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Episode 3 - "What Kate Does"

Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

Directed by: Paul Edwards

Act 1

[On-Island - As the episode commences, Lennon is walking briskly through corridors of stone at a quick pace. He checks to ensure no one is following him. He rushes into a chamber where the Temple Leader is typing on an old typewriter similar to an Underwood model. The Temple Leader stops immediately at the intrusion. There is a baseball sitting on his desk. Out of breath, he speaks to the leader.]

LENNON: He's alive.

[The Temple Leader turns his head from Lennon and stares straight ahead grasping his necklace.]

[The scene switches to the chamber with the spring. Sayid is sitting, Jack kneels in front of him. Hurley runs to Sayid. Miles follows Hurley.]

MILES: It worked?

HURLEY: Dude! You're okay!

[Hurley hugs Sayid tightly.]

JACK: Hurley, let him breathe. Miles, can you go get some water?

MILES: Yeah, on it.

[Miles looks at Sayid cautiously then leaves to get water.]

JACK: Sayid, hey, how ya feelin'?

SAYID: A little light headed.

[Jin joins Hurley, Jack, and Sayid.]

SAYID: Jack, what happened to me?

JACK: [exhales deeply] You died.

[Sayid just looks around. Kate and Sawyer are standing on the opposite side of the spring.]

KATE: How is that even possible? I mean one minute he's gone and now he's fine?

SAWYER: Of course he's fine.

KATE: What's that mean?

SAWYER: [sarcastically] He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitely deserves another go around.

[Jin, Jack and Hurley help Sayid stand up. The conversation is indistinct.]

HURLEY: All right.

[Sawyer continues to stare outside.]

KATE: What are you lookin' at?

SAWYER: How many guards with guns do you think are outside this place?

KATE: What?!

SAWYER: I was out cold when they brought me in here. How many guards did you see? Five? Ten? A hundred?

KATE: What are you thinking?

SAWYER: Thinkin' about running, Kate.

[Flash sideways - At LAX, Kate is walking with her hands still cuffed and the marshal's jacket hiding them.]

MARSHAL: She's got hands in handcuffs but she's probably got them covered, okay?

[There is an indistinct male voice over the PA system. Kate and the marshal make eye contact. Kate turns and runs with the marshal in pursuit.]


[The marshal runs after Kate pushing a man out of his way.]

MAN: Hey! Watch it!

[Kate gets in the back of a cab at the curb.]

KATE: Go! Go now!

CAB DRIVER: Lady, I already have a customer.

[Kate cocks and puts a gun to the driver's head.]

KATE: Damn it, I said go.

[The passenger is in the back seat with Kate. The driver speeds from the curb with the tires screeching. As the cab drives off, the marshal sees Kate and runs after the cab.]


MARSHAL: Move it!

[Kate looks over at Claire.]

CLAIRE: Oh! Easy, easy, slow down.

KATE: Hey, just slow down. Slow down!

[Claire grunts.]

CAB DRIVER: Okay! Okay! You said go!

KATE: Just get us out of here.

[As the cab drives off, the marshal sees Kate and runs after the cab.]

MARSHAL: Hey! Hey! Stop that cab!

CLAIRE: Can you please, just let me out of - AH!

[Kate points the gun at Claire.]

KATE: Be quiet!

[Kate looks out the window and sees police cars and officers. Suddenly the cab driver slams on the brakes and horns honk.]

KATE: What are you doing?

CAB DRIVER: There's a guy. I'm not gonna run him over.

[A man is bending over attempting to pick something up from the ground. It is Leslie Arzt. He turns to face the cab and begins to yell.]

ARZT: Hey! I'm walking here. I'm walking here.

[Artz has spilled his baggage from a courtesy cart. It is in the path of the cab. Horns are honking. In the offing, Jack is on his cell phone. Kate and Jack make eye contact for a moment. Claire tries to get out of the cab and Kate pulls her back into the cab.]

KATE: Do not get out of this car!

[Claire nods yes and says nothing.. She is quite frightened. Kate addresses the cab driver. They are still in the airport parking terminal.]

KATE: Just go. Go now! I don't care about the guy! Go!


[The cab drags one of Artz's bags under it as it peels away.]

ARZT: Hey! Hey! What the hell! Hey, I got your license plate!

[Traffic light changes from green to amber to red. The cab stops for the red light.]

KATE: At the light, take a left.

CLAIRE: [sobbing] Can you, can you please, please just let me go? I promise I won't say anything to anyone.

[The cab driver takes this opportunity and puts the cab in park, gets out of the cab and runs away leaving Kate and Clair in the back seat.]

KATE: Hey! Hey! Damn it!

[Multiple car horns start honking. Kate gets from the back seat to the driver's seat and speeds away, tires screeching. A car at crossing the intersection almost hit the cab broadside.]

