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A parody not of the show itself, but on the writing behind it and the bizarre ideas manifesting throughout the show. The parody depicts a "typical day" in the writing room and features outright absurd story ideas, as well as bizarre events occurring in the writing room itself.

Story ideas

  • Starting out as an attempt to come up with an explanation for the smoke monster, one of the writers comes up with the idea of a a magic turtle, but it doesn't even know about the smoke monster. Other writers suggest more ideas, so eventually the magic turtle is living with the ghost of Mr. Eko at the bottom of a bottomless pit.
  • Kate and Locke will switch brains.
  • Jin has a secret, which will turn out to be that the characters wake up one day and discover that the ocean is missing. Jin is able to keep that a secret with the help of the magic turtle.
  • The island slowly sinking, which is possible despite all the water being gone thanks to a witch (originally suggested to be a wizard) which casts a spell on the island that makes time go backwards for two and a half years.
  • As a result, the writers realize they can submit the same scripts again with the page numbers reversed.

Bizarre events in the writing room

  • The parody starts with the writers listing some of the show's (real) loose major plot threads, without actually trying to come up with an actual resolution for any of them.
  • One of the writers is playing with action figures of Locke and Kate to demonstrate the proposed mind switch plot.
  • When one of the writers calls the "mind switch" plot "stupid"; the writers start to blame each other for coming up with the idea of the four-toed statue, the prison island and Jack's tattoo.
  • The deadline for the script is indicated by a timer on the wall that looks like the Swan countdown timer.
  • A dog is used to pick between different feeding cups, which represent different possible directions for the show, thereby implying an outright randomness in such decisions.
  • The "Ocean is missing" plot idea comes from a sheet of paper folded up an origami figure.
  • One of the writers has flashback to a college/university class, in which he is taught - fittingly - the purpose of a flashback as a plot element.
  • Another method of choosing between different possible story directions is playing darts.
  • The writers use text cards to illustrate their ideas and thoughts (one of the cards even says "I hate you"), with the cards instantly showing up the moment a writer gets an idea.
  • The parody ends with one of the writers pointing out a mysterious box that is sitting on the table.



Writers of Lost (parody)


  • This parody was made by the comedy troupe Olde English[1].

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