William Blanchette played the role of Aaron Littleton as a boy in Kate's custody from "Eggtown" onwards. Before his first appearance in the last scenes of "Eggtown" he was only credited in press releases as "child" to prevent spoilers, and in the credits of "Eggtown" he was credited as "two year old boy."

First portrayed 'baby Aaron' in season 2, when he was six months old. He got the part of Aaron Littleton in season 2 because he "gurgled well." [source needed] William appeared in two episodes: "Everybody Hates Hugo" and "Abandoned".

Casting director Julie Carlson says [of William], "We are hoping he hasn't grown that much and that he is not looking that much different. It would be a challenge at the end of the year because he is older. If he has grown 4 inches, will the audience know?". [source needed]

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