"Win One for the Reaper" is an orchestral piece on the Season 1 soundtrack. It plays during a closing character montage, after Jack's "Live together or die alone" speech.

Scene description

Charlie and Hurley distribute the remaining water in half cups. Sun thanks Jin for getting water from Sawyer earlier, to which Jin replies "That's what husbands do". Michael, instead of drinking his own cup of water, gives it to a thirsty Vincent. Sawyer asks Boone, guilty of hoarding water, of how it feels taking Sawyer's place on the camp's "most hated list". "Sucks, don't it?"

Kate asks Jack where he was during the day. Jack doesn't tell her, but he does talk about Christian's death. Kate says she's sorry, to which Jack simply replies that he's sorry too.


The piece is a variation on the life and death theme.

Title significance

"Winning one for the Reaper" is a humorous euphemism for death.[1] The title links Jack's speech with coach Knute Rockne's speech to Notre Dame football players at the 1928 Army game. Like Knute Rockne, Jack inspires his people to work together and succeed by referring to the death of one of their own. Rockne's speech, made famous by the film Knute Rockne, All American, contained the oft-quoted line "...win one for the Gipper". Rockne asked players to unite for deceased player George Gipp; Jack asks the camp to unite for their own survival, or to fight the Reaper.[2]


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