CLAIRE: Please! Please!

KATE: Give me your purse.


KATE: I said give me your purse!

[Claire continues to cry. Kat pulls to the curb and stops the cab.]

KATE: Now get out of the car.

CLAIRE: Can I please just, just get my suitcase?

KATE: No you can't! Get out of the car!

[A pregnant Claire exits the cab and is left without her purse or luggage as she cries on the side walk. Kate speeds away in the cab.]

[On-Island - Back at the Temple. Kate is walking down a corridor. Jack and Jin help Sayid walk out to the courtyard.]

JACK: Easy.

[Sayid is led to a stone bench upon which he sits. Jin and Jack release Sayid's arms from over their shoulders. Miles approaches with water.]

SAYID: Who are these people? What do they want?

[Sayid accepts the canteen from Miles and drinks from it.]

HURLEY: It's the Others, dude. They caught us [pause] again. I dunno, I think they are trying to protect us.

MILES: Uh, as you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position so that's pretty great.

[Jack is staring at Sayid's abdomen.]

SAYID: [to Jack] What?

JACK: The wound [rolls up Sayid's tank shirt] it's almost completely closed.

[Sayid rolls up the front of his shirt and looks at the gunshot wound. It looks like scar tissue and not a fresh wound. Sayid is confused. He turns to Jack.]

SAYID: Thank you Jack.

JACK: For what?

SAYID: For saving my life.

[The Temple Leader briskly walks through doors from the Temple, shoving them against the outside walls. Jack stands up.]

TEMPLE LEADER: Nani wa tomoare isogunda [何はともあれ急ぐんだ―In any case, hurry up.]

LENNON: [translates] Mr. Jarrah, will you come with us, please?

[Lennon turns and starts to walk.]

SAYID: Come with you where?

LENNON: Inside. Nothing to worry about we just...

JACK: [interrupts] I'm coming with him.

LENNON: Oh, I'm sorry. We need to talk to him alone, just a few questions.

JACK: You have a few questions? Well, so do we. Let's start with who are you? Why are you holding us here? You ...

TEMPLE LEADER: Kono otoko wo damarasero [この男を黙らせろ―Shut him up.] [interrupts]

LENNON: [translating] [pause] Once we've spoken to Mr. Jarrah, we'll be more than happy to tell you everything you want to know.

JACK: Something tells me that you're not going to be happy telling us anything.

[Jack looks into the eyes of the Temple Leader.]

TEMPLE LEADER: Tsurete ike [連れていけ―Take him away.]

[Immediately, 2 men with the Temple Leader grab Jack by his arms and start to beat him. Another man goes after Miles. Two gun shots are heard.]

TEMPLE LEADER: Yamero! [止めろ!―Stop it!]

[As turn to see who shot a gun, they see Sawyer who is cocking his gun, loading another bullet into the chamber.]

LENNON: [translates] Don't shoot! Lower your weapons!

[Lennon walks towards Sawyer then stops. Sawyer is aiming his gun at Lennon.]

LENNON: Please, you don't have to do this. We won't hurt your friend.

SAWYER: [looking at Sayid] He ain't my friend. Do what you want with him and anybody else. But me, I'm walking out of here.

[Kate walks forward. Sawyer is aiming at her.]

KATE: James.

SAWYER: I'm gone! You understand?

[Sawyer maintains aiming the gun as he lifts beams of wood that are barricading the large wooden doors.]

TEMPLE LEADER: Please. [pause] You have to stay.

SAWYER: [angered] No, I don't.

[Sawyer opens the wooden door and exits the courtyard.]

SAWYER: [to Kate] Don't come after me.

[Sawyer closes the door behind him.]

Act 2

[Two men drag Sayid away. The Temple Leader follows as does Lennon.]

TEMPLE LEADER: Jarrah wa hikiuketa [ジャラーは引き受けた] Nani wo shitemo kamawan [何をしても構わん] Ford wo tsuremodose.[フォードを連れ戻せ。]

[Two men are restraining Jack. He struggles to get out of their grasp, unsuccessfully. Two other men drag Miles away through a different passageway.]

JACK: Hey! Hey! Where are they taking Sayid.

[Another man shouts over everyone. He aims a handgun at Jack.]

ALDO: Hey! Calm down! Everybody calm down.

LENNON: [to Jack] Where'd Ford go?

JACK: What?

LENNON: Ford, your friend who just ran outta here. Where did he go?

JACK: I don't know.

LENNON: Do you expect me to believe that?

JACK: He told me he wanted to kill me. You believe that?

KATE: I can bring him back.

LENNON: You know where he went?

KATE: No, but I can track him. Let me go. I will bring him back and I can make him stay.

JACK: Kate, you sure you want to go out there alone with these people?

JIN: I'll go with her.

