A DHARMA zoological experiment, as shown in the Swan Orientation Film.

Zoology, the biological discipline concerning the study of animals, is one of the fields studied by the DHARMA Initiative (as stated in the Swan Orientation Film).

In Lost[]

The DHARMA Initiative experimented with animals on the Island at both the Orchid and Hydra stations.

Zoology was the topic of study at the Hydra station. The Initiative's goal was to "conduct biological and behavioral research on various animal, bird and marine subjects". The researchers genetically modified large birds they called "Hy-birds" to see how they would adapt to the Island's unique properties. ("The New Man in Charge") One of the primary animals studied were polar bears. Because of their memory and adaptability, the Initiative used them for experiments in electromagnetic research at the Orchid. Researchers would train them in the cages at the Hydra station, and then have them transported to the Orchid to apparently push the Frozen wheel where they would be transported to the exit in Tunisia. The blast door map also mentions the genetic engineering of polar bears to survive tropical conditions which was also another likely study. Hydra scientists genetically modified sharks and dolphins as well. The DHARMA initiative also used rabbits as test subjects, as seen in the Orchid video and sharks and dolphins.

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