it managed to keep Sawyer in line, and he did not attempt to escape again; furthermore, he tried to stop Kate escaping as well. Jack was subjected to various forms of psychological manipulation during his captivity, including Juliet reading from a file about his life. He broke down in tears after asking about his ex-wife, and this made him more compliant as a result. Sawyer was physically abused during his captivity, mostly by Danny Pickett - Pickett blamed Sawyer for his wife's death, and attacked him using his fists and his taser. Eventually, though, Kate and Sawyer were released as a result of a deal Jack made with Ben.

Hurley was shocked and hooded at the Pala Ferry but was almost immediately released as a messenger back to the other crash survivors.

Kate and Sayid were held captive by the Others after they infiltrated the Barracks. Kate was handcuffed and held in the game room. Sayid was tied to a swing set. Both were gassed by the Others as they left the area of the barracks. Kate was dragged out into the jungle by Juliet as part of an attempt at psychological manipulation. Both were released as a result of being left behind when the Others left the Barracks area, and returned to the main camp.

Sayid, Jin and Bernard were captured after killing seven of the Others during their attempted raid of the beach camp. Ben (over the radio) threatened to kill Jin in order to get information from the captives. Ben later pretended to order the deaths all three during an attempt to bargain with Jack. The three were freed after Hurley drove a DHARMA van into the camp, running over Ryan and allowing Sayid to kill Jason. The remaining Other (Tom) was executed by Sawyer.


主條目: the Barracks
3X01 TheOthersOtherville

Juliet, Ben and the other Others watch the crash at the Barracks. Template:Crossref

It was first presumed that the Others are "savages" and "hillbillies". However, in Season 2, this proved to be part of an elaborate illusion; Kate discovered a locker containing a fake beard and DHARMA branded theatrical glue. Template:Crossref Later, Tom appeared a couple times without his beard, (第2季 第15集  and 第2季 第23集 ).
Upon his return, Michael claimed that there are only about 22 Others, most of them old and/or women, who lived on huts in miserable conditions like the crash survivors, and fed on dried fish; this is part of the facade. Template:Crossref Walt said that the Others are "pretending," and that "they're not who they say they are." Template:Crossref

File:Minor Others.jpg?

The fact that the Others are more civilized than they appear was hinted at in Season 2, but was revealed explicitly in the Season 3 premiere; the Others live in a small idyllic town inside of a crater.Template:Crossref They have access to guns, tasers, explosives, a bolas, U.S. army knives, a submarine, a yacht, a motor boat which they gave to Michael, and Desmond's sailboat (which they took from the Losties).

On December 12, 2004, all the Others along with John Locke left the Barracks for an unknown location that Ben called an old place. Juliet was left behind. She and a group of Losties were gassed by the Others but left within the perimeter of the Barracks. John Locke made a case for allowing Kate to accompany the Others, but the request was turned down because of her personal history, saying that "forgiveness isn't their strong suit." Template:Crossref

The others stopped on their journey and camped in a high area full of stone ruins. They camped at the location for a few days and then moved on.

There seems to be extensive audio and video surveillance in certain areas of the Barracks where the Others live. Tom indicates the game room where Kate is held and speaks to Jack is under surveillance. The house where Jack is temporarily staying is equipped with video cameras which were carefully monitored.

Ben's house did not seem to be monitored. Locke was able to enter the house without being detected. He was also able to move hostages to different areas of the house including the kitchen. The full extent of the monitoring at the Barracks is not known. Template:Crossref

The Others appear to use psychological methods of punishment similar to brainwashing. Karl was seen undergoing this process in Room 23 at the Hydra.

According to the April 30th ABC podcast, there are 2 factions within the Others.


  • The Barracks: The Barracks is a former DHARMA Initiative facility. It is a secure residential area where the Others lived, containing electricity and running water. All of the Others left the Barracks for an unknown destination in December 2004. The Barracks site is currently intact but abandoned.
  • The Hydra: Karl said that this was the place where the Others worked on projects. One of the projects involved the work going on at the Quarry. After Sawyer, Kate and Karl escaped, the Others evacuated the facility, leaving it abandoned.
  • Decoy Village: Around 20 of the Others pretended to live and work at the site. They dressed in worn out clothing and acted as if they were living by fishing. Michael was held captive at the site. It was abandoned shortly before the Others captured Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley.
  • The Flame: The Flame was a former DHARMA Initiative facility that held equipment that could communicate with the outside world. Mikhail lived at the Flame and guarded the site. The communications equipment failed as a result of the discharge. John Locke eventually destroyed the Flame.
  • The Staff: The Staff is a former DHARMA Initiative medical facility. The Others have used the facility for pregnancy-related research activities.
  • Ruins: The Others camped at this location for several days on their journey to what they called an "old place". Ben attempted to get Locke to kill Anthony Cooper at this location.
  • Jacob's cabin: Jacob resides at this location.
  • The Looking Glass: Used to block selective signals leaving the Island.
  • The Temple: The purpose of this place, as well as its location, is unknown.


