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This article lists all known fatalities on the Island, and a running total of the remaining survivors.

Oceanic Flight 815

The flight had 324 people on board, not counting the then unborn Aaron Littleton, out of which 253 died in the crash. Of the 71 survivors, 1 was in the front section, 48 in the fuselage section and 22 in the tail section.

Front section survivors

1 Survivor after the crash.
0 Seth Norris, the pilot, is killed by The "Monster" Template:Crossref

Fuselage section survivors

48 Survivors after the crash.
47 Gary Troup is sucked into an engine and dies. Following this, Jack Shephard makes a count of the survivors which totals 48 (though this includes Ethan Rom, an Other). Template:Crossref
46 Edward Mars is euthanized by Jack. Template:Crossref
45 Joanna Miller drowns. Template:Crossref
44 Scott Jackson killed. Template:Crossref
43 Boone Carlyle dies from injuries sustained while inside the falling Beechcraft. Template:Crossref
42 Leslie Arzt is killed when dynamite he is handling explodes. Template:Crossref
41 Shannon Rutherford is accidentally killed by Ana Lucia Cortez. Template:Crossref
39 Michael Dawson and Walt Lloyd leave on the Others' Boat. Template:Crossref*
38 Nikki Fernandez and Paulo are accidentally buried alive. Template:Crossref
36 Charlie Pace drowns in the Looking Glass. Template:Crossref
* Denotes missing from census, albeit not necessarily dead.
10 of the original 48 survivors have died, and 2 (Michael and Walt) are missing. There are currently 36 fuselage survivors left on the island. However - the population of their community is 44; per the additions of Aaron Littleton (Claire Littleton's child, born 41 days after the crash), Bernard Nadler (only surviving Tailie not in captivity by the Others), Desmond Hume and Danielle Rousseau (residents on the Island pre-crash), Juliet Burke, Alex, Karl (former Others) and Benjamin Linus (Other, held in captivity).
The named, living fuselage section survivors include Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, James "Sawyer" Ford, John Locke, Sayid Jarrah, Jin-Soo Kwon, Sun-Hwa Kwon, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Claire Littleton, Rose Nadler, Steve Jenkins, Craig, Jerome, Lance, Neil, Richard, Sullivan, and Tracy. In addition there are 18 remaining, living survivors, whose names haven't been mentioned within the show.

Tail section survivors

22 Survivors after the crash.Template:Crossref (When Libby stated that there was 23 survivors, she still included Goodwin.)
19 The Others take 3 Tailies. Template:Crossref*
16 3 survivors die from injuries. Template:Crossref
15 Donald Suffers an injury to his leg, and dies from the ensuing infection. Template:Crossref
6 The Others take 9 more Tailies, including Zack, Emma, Jim, Eli, and Nancy. Template:Crossref*
5 Nathan is killed by Goodwin. Template:Crossref
4 Cindy disappears during her journey across island and is taken by the Others. Template:Crossref*
3 Ana Lucia is murdered by Michael. Template:Crossref
2 Libby is murdered by Michael. Template:Crossref
1 Eko Tunde is killed by the "Monster". Template:Crossref
* Denotes missing from census, albeit not necessarily dead.

This leaves Bernard as the only Tailie currently living with the Midsection survivors. However, Cindy, Emma, Zack and two additional background tailies are now known to be alive and living with the Others, bringing the number of confirmed surviving Tailies to an estimated 6. 8 Tailies are dead. The fates of the remaining 8 Tailies is currently unknown.