LENNON: It's very important that he get back here safely. What makes you think he's going to listen to you?

KATE: I can be very convincing when I wanna be.

[Flash sideways - Kate speeds the cab to a repair shop. She stops and quickly gets out. A radio is playing indistinctly in the background. The sound of a man is using a grinding/sanding tool drowns out the music. Sparks are flying about as Kate enters the garage aiming the gun at the repairman. The man stops working and takes off his goggles.]

KATE: Where's your tire hammer?

REPAIRMAN: You've got a problem.

KATE: So do you. Where's your tire hammer?

REPAIRMAN: Tire hammer will just cut off your wrist. The problem is you need a punch press and you're not gonna be able to use one of them and keep that gun pointed at me.

KATE: You volunteering?

REPAIRMAN: I got a steady hand but I kinda feel like we got off on the wrong foot.

KATE: I'll give you two hundred dollars.

[The scene changes to a table where Kate has the handcuffs steady and the repairman has the tip of a punch press in the ring that holds the cuff together.]

REPAIRMAN: Now hold still.

[The repairman applies pressure and the handcuffs come off. Kate tosses them in the trash.]

KATE: Thanks.

REPAIRMAN: So why the bracelets?

KATE: I'm wanted for murder.


KATE: You don't happen to have somewhere I can change, do you?

REPAIRMAN: [laughs and points.] Bathroom's over there. Make it quick.

KATE: Thank you.

[Kate turns and walks toward the bathroom and stops in a back room. She takes off her jacket and opens the tote bag that belonged to Claire. As she unzips it she sees a Polaroid picture of Claire, smiling, holding and pointing to her pregnant belly. Kate picks up the picture and stares. Everything she takes out is for a baby, wash cloths, bottle, and a stuffed whale toy which she stares at. She puts it down and runs her hand through her hair as she looks in a mirror. A faint sound, similar to a time skip is heard.]

[On-Island - At the Temple. Kate is packing her backpack as Aldo walks up and hands her a canteen.]

ALDO: Better not slow us down.

KATE: [quietly] Better not slow me down.

[Jin looks at Kate as he finishes packing his backpack. Kate zippers her backpack closed. Jack walks over and sits next to Kate.]

JACK: I'd go with you but..

KATE: ...but you thought he would kill you?

[Jack shrugs his shoulders and chuckles.]

KATE: I'll take care of James. You take care of Sayid.

JACK: [nods] Deal.

[They all stand up. Jin exits the chamber first. As Kate walks away Jack grabs her arm. She stops.]

KATE: Good bye.

JACK: Be careful.

[Jack looks Kate in the eye. She turns and walks out of the chamber.]

[The scene switches to another chamber. Sayid is strapped down on a examination table with his shirt pulled to expose his chest and abdominal area. He has a leather strap buckled to keep his head still. The Temple Leader opens a canister of powder and walks over to Sayid. He blows some of the powder over Sayid's chest and abdomen. He watches for a reaction.]

SAYID: What is it you want? Please, whatever you are thinking of doing [pause] What is that?

[Sayid is frightened as he watches the Temple Leader bring three exposed wires and attaches one to each nipple and a third to his abdomen.]

SAYID: Just tell me what you want.

[The Temple Leader walks over to an apparatus with a handle and begins to crank it. When he stops cranking, he flips a switch and a red light shines. He looks at Sayid then turns a knob quickly. Sayid is being shocked. His body quivers as he grinds his teeth. The temple leader then turns the knob fully. As Sayid begins to scream, the leader shuts off the apparatus and removes the electrical leads.]

SAYID: [whimpering] Why? Why are you doing this?

[The leader does not respond. He rubs the receptacle that is hanging around his neck then walks to a fire pit and twists a metal arrow in the fire then removes it and walks back to Sayid.]

SAYID: I don't have any secrets. Ask, AHHH!

[The leader places the hot iron to Sayid's wound. Sayid screams in agony.]

SAYID: Ahhhhh! [sobs] Ahhh! [raises he shoulders from the table and cries out. The leader pays close attention to Sayid's reaction. The leader pulls the iron from Sayid who falls back onto the table.]

SAYID: Ugh! Ugh!! Ugh!

TEMPLE LEADER: Yoshi,korede juubun da [よし、これで充分だ] Shiken ni tootta to ie [試験に通ったと言え―You can tell him from me to "you passed the test".]

[Sayid is crying. Lennon motions for two men to come to the table as he unbuckles the restraints holding Sayid.]

LENNON: We're sorry we had to put you through that. It was a test. We had to be sure.

SAYID: Test to be sure of what?

LENNON: Don't worry. You passed.

[The two men help Sayid from the table and escort him from the chamber.]

LENNON: I just lied to him, didn't I?


[The leader returns to writing at his desk.]