主條目: Leadership
3X05 BenJuliet

A struggle for power between Ben and Juliet. Template:Crossref

Juliet makes multiple references to democracy and equality as important values that she and the other Others live by, both in the opening scenes of season three (the book club) as well as in her many talks with Jack. But it is unclear if the values of their community are reflected in how it is actually run.

Ben is the community's leader and has the charisma and power to make people follow him, but there is an ongoing struggle between him and Juliet. In her video, Juliet told Jack that "some of us want change". She also said that Ben "is a liar" and "very dangerous". Juliet suggests there are two "political" groups within the Others - Juliet’s and Ben's. Juliet has also shown herself to be utterly ruthless in proposing to Jack that they murder Ben on the operating table. Template:Crossref

Isabel was referred to as the "sheriff." by Tom. She came to Hydra Island after Juliet killed Danny Pickett and investigated the situation. The killing of one Other by another Other was treated as a very serious situation. When Jack later claimed that Juliet had attempted to get him to kill Ben, her situation was made worse. Their justice system was described as based on an "eye for an eye" indicating harsh penalties. Juliet was taken in private before a meeting of the Others. The details of the meeting are unknown but most assumed that Juliet would receive the death penalty. Ben was able to intervene within the context of whatever rules governed the situation and reduce her penalty from death to being marked with an inverted eight-point cross symbol. The meeting was consistent with the Others being run by some sort of collective decision-making process and Ben having some sort of defined official position. Template:Crossref

However, Ben is only a subordinate compared to his superior Jacob, sometimes referred to as "he" or "him". He is described as a magnificent and brilliant man, but not a forgiving one. Ben's apparent high status is because Ben is the only one who receives orders directly from Jacob, carrying them out to the rest of the Others. Template:Crossref

Another person worth noting in the Others' leadership is Richard Alpert, who recruited Juliet, spoke and delivered files about Anthony Cooper to Locke seemingly behind Ben's back. It seems as if his aging process has been slowed down dramatically, for he does not appeared to have aged much since Ben was a child, as seen in Ben's flashback. He appears to have been on the Island longer than Ben, but his original allegiances are still unknown. He interacts with and answers directly to Ben, sometimes disagreeing with him. Yet Ben does not seem to directly retaliate against him. Template:Crossref


When Locke attempts to join the Others, Ben says that people who want to be part of them need to show their commitment. Ben tells Locke he needs to show his commitment by killing his father Anthony Cooper. He is handed a knife by Ben while the rest of the Others gather to watch. But cannot bring himself to kill Cooper.

The next day, Richard Alpert suggests to Locke that he use Sawyer to kill Cooper. Ben gives Locke an ultimatum that he will only be able to continue following the Others if he presents them with his father's dead body.

It is unclear if Cindy and the four other captured Tailies later identified as Others underwent a similar test to become part of the community.


Normal maternity-promo18

Ethan tells Claire that the Others are "good people". Template:Crossref

The concept of "good"-ness seems to be very important to the Others as they themselves claim to be good people even after kidnapping and killing various castaways. This sets up an odd paradox, as Benjamin told Locke he was one of the "good ones", and implied that other Losties (e.g. Jack, Kate) were not "good" and they are the ones who were taken. The Others seem to only abduct those they believe to be "good people" and who are on a list. However, it should be noted that Ethan abducted Claire, who was pregnant at the time, without completing a list, and it is implied by Alex that the Others plan to keep the baby and dispose of Claire. While Alex implies that they intend to dispose of Claire, that would be inconsistent with their other shown behavior.

The Others seem to have a process where a case can be made that a particular person is a "good" person. Ben indicates that Goodwin attempted this for Ana-Lucia. Later Locke attempts to convince them that Kate is a good person but fails because of "what she has done" and because they don't believe in forgiveness.


The DHARMA Initiative fought a conflict with people known as Hostiles" for many years. The Initiative was eventually destroyed in a toxic gas attack on the Barracks and possibly more sites. Before the gas attack, Ben Linus, a DHARMA workman along with other DHARMA staff allied themselves with the Hostiles and formed what is now the Others.

It was confirmed in the 5/11/2007 podcast that Ben was not the only person in the Initiative to side with the Hostiles.

Mikhail Bakunin, an Other, was put in charge of the Flame communications station of the DHARMA Initiative for the Others. In performing that task, he wore the clothing of the Initiative. Mikhail claimed he arrived on the Island around 1993 by submarine. He also mentioned that the Hostiles have been on the Island for a very long time. Template:Crossref


TO 组织among the Others suffer from degeneration of their reproductive systems. The condition was described as causing the reproductive system of a woman in her 20s to look like those of a woman in her 70s.

