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  • Owner of Paik Heavy Industries, which is connected to the Widmore Corporation and the Hanso Foundation.
    • If this is true then he is "Old Man Paik" described in Bad Twin as doing a deal to go into partnership with Widmore Corporation.
    • His office contains many display cases containing model cars, likely implying that he is also the owner of Paik Motors. That company is a business partner of the Hanso Foundation.
  • Works for The Hanso Foundation.
  • Has a glass eye on his left side.
  • The name could be a homage for Nam June Paik, a world famous American-South Korean artist, who is credited for creating video art. In "Exposition of Music-Electronic Television” he scattered televisions everywhere, and used magnets to alter or distort their images. His work "Something pacific" combines statues, monitor walls and computers, all outdoors.
    • Of course, as mentioned, Paik is a common Korean name.
  • Paik is on Ben's list of men he wants Sayid to kill.
    • Paik may also be Elsa's boss.
  • Mr Paik knew the plane was going to crash
    • He orchestrated Jin being on the plane.
      • He may or may not have wanted Sun on the plane as well.
    • It is quite obvious that he knew, since the selection of sydney and los angeles is all too much of a coincedence.
  • Given his possible ties with the Hanso Foundation and Widmore Corporation, it is possible that Mr. Paik has been on the island before. We already know that Widmore was on the island in the 1950's. It would seem probable that Paik was on the Island around the same time as Charlotte was growing up, seeing as how she speaks fluent Korean. It is probably less plausible that Paik and Widmore were on the island at the same though, under this theory, since Charlotte clearly did not recognize Widmore.
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