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LOST: Tales From The Flame

When Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on a mysterious island, a group of strangers must band together in order to survive. However, when they discover that civilized people have already been living on the island, danger arises and the stakes grow high: survivors are kidnapped, people cannot be trusted and places not meant to be found are discovered hidden among the secrets that lie in the jungles of this lost island. Directed by Cody Kobashigawa and Trevor Wright.

Episode 1

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Lost: The Missing Tale

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Lost: The Other Side

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Part 1: The Crash

Part 2 : The Aftermath

Part 3 : The Herb

Part 4 : The Drum

Part 5 : The Hunt

Part 6 : The Other

Lost: New Crew Fan Film

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Deleted scene

Off the Island

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Seeny's Lost spoof

Lost: The Other Others


Episode 1

Lost: The New Series


Ali Films

Hydra orientation01

The Orientation starting

The Fake Hydra Orientation Film, Fake Room 23 Video and Dharma Live Feeds are films made by Ali Nooriafshar (creator of ALI FILMS and the website, Dharma Island). They are made to resemble the orientation films, but are fan-created noncanon.

Fake Hydra Orientation

This video is narrated by Dr. Karlo Pilko, who claims to be of the DHARMA Initiative, in a setting somewhat reminiscent of the aquarium part of The Hydra. The shark and dolphin tank is described, and an image of a shark with a logo is featured.

Dr pilko

Dr Karlo Pilko

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A screen-cap of the island picture shown in the film.

Fake Room 23 Brainwashing Video

This video is an unofficial fan-made version of the video seen in "Not in Portland". It includes the actual footage from the episode in the middle. This fake video also uses footage from the Psychology Test Orientation Video from the Lost Experience. Several text images are displayed, as well as a (fake) picture of the full Foot Statue, the island, eyes etc. The film was made by Ali Films, who also made : Lost: The Missing Tale, The Fake Hydra Orientation and The Dharma Island Fansite.


Live Island Video Feeds

A small video showing a whats imposed to be live video feeds from Island cameras. The video was originally just intended to be an easter egg video for "The Dharma Island" fan site, however was released onto youtube as well. There are many hidden clues and easter eggs in the video itself...


(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)

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