This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
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Characters:   Sam Thomas · Sonya · Tracey R · Sam's mother · Mr. Ockham · Oscar Talbot · Other...
Companies: Oceanic Airlines · The Maxwell Group · Austral Air
Locations: Sunda Trench · Black Rock


Oceanic advertisement

Chapter 1

Hacked Oceanic advertisement

Intro/news report/mysterious email/Sonya

Reply/scrambled email

Pinpointing Sunda Trench

Sonya's reflection

Video diary 1

Chapter 2


Boarding the Christiane I

Chart plotter not fixed

Chart plotter fixed/Talbot questions Sam

Earhart broadcast

Video diary 2

Chapter 3


Stuck on the Christiane I

Caught by Talbot

Briefcase opened

Electrical disturbances

Video diary 3

Chapter 4


Setting up the hack

Caught by Ockham and Talbot

Chart plotter hacked

Aurora lights

Video diary 4

Chapter 5


Persuading Ockham

Hitting the reef

Finding Black Rock


Video diary 5

Lowering the ROV

Nothing found

Oceanic plane found/News report

After the game

Oceanic television ad

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