Act 3

[Flash sideways - Kate pulls the cab to the curb where Claire is sitting on a bench. Kate gets out of the cab and walks over to Claire.]

KATE: Where were you going?


KATE: Before I got in the cab, where were you going?

CLAIRE: Why, so you can hijack them too?

[Kate takes Claire's purse and tote from the trunk of the cab and gives them to Claire.]

CLAIRE: I was waiting for a bus.

KATE: I came to bring you your stuff.

[Claire immediately looks in her purse.]

KATE: Relax, I didn't take your money.

CLAIRE: Well, uh, gee, thanks.

KATE: So where were you going?

[Claire stands up and starts to walk away.]

CLAIRE: Don't worry about it.

KATE: Fine.

[Kate closes the trunk then walks back around the cab and starts to get in the driver's side. Claire watches as she closes the trunk.]

CLAIRE: Langdon street. Brentwood.

KATE: You got family there?

CLAIRE: Uh, no. It's the couple who's adopting my baby. [pause] They were, um, they were meant to meet me at the airport but I guess they got their days mixed up or something. It's not like they abandoned me.

KATE: Brentwood's not far. Get in.

CLAIRE: [scoffs] Seriously?

KATE: Do you want a ride or not?

[Claire is unsure however she slowly gets in the front seat of the cab.]

[On-Island - In the jungle, Kate, Jin, Justin and Aldo are hiking to get Sawyer back to the Temple.]

KATE: So why do you people want us to stay at the temple?

ALDO: We're protecting you.

KATE: From what?

ALDO: You've been on this island for a while, right? Ever see a big pillar of black smoke, makes a ticka ticka sound, looks pissed off?

KATE: Yes.

ALDO: From that.

JIN: Do you know anything about another plane coming in? An Ajira flight.

ALDO: I'm sorry. Is this a press conference?

JUSTIN: I think he means the one that landed...

ALDO: Justin! Shut up.

[Justin stops speaking, looks at Aldo and continues walking. Jin looks at Justin and continues to walk. Kate is crouched down looking at two trails.]

KATE: No, no, no, that's a decoy trail. He went this way.

ALDO: And you're basing this on what?

KATE: [firmly] Experience.


ALDO: What?

JUSTIN: I think she's right.

ALDO: [sarcastically] Of course she is.

[Kate begins walking.]

ALDO: After you, princess. [pause] So what's your strategy for bringing your boyfriend back? I hope you got one because he shot a guy on his way out. If he tries that on me, I'm gonna blow his head off.

[Kate drinks from her canteen and continues walking. Justin immediately stops her.]

JUSTIN: Watch it!

[Kate looks down and sees a trip wire made from a tree branch. She takes a deep breath.]

KATE: Thank you.

[They all look up to see a net full of rocks hanging from a tree.]

JIN: Looks like one of Rousseau's traps.

JUSTIN: The French woman? She's been dead for years. This, this couldn't be one ...

ALDO: Justin! Shut up!

[Kate walks up to Aldo and shoves her canteen into his chest.]

KATE: What was he gonna say?

ALDO: You don't even remember me, do you? You don't recognize me? Well maybe this will jog you memory. Three years ago, you staged yourself a little prison break, [Kate drinks from her canteen] and you did it by knocking the guard out with the butt of your rifle. That would be me.

[Kate takes a swing at Aldo's head with her canteen and he falls to the ground. Justin takes a step toward Kate. She throws her canteen at the trip wire/branch and hits it. The netting holding the rocks comes down and swings to one side. On the return swing it opens and the rocks come falling down onto Justin. Kate grabs Aldo's gun from the ground, checks to see how many rounds are in the magazine, and puts the magazine back into the gun handle then picks up Justin's rifle.]

JIN: What are you doing?

KATE: Escaping.

[Back at the Temple chamber with the spring. Two men are dragging Sayid. Hurley rushes to Sayid and they give him Sayid.]

HURLEY: Sayid! You okay, man? Jack! He's back!

[Sayid grunts as he collapses into Hurley and Miles' arms. They sit him down and lean his back on a stone pillar. Sayid groans in pain.]

JACK: Sayid, what happened?

SAYID: They tortured me.

JACK: Why?

SAYID: Don't know. They didn't ask me any questions.

[Jack leaves Sayid with Hurley and Miles. He walks briskly and stops in front of a doorway that is guarded by 2 armed men.]

JACK: Step aside.

[The two men allow Jack to pass.]

[The scene switches to a chamber where Temple Leader is using a mortar and pestle. Jack enters the chamber. The Temple leader stops for a moment. Lennon is off to the side near a bookcase. He is standing with an open book in his right hand.]

LENNON: Hey, Shephard.

[Lennon closes the book at walks toward the Temple leader.]

LENNON: We were hoping you'd come on your own.

[Jack points back to the water chamber.]