Known Others

主條目: The Others
51 Total of Others seen so far.**
44 7 Other women died due to complications during their pregnancy. Template:Crossref
43 Henrietta died due to complications during her pregnancy. Template:Crossref
42 Sabine died due to complications during her pregnancy. Template:Crossref
41 Ethan killed by Charlie. Template:Crossref
39 Two Others killed by Eko. Template:Crossref
38 Female Other killed by Ana Lucia. Template:Crossref
37 Goodwin killed by Ana Lucia. Template:Crossref
36 Other killed by Sawyer. Template:Crossref
35 Colleen Pickett killed by Sun. Template:Crossref
34 Danny Pickett killed by Juliet. Template:Crossref
33 Karl escapes from the Others with help of Alex, Sawyer and Kate. Template:Crossref*
32 Isabel dies sometime after day seventy-four. (claimed by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse at Comic-Con 2007)
31 Bea Klugh killed by Mikhail Bakunin at her request. Template:Crossref
30 Juliet Burke is ordered by Ben to join the Losties. Template:Crossref*
24 4 Unnamed Others plus Ivan and Diane ambushed and blown up at the Losties' camp by Sayid and Bernard. Template:Crossref
22 Matthew and Luke are shot by Jin. Template:Crossref
19 Jason, Tom, and Ryan Pryce killed by Sayid, Sawyer, and Hurley, respectively. Template:Crossref
17 Greta and Bonnie killed in The Looking Glass. Template:Crossref
16 Alex joins the Losties and her mother. Template:Crossref*
15 Benjamin Linus is held captive by the Losties. Template:Crossref*
14 Mikhail Bakunin detonates a grenade in his own hand, killing himself and Charlie in the process. Template:Crossref
* Denotes missing from census, albeit not necessarily dead.
** Included Others: Ethan Rom, Tom, Molotov Woman, The Twins, 2 Others killed by Eko, Female Other killed by Ana Lucia, Goodwin, Benjamin Linus, Alexandra Linus, Bea Klugh, Danny Pickett, Ivan, Matthew, 2 Others trailing Meeting Party, Juliet Burke, Amelia, Adam, 4 Others in the Book Club, Karl, the 2 Others who carried Karl, Colleen Pickett, Luke, Jason, Richard Alpert, Aldo, Isabel, Mikhail Bakunin, Ryan Pryce, Sabine, 8 Other women who died due to complications in their pregnancy, Greta, and Bonnie, Diane, 3 unnamed Others killed in the ambush at the Losties' camp, and Harper Stanhope.
(1) The current known population of the Others' community is 27 if the 13 Tailies confirmed to be living with the others, such as Cindy, Emma, and Zack, are included.

Known DHARMA members

21 Total of DHARMA members seen so far.*
19 The two people in the polar bear cave die of unknown cause. Template:Crossref
6 Roger Linus, Horace Goodspeed, Fern, Wayne, Buzz as well as - presumably - Olivia Goodspeed, Annie, Casey, June, Mike, Opal, Doris and Dharma Rep. 1, are all killed in the purge, along with several unknown DHARMA personel.Template:Crossref
5 Radzinsky commits suicide. Template:Crossref
4 Kelvin Joe Inman is accidentally killed by Desmond Hume. Template:Crossref
* Included DHARMA: Alvar Hanso, Gerald DeGroot, Karen DeGroot, Marvin Candle, Kelvin Joe Inman, Radzinsky, Roger Linus, Horace Goodspeed, Olivia Goodspeed, Annie, Casey, June, Mike, Opal, Doris, Fern, Wayne, Buzz, Dharma Rep. 1 and the two people found dead in the polar bear cave.

Out of the four remaining known DHARMA members is Alvar Hanso still alive, off-island Template:Crossref, while the current status of Gerald DeGroot, Karen DeGroot and Marvin Candle is unknown.

Known Kahana crew

主條目: Kahana
13 Total of Kahana crew mentioned or seen so far.*
12 Brandon dies after suffering symptoms time-transported consciousness following his abortive trip to the Island. Template:Crossref
11 Naomi Dorrit is murdered by John Locke. Template:Crossref
10 George Minkowski dies of an apparent brain aneurysm after suffering symptoms time-transported consciousness following his abortive trip to the Island. Template:Crossref
9 Regina commits suicide by jumping off the Template:Link. Template:Crossref
* Included Khana crew: Captain Gault, Kevin Johnson, Naomi Dorrit, Daniel Faraday, Miles Straume, Charlotte Lewis, Frank Lapidus, George Minkowski , Regina, Keamy, Omar, Ray, and Brandon. Other minor crew members are seen working on deck, but are not included in this count. Template:Crossref

Miscellaneous counts

2 Additional residents of the Island at the time of the crash of Flight 815; Danielle Rousseau and Desmond Hume.
3 Anthony Cooper is brought to the island. Template:Crossref
4 Naomi Dorrit arrives on the inland. Template:Crossref
3 Anthony Cooper is killed by Sawyer. Template:Crossref
2 Naomi Dorrit is killed by Locke. Template:Crossref
6 Daniel Faraday, Charlotte Lewis, Miles Straume and Frank Lapidus arrives on the island. Template:Crossref
4 Frank Lapidus, and Desmond Hume leave the island to go to the Kahana with Sayid. Template:Crossref

Additional known casualties on the Island

The following miscellaneous corpses found on the Island and predate the arrival of Flight 815.

Total body count on the island

Only the dead listed above are included. Some categories of dead are impossible to enumerate and are not included in the count, such as Danielle's Science expedition, slaves and crew of the Black Rock, and unknown DHARMA members killed in the purge (Although Ben puts the number at "over 40" Template:Crossref ).

1 Plane Front Section
10 Plane fuselage Section
8 Plane tail Section
32 Known others
17 Known DHARMA
2 Miscellaneous
6 Additional known casualties on the island


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