Juliet, a fertility researcher, was brought to the Island because she had discovered an effective treatment that allows women with damaged reproductive systems to become pregnant. On the island she began researching another condition where women's bodies had immune reaction against the fetus leading to the death of both early in pregnancy.

After the deaths of several volunteers among the Others, including Sabine, Juliet developed a theory that whatever went wrong in the pregnancy might be occurring at conception. She asked Ben if she could take a woman off the Island as a control case to test the theory, but he refused to allow anyone to leave the Island. Claire, who arrived on the island pregnant, became their control case.

Juliet has gathered data on Sun's pregnancy. She is also attempting to gather information on other women among the crash survivors including specifically Kate.

The nature of the fertility and pregnancy problems on the Island has not been revealed. When these conditions emerged on the Island is also unknown.




編號 名字 狀況 地位 性別
1 Jacob 死亡,被Ben刺殺,後被黑衣男踢進火坑中 前任小島保護者 男性
2 Jack Shephard 死亡,在小島大戰中被黑衣男刺傷,後死在竹林 前任小島保護者 男性
3 Hugo Reyes (Hurley) 在生,成為新一任小島保護者,並在小島上生活 現任小島保護者 男性
4 Richard Alpert 在生,乘坐Ajira航空316航班逃離小島 前任小島保護者的顧問 男性
5 Ben Linus 在生,成為新一任小島保護者的顧問,並在小島上生活 前任領袖 / 現任小島保護者的顧問 男性
6 Charles Widmore 死亡,返回小島後被Ben槍殺 前任領袖 / 槍手 男性
7 Eloise Hawking 在生,離開小島後於美國生活 前任領袖 / 槍手 女性
8 John Locke 死亡,離開小島後於美國被Ben勒死 前任領袖 男性
9 Dogen 死亡,在神殿大屠殺中被Sayid推進水池裡淹死 神殿領袖 男性
10 Lennon 死亡,在神殿大屠殺中被Sayid割斷喉嚨死亡 Dogen的翻譯師 男性
11 Isabel 死亡,在不明的情況下死亡 郡長 女性
12 Ryan Pryce 死亡,在沙灘營地戰役中被Hurley駕駛貨車撞死 槍手 男性
13 Tom Friendly 死亡,在沙灘營地戰役中被Sawyer槍殺 槍手 男性
14 Bea Klugh 死亡,在火焰站戰役中被Mikhail槍殺 槍手 女性
15 Mikhail Bakunin 死亡,在窺鏡站外引爆炸彈死亡 駐守火焰站的員工 / 槍手 男性
16 Danny Pickett 死亡,被Juliet槍殺 槍手 男性
17 Colleen Pickett 死亡,在Pala碼頭槍戰中被Sun槍殺 槍手 女性
18 Juliet Burke 死亡,墮進天鵝站工地的深坑而傷重死亡 婦科醫生 / 槍手 女性
19 Alex Rousseau 死亡,在2004年兵營戰役中被Keamy槍殺 普通成員 女性
20 Karl Martin 死亡,被傭兵隊槍殺 男性
21 Ethan Rom 死亡,被Charlie槍殺 外科醫生 / 槍手 男性
22 Goodwin Stanhope 死亡,被Ana Lucia用木棒刺死 駐守暴風站的員工 男性
23 Harper Stanhope 不明,最後出現在森林 心理治療師 女性
24 Bonnie 死亡,在窺鏡站內被Mikhail槍殺 駐守窺鏡站的員工 / 槍手 女性
25 Greta 死亡,在窺鏡站內被Mikhail槍殺 駐守窺鏡站的員工 / 槍手 女性
26 Erik 死亡,被Sayid槍殺 槍手 男性
27 Jason 死亡,在沙灘營地戰役中被Sayid扭斷頸子殺害 槍手 男性
28 Matthew 死亡,在沙灘營地戰役中被Jin槍殺 槍手 男性
29 Ivan 死亡,在沙灘營地戰役中被炸藥炸死 槍手 男性
30 Luke 死亡,在沙灘營地戰役中被Jin槍殺 槍手 男性
31 Aldo 死亡,被Claire槍殺 駐守九頭蛇站的員工 / 槍手 男性
32 Justin 死亡,被Claire用斧頭斬死 槍手 男性
33 Jill 在生,於美國生活 Ben在美國的手下 女性
34 Gabriel 在生,於美國生活 Ben在美國的手下 男性
35 Jeffrey 在生,於美國生活 Ben在美國的手下 男性
36 「Cunningham」 死亡,被Widmore扭斷頸子殺害 射箭手 男性
37 「Mattingly」 死亡,被Locke用刀襲擊死亡 射箭手 男性
38 「Smith」 不明,最後出現在平原營地 射箭手 男性
39 「Monroe」 不明,最後出現在平原營地 射箭手 男性
40 Diane 死亡,在沙灘營地戰役中被炸藥炸死 槍手 女性
41 Vanessa 不明,最後出現在海灘營地 槍手 女性
42 Cindy Chandler 在生,與EmmaZack小島上生活 普通成員 女性
43 Emma 在生,與CindyZack小島上生活 普通成員 女性
44 Zack 在生,與CindyEmma小島上生活 普通成員 男性
45 Amelia 不明,最後出現在兵營 普通成員 女性
46 Adam 不明,最後出現在兵營 普通成員 男性
47 Burditt 不明,沙灘砲彈襲擊事件後行縱不明 槍手 男性
48 Lou 不明,沙灘砲彈襲擊事件後行縱不明 槍手 / 駐守神殿的守衞 男性
49 Jennifer 死亡,被Ana Lucia用石頭擊中頭部致死 槍手 女性
50 Sabine 死亡,在小島上懷孕而死 普通成員 女性
51 Henrietta 死亡,在小島上懷孕而死 普通成員 女性
52 Will 不明,最後出現在2004年 不明 男性
53 Maxie 不明,最後出現在2004年 不明 男性
54 Brenda 不明,最後出現在2004年 不明 女性
55 Monica 死亡,在不明的情況下死亡 不明 女性
56 Jessica 死亡,在不明的情況下死亡 不明 女性
57 Nancy 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 女性
58 男生還者9 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
59 男生還者10 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
60 男生還者11 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
61 男生還者12 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
62 男生還者13 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
63 男生還者14 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
64 男生還者15 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
65 男生還者16 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
66 男生還者17 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性