JACK: What the hell did you do to Sayid?

LENNON: We, we didn't do anything to him. Your, your friend is sick.

JACK: Sick with what?

TEMPLE LEADER: Kare wa kegasarete shimatta [彼は穢されてしまった[1]]

LENNON: He's [pause] yeah, I, [pause] not really [pause] there's not really a literal translation. The closest thing would be [pause] infected.

JACK: Infected? He's not even running a fever.

[The Temple Leader chuckles and continues work. Jack walks to the leader.]

JACK: Did I say something funny?

LENNON: I doubt it. He doesn't really have a sense of humor.

[The Temple Leader smiles and wraps a capsule in a piece of paper.]

TEMPLE LEADER: Korewo Jarrah ni nomasete moraou[これをジャラーに飲ませてもらおう―You have to give Jarrah this pill.]

LENNON: He says you have to give your friend this pill.

JACK: [laughs] Are you serious?

[The paper with the capsule is again offered to Jack.]

JACK: Why don't you give it to him?

LENNON: Because it won't work unless he takes it willingly, and he won't take it willingly from us.

JACK: Well, then maybe you should've asked him to take it before you tortured him.

LENNON: We didn't torture him. We were diagnosing him.

JACK: To see if he was infected.


JACK: I'm not gonna give anything to Sayid unless I know what's in it.

[Jack starts to walk out the chamber. Lennon starts to follow him but is stopped by the leader.]

TEMPLE LEADER: Tell me, Shephard, your friend, how did he get shot?

JACK: He was, um, he was helping me.

TEMPLE LEADER: So it was your fault?

JACK: Yes.

TEMPLE LEADER: And there have been others who were hurt or died, helping you?

JACK: Yes.

TEMPLE LEADER: [nods] Well, this is your chance to redeem yourself.

[The leader takes Jack's left hand, places the paper with the capsule in it, then closes Jack's hand.]

TEMPLE LEADER: It's medicine and your friend needs it.

JACK: What happens if I don't give it to him?

TEMPLE LEADER: The infection will spread.

Act 4

[Back in the spring chamber, Miles and Hurley are sitting with Sayid.]

MILES: So, nothing? There wasn't anything? No white light? Angels singing? No dead relatives?

SAYID: I remember being shot.

HURLEY: You're not a zombie, right?

SAYID: No. I am not a zombie.

[Footsteps approach the three men. Miles turns to see Jack.]


[Jack reaches for a canteen and takes a drink.]

JACK: Mind giving me and Sayid a minute?

HURLEY: Yeah, see, private talks kinda freak me out 'cause they lead me to having to do something I don't quite understand.

JACK: I'm right there with you.

MILES: Its fine. We'll be in the food court if you need us.

[Miles and Hurley walk away from Jack and Sayid. Jack sits and takes a drink from a canteen. He offers the canteen to Sayid who motions no.]

SAYID: So did they tell you why they burnt me with a hot poker?

JACK: They said they were trying to diagnose you.

SAYID: Right. They told me it was some sort of test which they said I passed. Clearly, I didn't.

[Jack unfolds the paper and exposes the capsule.]

SAYID: What's that?

JACK: They want you to take it. It's medicine, according to them.

SAYID: What about according to you?

JACK: I don't know. And you know, before when you [pause] when you thanked me for saving your life, I, I didn't have anything to do with it Sayid. I didn't fix you. They did.

[Jack takes the capsule in his right palm.]

SAYID: I don't care who fixed me. I only care about who I trust. So, if you want me to take that pill, Jack, I'll do it.

[Jack looks at the capsule, closes his hand and looks at Sayid.]

[In the jungle, Kate walks in front of Jin.]

JIN: Wait. Where are you going?

KATE: Catching up with Sawyer.

JIN: So you never planned to bring him back to the temple.

KATE: No. I'm not interested in being a prisoner. Are you?

JIN: Where did your plane land, Kate?

KATE: What?

[Kate stops, turns around and walks back to Jin.]

JIN: The Ajira plane that you, Jack and Hurley came in on. [pause] Where did it land?

KATE: I don't know.

JIN: Sun was on that plane too and I have to find her.

KATE: [angry] You think they're gonna tell you? You think they care about you or about Sun or about any of us?

JIN: Who do you care about Kate?

KATE: Good luck, Jin.

[Kate turns and walks away from Jin.]

JIN: Once you catch up with Sawyer, then what?

KATE: I guess we'll figure that out together.

[Flash sideways - Kate is driving Claire in the cab to Brentwood.]

CLAIRE: So, uh, what happened to your handcuffs?

KATE: I cut them off.

[Claire nods and says nothing. There is silence between the two women.]

CLAIRE: It's a beautiful neighborhood. [pause] I bet they're a really nice couple.

[Kate looks over at Claire who is smiling then continues to drive.]


