"World's Worst Beach Party" is an orchestral piece on the Season 1 soundtrack. This entirely percussive motif plays in various permutations, mainly in the first season.

Main appearance

Jack stumbles into the crash site, nearly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of surrounding chaos. After taking in the horrific site, including the groaning wing, he hears screaming coming from a man near him. He recruits a couple survivors, including John Locke to help him lift some wreckage off the passenger he heard. He rips open the passenger's pants, revealing his leg, which is severely crushed, and uses his own tie as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding.

He hears desperate screaming, and looks up to see a pregnant woman in distress. He tells his helpers to take the injured man away from the engine and runs to the screaming woman. He asks about her pregnancy and how far apart her contractions are occurring. An errant passenger, failing to heed Locke's warning of the firing jet engine, is pulled in when it accelerates, causing the engine to explode. Jack shields the woman with his body as burning wreckage flies down and flavors the already disastrous scene. Taking notice of another crisis at which he is needed, he summons another passenger to lead the woman to safety and monitor her contractions.

Running to the next situation, Jack tells a man who is performing CPR on an unconscious woman that he has been doing so incorrectly. At the man's suggestion to perform CPR via a hole in the throat, Jack sends him away to find a pen. Managing to successfully resuscitate the woman himself, he hears a mighty metallic clang - the plane's wing is about to fall on the pregnant woman and the man helping her. Leaving the woman he has just resuscitated, Jack warns them of the imminent danger, and the three depart the area in time to just barely avoid the collapsing wing, which explodes.

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The End Title uses the piece's motif.

Title significance

This music plays while Oceanic 815 survivors are among the wreckage of the plane on the beach, everyone is panicking, and a man even gets sucked into a still functioning jet turbine. These conditions are less than ideal for a beach party. In fact, it is probably the World's Worst Beach Party.

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