編號 名字 現實的狀況 地位 性別
1 Jim 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
2 Eli 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
3 金髮生還者 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
4 卷髮生還者 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 男性
5 德國藉生還者 不明,被「其他人」擄走後行縱不明 普通成員 不明



編號 名字 現實的狀況 地位 性別
1 Susan O. 不明,最後出現在九頭蛇站 駐守九頭蛇站的員工 女性
2 Patrick R. 不明,最後出現在九頭蛇站 駐守九頭蛇站的員工 男性
3 Todd 不明,最後出現在九頭蛇站 駐守九頭蛇站的員工 男性


  • Lost制片人Damon Lindelof谈及TO时说 "...他们以鸡肉为食物,他们穿J.Crew目录里的衣服"
  • Lost: 完整的第二季(DVD)中透露,TO走过路过不留痕迹的秘密其实很简单:一组12个人的TO队伍(就是Eko和Jin在第2季 第5集 中看到的队伍)走过屏幕,最后一个成员负责用树叶销毁所有人走过的痕迹。
  • Lost: 完整的第三季(DVD)的解说词中提到,达摩组织的大清洗并不是TO进行的第一次大清洗。在小岛上曾经来过很多组织,TO之前大清洗过很多次。而每一次被清洗,组织里的剩余成员就组成了TO。这就是我们今天看到的TO。Damon以美国做比喻:美国就是一个由来自不同文化的人组成的大团体,这个大团体最终相互同化,形成一种新文化。


  1. 請不要在這裡解釋這些謎題
  2. 提出問題時請不要暗示答案
  • 小岛上的TO组织总共有多少人?
  • 他们移居到Barracks之前住在哪里?
    • 为什么他们离开那里?
  • 为什么TO不愿意坦然向幸存者们解释自己的来龙去脉?
  • 为什么他们提起幸存者时总是提姓氏而不是名字?
  • 为什么The Others杀了Henry Gale
  • 他们和Mittelos Bioscience之间有什么联系?
  • 为什么Ben不太重视天鹅舱(天鹅舱并不在TO的控制之中),并且诱惑Locke停止输入数列?
  • 为什么他们从尾舱幸存者中带走了很多人,但是几乎没有碰人数众多的中舱幸存者?
  • 有没有Hanso基金组织/达摩启动计划组织之外的人为TO招揽人员?
  • 为什么他们设法获取幸存者们在飞机坠毁之前的背景资料?
  • 他们是如何继续获得达摩牌食物的?
  • 大清洗发生时,TO总共有多少人?从那之后有多少人是像Juliet那样从外面招来的?
  • 他们曾经像抓尾舱幸存者一样抓过达摩组织成员吗?
  • 为什么他们把自己同时伪装成敌人 and 达摩启动组织成员?
  • 他们招人的标准是什么?
  • 他们通过何种渠道迅速获得每一个幸存者的详尽背景资料?
  • 他们自己如何称呼自己?(他们并不称自己为“敌人”或者“TO”)
  • 他们在侵占“达摩启动”组织的地盘前有自己的途径接触现代科技吗?



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