KATE: I didn't say anything.

CLAIRE: What, you, you think they didn't come to the airport on purpose?

KATE: Why would I think that?

CLAIRE: Good, 'cause they didn't.

[Claire tries to keep a straight face. Kate looks over to her right.]

KATE: This is it.

[The house has a large landscaped front yard. There are various shrubs and trees close to the building. It has a large, double door entryway. Claire unbuckles her seat belt. Kate goes to hand her the paper with the address.]

CLAIRE: Um, will you come in with me?

KATE: [unsure] Are you kidding me?

CLAIRE: Please, I just [pause] I really don't want to go up there on my own.

[Kate looks at Claire. The scene changes to the front door of the house being opened by a blonde woman.]

CLAIRE: Uh, hi, um, Mrs. Baskum? I, I'm, I'm Claire Little ton.

[The woman looks at Claire's belly.]

MRS. BASKUM: [voice cracks] Oh, my God. [sighs and sobs] I'm so sorry. Um, [pause] my husband [looks away then looks back] he left me. [crying] And, believe me, I wanted a baby so much, but I can't do it alone. I'm sorry. Look, I know I should've called you.

CLAIRE: So uh, wh-what, y-y-you just changed your mind?

MRS. BASKUM: Um, look, my, my life is just, a little bit complicated right now.

[Claire is very upset. Kate has been watching Claire and the way Mrs. Baskum has been treating her.]

KATE: [angry] She came all the way from Australia and you don't call?

CLAIRE: Oh my God.

[Claire grabs her belly and begins to groan.]

KATE:[to Claire] Are you okay?

CLAIRE: Aah! It's coming!

[On-Island - Kate exits the jungle at the Barracks. She readies her gun. The picket fence is broken in places. The swings move in the breeze. Some of the barracks look abandoned and others look intact. Kate walks around then hears noise from one of the barracks. She goes to investigate. The noise continues. She enters the home of Sawyer and Juliet. Carefully she moves about trying to find the source of the noise. She stops at the door to the bedroom. Sawyer has moved a dresser to the side and is prying open the floorboards with a crowbar. He retrieves a shoe box then sits on the foot of the bed. He brushes off the dust and opens the box. He takes out a very small black drawstring bag. He cries as he holds it ever so tightly. Kate watches. As she turns and walks away, the floorboards creak and Sawyer is standing up in a flash, cocking and aiming the gun at the door.]

SAWYER: Who's there? Better come out now or so help me, I'm just gonna start shootin'.

[Sawyer is in the hallway, lowering his gun when he sees Kate.]

SAWYER: What the hell are you doin' here?

KATE: I was worried about you.

[Kate turns to face Sawyer. Sawyer angrily and quickly walks past her, and doesn't look at her. Kate turns and watches him leave the house.]

Act 5

[Flash sideways - Kate speeds to the emergency room entrance of a hospital and gets out of the cab. She secures the gun in the back of her pants. Kate runs around to the other side of the cab and helps Claire out of the back seat. A nurse with a wheelchair stops next to them.]

NURSE: What's happening here?

CLAIRE: I-I think I'm having contractions.

NURSE: When did they start?

CLAIRE: Um, about three minutes ago.

NURSE: Try to relax. We're gonna take you to the M.C.U to get it looked at.

[Kate follows with Claire's purse and tote bag. She sees a police car turning the corner.]

NURSE: [to Kate] Are you with her?

KATE: Yeah.

NURSE: Okay, follow me.

[Claire is in a hospital bed and a different nurse is attempting to get a blood pressure cuff on her. Claire is quite upset. A monitor is beeping.]

CLAIRE: What are you doing? What, what's going on?

NURSE 2: Hold on. The doctor will be with you in just a moment.

CLAIRE: I need to know what's going on? Is something wrong?

[Kate leaves the OB Triage and locates a doctor.]

KATE: Excuse me. Excuse me.


KATE: Are you a doctor?

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: Yes. I'm Dr. Goodspeed.

KATE: Can I please get your help in here?

[Kate and Dr. Goodspeed go back into the OB Triage. A monitor is beeping rapidly. Dr. Goodspeed reads Claire's chart.]

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: Miss Littleton? Claire, how are you feeling?

CLAIRE: Uncomfortable. What, wh-what's happening.

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: What's happening is that Mother Nature's gotten a little ahead of herself. Are you ready to have your baby?

CLAIRE: I-I'm sorry. What?!

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: You're at thirty six weeks, three centimeters dilated and about 80% effaced, which means, if you want, you can have your baby tonight.

CLAIRE: If I want? So what, you mean, you mean you can stop it then?

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: Maybe. However, to do that would require a number of drugs.

CLAIRE: Drugs? I mean. W-will that hurt the baby?

