A white tennis shoe was seen in the very first scene of the show, as well as in the final sequence of the series. ("Pilot, Part 1")  ("The End") The shoe belonged to Christian Shephard and an apparition of Christian on the Island was seen wearing them. ("The Beginning of the End")


Before the crash

After his father's death, Jack Shephard felt that the corpse did not need new shoes, and instead gave his father an old pair of white tennis shoes that he had. Jack later attributed this to the fact that he didn't think his father was worth a new pair of shoes. These shoes were on Christian's body in the coffin aboard Oceanic Flight 815. ("316")

On the Island

From the scene in the cabin. ("The Beginning of the End")

Christian Shephard wore white tennis shoes when he told Vincent to wake up Jack immediately after the Oceanic 815 crash. ("So It Begins") Jack then passed by a white tennis shoe, hanging from a tree, while running out from the bamboo grove. ("Pilot, Part 1")

The Man in Black was wearing white tennis shoes when Jack saw him on the fifth and sixth days after the Oceanic 815 crash. ("Walkabout")  ("White Rabbit") When Hurley peered into the window of the cabin roughly three months later, Christian was again wearing white tennis shoes. ("The Beginning of the End")

After the rescue

Christian, wearing the same shoes during a visit with Jack. ("Something Nice Back Home")

An apparition of Christian was seen once more wearing the same white tennis shoes when he called for Jack in the reception area outside Jack's clinic, a few years after the Oceanic Six return from the Island. ("Something Nice Back Home")

Back on the Island

Moments before his death, Jack staggered back to the spot where he first woke up on the Island, three years earlier. As he made his way to that spot, he walked past the same white tennis shoe, severely deteriorated and still hanging on the tree. ("The End")

Flash sideways

Christian was seen wearing white shoes as he walked toward the glowing white light in the church. ("The End")

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