"You All Everybody" is the sole hit song by the band Drive Shaft. The lyrics and music were (in the show) composed by Charlie Pace.


You all, everybody
You all, everybody
Acting like you're stupid people
Wearing expensive clothes
You all, everybody
You all, everybody
You all, everybody


Early on in production, the show's creators knew Charlie would sing "that Drive Shaft song," though they hadn't yet written it. Dominic Monaghan and a friend composed a song called "Photos and Plans" but the show's creators rejected it.

They eventually based the song on an inside joke within the Lost producers' circle of friends. Years earlier, on an episode of The Phil Donahue Show, a female audience member said, "You all everybody is acting like it's the stupid people wearing the expensive clothes. And they not!" Bryan Burk and Damon Lindelof often repeated this line while editing videos, laughing at how nonsensical it was. Eventually, in a "delirious stupor," they decided to make the line into the Drive Shaft song's lyrics. The original script for "The Moth" used the exact line.[1]

The song's melody began with Dominic Monaghan's improvised humming while filming "Pilot, Part 1". Songwriters Jude Christodal and Chris Seefried combined the lyrics and melody. (Backstage with Driveshaft) The final song bears a striking resemblance to the song "Rock n' Roll Star" by Oasis, the real band from Manchester which served as a model for Drive Shaft.

The chorus of the song also strongly resembles the melody of the chorus heard in Bob Welch's "Ebony Eyes".

Appearances within the show

Charlie heard the song on the radio for the first time when a flat tire stopped the band's van on the way to a gig. ("Greatest Hits") The band later regularly performed their hit at larger gigs, and Liam would occasionally sing Charlie's lines. ("The Moth") When the group's popularity waned, they performed a version called "You All Every Butties" for Butties Diapers. ("Fire + Water") Record stores, however, continued to stock the track. Hurley and Johnny listened to it in a store one day, and they tried to sing along, though they didn't know the lyrics. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

Soon after Charlie crashed on the Island, he sang the song for Kate to reveal his rock star history. ("Pilot, Part 1") Dominic Monaghan improvised a harmony, imitating Prince and Beck's high falsettos. In later appearances, the song sounded considerably different. (Backstage with Driveshaft) He sang it in the Looking Glass station to cover up his conversation with Desmond. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

In a flash sideways, the song played on the radio in Desmond's car and Charlie described the song as the band's "first" hit. The nonsensical lyrics attained meaning for the first time, playing as Charlie mocked Desmond's superficial lifestyle. ("Happily Ever After")


Several Lost fans have named creations after "You All Everybody". Gatsbys American Dream used the title for their self-titled CD's opening track, and a Lost tribute band named themselves after the song. [1] Fan podcast OtherTalk partly uses the song in their opening theme, and former podcast The Transmission used the name for their listener feedback section.

The song plays at a party on a January 2005 episode of Alias, another of executive producer J.J. Abrams's shows. Alias s04e03 "The Awful Truth".

The song is currently available on the Rock Band Network download service as a playable track for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games Rock Band & Rock Band 2.


The song chords are played as follows: Intro: B------ E--B------ E-- Chorus: B---E B---E C#--- A--- B--- E- Repeat Chorus till the end, please note the whole song is played as power chords.

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