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: No. They're perfectly safe. I just don't want to stick you with needles if I don't have to. So it's up to you.

CLAIRE: I'm, I'm not ready.

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: Okay. Let's get her started on the Nifedipine drip.

[The monitor emits a steady tone. Kate stops looking at Dr. Goodspeed and quickly looks at Claire.]

CLAIRE: Wh, what, what is it?

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: [to nurse 2] Margaret, let's do an ultrasound. I wanna get a picture of what's going on in there. [to Claire] Ah, it, it could just mean the baby's out of position.

CLAIRE: Wh-wh-what are you, what are you saying?! W-what, what's happening to my baby?! [crying] Is my baby okay? Is Aaron okay?

[Kate looks at Claire with eyes wide open as Dr. Goodspeed takes the ultrasound detector and puts gel on and moves it along on Claire's baby.]

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: See? [chuckles] There he is. Everything is just fine. [Monitor returns to beeping.] Your boy just likes to move around.

[Claire and the doctor chuckle as Kate stands confused a bit.]

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: 140 B.P.M, perfectly normal. I have a feeling that Aaron is gonna be a handful.

[Claire chuckles.]

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: Now let's see if we can slow this down.

[Claire nods.]

DOCTOR GOODSPEED: You did great, mommy. Thanks.

[Claire smiles at Kate, who is holding her hand.]

[Sawyer is sitting on the end of the dock at the Barracks. He sighs. Kate walks up sits next to him.]

KATE: A couple days ago, you asked me why I came back to the island. [pause] I need to find Claire. I thought [pause] maybe if I could catch up to you, you could help me, and then [pause] maybe if we could find her and bring her back to Aaron, then maybe all of this wouldn't be for nothing.

[Sawyer exhales deeply.]

KATE: I'm sorry. I never should have followed you.

SAWYER: Which time?

KATE: [pointing] That was your house, right? With Juliet.

SAWYER: [holding back tears] Yep.

KATE: I'm sorry.

SAWYER: You already said that.

KATE: No [pause] for Juliet. If I hadn't come after you on the sub, then you two would've left and she would've never died.

SAWYER: It's not your fault she's dead. It's mine. [eye welling with tears] She was sittin' right there, right where you are now, tryin' to leave this place. And I convinced her to stay. I made her stay on this island [crying] 'cause I didn't want to be alone. [deep breath] You understand that, right?

[Sawyer and Kate just look at each other.]

SAWYER: But, uh, [pause] but I think some of us are meant to be alone.

[Sawyer is rubbing a diamond ring with his fingers.]

SAWYER: I was gonna ask her to marry me.

[Kate looks away. She was not expecting this from Sawyer. Still crying, Sawyer stands up on the pier and throws the ring into the water as Kate watches.]

SAWYER: You can probably make it back to the Temple by nightfall.

[Sawyer walks back along the pier. Kate begins to cry.]

[Back in the Temple Leader's chamber. He is sitting at his desk spinning a baseball on top. Jack enters the chamber.]

JACK: What's that?

TEMPLE LEADER: It's a baseball.

[Jack sits in a chair in front of the desk.]

JACK: You speak pretty good English for someone who needs a translator.

TEMPLE LEADER: We both know that I don't need a translator.

JACK: Then why do you have one?

TEMPLE LEADER: Because I have to remain separate from the people I'm in charge of. It makes it easier when they don't like the decisions I make for them.

JACK: Who are you?

DOGEN: My name is Dogen.

JACK: Are you from here, the island?

DOGEN: I was brought here like everyone else.

JACK: What do you mean, "Brought here."?

DOGEN: You know exactly what I mean.

[Jack stands up and walks away from the desk. Dogen gets up also.]

DOGEN: You didn't give your friend the pill, did you?


DOGEN: Why not?

JACK: Because I don't know what's in it.

DOGEN: It will eliminate--

JACK: [interrupts] --the infection, yeah. I got that. But what's in it?

DOGEN: I cannot explain.

JACK: Try.

DOGEN: There isn't any time. He'll die if you don't...

JACK: [smugly interrupts] He already died. [hold pill] What is in it?

DOGEN: [sigh] You just have to trust me.

JACK: [chuckles] I don't trust myself. How am I supposed to trust you? Let's see where trust gets us.

[Jack swallows the pill. Dogen quickly rushes Jack and full palm, slaps him in the stomach. With his hand still on Jack's chest, he pounds on his back, twice. He then puts his foot in front of Jack's, puts his other hand around Jack and with both hands pushes up on Jack's stomach. He gets Jack to cough up the pill which he immediately picks up. Gasping, Jack tries to catch his breath.]

JACK: Now, are you gonna tell me what's in it?

DOGEN: Poison.

Act 6

[Flash sideways - Claire is looking at a picture from her ultrasound. The date on the picture is 10/22/2004. There is a knock on the door. A faint voice is heard over the PA system.]

