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This article's subject matter is parodical and non-canon in nature (but distinct from hoax and serious fanon material)
This material is generally fan-created, but occasionally from official or commercial sources.

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Movie parodies

Brokeback Island 1

Brokeback Island 2

House of 1000 Corpses: Lost (Crossover)

House of 1000 Corpses (Lost Style Trailer)

SUPERBAD/LOST [Ben|Hurley|Sawyer

Dr. Strangelove

Television show parodies

Brady Bunch

Happy Days

My Name Is Earl

Quinn Martin TV, etc. (LOST '76)

Survivor: Lost

The Twilight Zone (Lost Zone)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Late ep 1

Love Triangle Series (Pizza series) - Alternate closed captioning

Part 1 - The Magic Glasses

Part 2 - Sawyer and the Magic Baby

Part 3 - Sawyer and the Quest for the Pie Shop

Part 4 - Kate and the Kiss of Tomato and Cheese Pizza

Part 5 - Kate and the Curse of Stealing Jack's Pizza

Part 6 - Sawyer and the Magic Manicure

Other parodies

Addicted to LOST? Commercial

Attack of the Show

"Kevin and Olivia Get 'Lost'"

"The Dharma Project: Catching Up On 'Lost' Time"

"Kevin and Olivia 'Lost' in Love?"

Black Smoke Monster

Black Smoke Monster 2

Chesmond (Charlie and Desmond)

Dramatic LOST Look (Director's Cut)

Evangeline Lilly's Prior Life


John Madden, played by Frank Caliendo, shows up in the island of Lost to explain the survivors what's going on.

French Psychoanalyst

What could be the "true" meaning of the button in Lost?

How To Survive While Lost on a Mysterious Island

Jack is having troubles with his Xbox 360

Jack, The Squeeky Killer

John Locke's Wonderful World

Kwon Locke

Locke succumbs to the "sickness"

Lost - Answers?! (Song parody)

Lost at Loch Ness

Lost Babies

Lost Disassociation

Lost Oceanic 815

Lost - People Who Died

Lost - Finding John Locke

Lost in MadTV

Lost in MadTV 2, with Dominic Monaghan

Lost: Irrelevant Pieces

"Penny Farthing" — Desmond enlists the help of Charlie when he has visions of Penny at the Black Rock.

Lost Rhapsody

Lost Season 3 Finale Re-enactment

Lost Somewhere Else

Lost: What Will Happen Next?

"Lost" Writers Room

Nobodys Watching Lost

Previously on Lost

Sawyer's Confession (Jawyer)

Sawry (Sawyer and Benry)


A fan made tribute to Smokey/The_Man_in_Black

Son of a bitch

We Like LOST! (We Like Sportz Parody)


¿Where did the Island go?

Writers of Lost

"Writers of Lost" is a parody video made by the comedy troupe Olde English[1]. It is an interpretation of what goes on in the Lost writer's room.

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