The "wreck motif" plays, among other appearances, when two wrecks are revealed - the Black Rock and Oceanic 815.

Full list of appearances

  • The survivors see the black smoke from the beach. ("Exodus, Part 1")
    • Jack takes a group out to the Hatch.
    • Rousseau talks to the survivors in the Dark Territory.
    • The survivors catch their first sight of the Black Rock.
  • They discuss the ship. ("Exodus, Part 2")
  • Isaac of Uluru tells Rose about the healing powers of certain areas of the world. ("S.O.S.")
  • Michael tries to communicate with Walt over the Swan computer. ("Three Minutes")
  • The Christiane I discovers the apparent wreckage of Oceanic 815. ("Confirmed Dead")
  • Dr. Chang gets ready for the filming of the Arrow orientation film. ("Because You Left")
    • Dr. Chang sees the area where the workers at the Orchid tried to drill into the wall.
    • Juliet discovers that the imploded Swan is once again the Hatch.
  • Daniel watches Dr. Chang talk to the construction foreman. ("The Variable")
  • Richard returns to the Black Rock. ("Dr. Linus")


The motif is a variation of the series' mystery theme.


A variation on the wreck motif is used in the video game Lost: Via Domus upon the player finding the plane's nose section and the Black Rock.