CLAIRE: Come in.

DETECTIVE RASMUSSEN.: Excuse me. Ms. Littleton?

CLAIRE: Um, yeah.

DETECTIVE RASMUSSEN: I'm Detective Rasmussen.

[A police officer walks in with the detective.]


CLAIRE: Uh, I'm sorry. Who?

DETECTIVE RASMUSSEN: Joan Hart. She signed in with you.

[The police officer is taking a look around the room. There are indistinct voices from his radio.]

CLAIRE: Oh. She was just the, um, the cab driver. I needed help and she brought me up here. She left after they treated me, though.

[The officer looks at a door and walks away. Kate is hiding in the room behind the door.]

DETECTIVE RASMUSSEN: She, uh, give you any indication where she was headed?

CLAIRE: Why? Is there something wrong?

DETECTIVE RASMUSSEN: No. It's nothing for you to worry about. [to officer] Come on. Let's go.

[They leave the room. As the door closes, Kate exits the small room. The sign on the door reads, NO ADMITTANCE AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY.]

PA VOICE: EKG Tech 3-1-5. EKG Tech 3-1-5.

KATE: Thanks.

CLAIRE: Sure. Thank you. Why, why are they after you? What, what did you do?

KATE: Would you believe me if I said I was innocent?

CLAIRE: Yeah. Yeah, I would.

KATE: [smiles] Well, I should go.

CLAIRE: Oh, wait. Um, here, take my credit card.


CLAIRE: There's not much of a limit on it but it's something.

KATE: You don't have to do this.

CLAIRE: You didn't have to do what you did either.

[Claire and Kate smile as Kate takes the credit card.]

KATE: Aaron's a great name.

CLAIRE: I don't know why I said it. It's like, I don't know. I knew it or something.

KATE: I think you should keep him.

CLAIRE: Well, um, good luck.

KATE: Yeah, you too.

CLAIRE: Thanks.

[On-Island - Kate is filling up her canteen from the outside faucet of one of the Barracks. She looks back over her right shoulder and sees Sawyer walking with his head lowered. He walks by Kate as if she wasn't there. Kate watches and he continues to walk back into the house that he once lived in with Juliet and closes the door. Kate takes her backpack and walks out of the Barracks.]

[In Dogen's chamber, he is pouring two cups of tea.]

LENNON: He swallowed it?


[Dogen takes the cups of tea and places one cup on the table in front of Jack where Jack is holding his stomach.]

JACK: What's this?


[Jack chuckles. Dogen takes a sip from his cup then Jack reaches for his cup.]

JACK: Why would you people want to kill Sayid?

[Dogen looks at Jack then Lennon and back to Jack.]

DOGEN: We believe he has been [pause] mesarete itandarou[召されていたんだろう―to ascend to heaven].

LENNON: Closest translation is "claimed."

JACK: Claimed [long pause] by what?

DOGEN: There is a darkness growing in him and once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was, will be gone.

JACK: No uh. How can you be sure of that?

DOGEN: Because it happened to your sister.

[Jack looks at Dogen, Lennon and back to Dogen.]

[In the jungle, Jin stops by a stream, puts his rifle down and crouches down to get a drink of the water. Before he can take a drink, he is yanked from behind by Aldo and Justin.]

ALDO: Get up!

[Aldo brings his knee up to Jin's face.]

ALDO: That's for my head.

[Aldo pushes Jin into a tree, cocks his gun and aims at Jin.]

ALDO: Now, where's that bitch?

JIN: I don't know. You don't understand. I'm going back to the Temple.

ALDO: Yeah, right.

JUSTIN: It looks like he's alone. Maybe we should take him back.

ALDO: Or maybe we didn't find him alive.

JUSTIN: Aldo, no. We can't. He's one of them.

ALDO: [turns to Justin] He may be one of them.

[Jin tries to run away. Aldo and Justin run after him.]

ALDO: Hey! Hey!

[Jin steps into a bear trap and falls to the ground. It is clamped around his ankle.]

JIN: Aah! Ugh!

[Jin groans as he grabs at the trap. Justin sees Jin and stops but has his rifle aimed at Jin. Aldo walks up from behind.]

ALDO: [smugly] Where you goin'?

[Aldo laughs as he aims his gun at Jin ready to fire. Before he can there are two gunshots and the target is Aldo. He falls to the ground, dead. Jin looks around. Another shot is heard. The target is Justin. He falls to the ground.]


[Frightened, Jin looks to find who is shooting. He is still trapped. He looks up and to see a blonde woman holding a rifle. He tries to get a better look.]

JIN: Claire?

[It is Claire. She is wearing a blue plaid shirt, hair disheveled with smudges of dirt on her cheeks. She just looks at Jin.]

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