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Episode: - "What Kate Did"

Hosts: Paul Edwards, Evangeline Lily and Michael Bonvillain

(?)--Unknown spelling
[Ununderstandable]--Place after a word/words that are hard to hear


EDWARDS: I had this idea for a fire.

LILY Wait, first introduce yourself.

EDWARDS: I'm Paul. Edwards.

LILY: What did you do on this show?

EDWARDS: I directed this episode.

LILY: Good.

BONVILLAIN: And you are?

LILY: I'm Evangeline Lily and I play Kate in "What Kate Did."

EDWARDS: Look at those guy's guns. He's built.

LILY: And you are?

BONVILLAIN: Mike Bonvillain, and I shot this show.

LILY: As the DOP.



BONVILLAIN: I carried him.


LILY: Nice. I think that Daniel has bigger boobs than me.

EDWARDS: Daniel's a well-cut man, look at that.

BONVILLAIN: If I was gonna go that way...

LILY: What are talking about, if?

EDWARDS: Jorge's going there.

BONVILLAIN: He's [Ununderstandable]

LILY: So Paul, we're gonna leave this up to you-

EDWARDS: She cannot make a bad shot. It's just amazing.

BONVILLAIN: It's the surf break to point out.

EDWARDS: Always show the water.

BONVILLAIN: Wally's Reef.

EDWARDS: Show the water.

LILY: I've gotten my butt kicked on those waves a few times.

BONVILLAIN: Have you been out there [Ununderstandable]?

LILY: I've been past the cove.

BONVILLAIN: Yeah. That's so hard, that place.

EDWARDS: I love her.

LILY: Poor Josh, for this entire episode, lay there on a bed and moaned for like ten days of filming.


LILY: When he finally got up he was so thrilled to be able say some lines. Steven Laporte does such a great job of wounds and all that kind of stuff.

BONVILLAIN: He loves it. He's macabre.

LILY: Such a good job.

EDWARDS: Now do you think that was his original reading or did they ADR? I think it was the original reading.

LILY: I think he had to ADR that stuff, I remember talking to him about this episode and he was devastated.

EDWARDS (overlapping): Really? So he had to make it more subtle? Yeah. It was just a [Ununderstandable]

BONVILLAIN: He did it so many times, I mean...

LILY: And the weird thing about ADRing a scene like this is that we're inside a soundstage.

EDWARDS: Right, though I think it was more for the-

LILY: The read?

EDWARDS: How the read was, yeah, exactly. Now this is Evie in a tree, this is not on a stage.

BONVILLAIN: She's actually kind of a monkey.

EDWARDS: Actually, monkeygirl in the tree sliding down for real.

LILY: Which has become Pa-ool's nickname for me.


LILY: Monkeygirl.

EDWARDS: No wires, no nothing, this is the real deal. And actually when she turns around it's a real horse.

LILY: It's not the stuffed horse that we used for the other scene. Like the stuffed polar bear that they threw at us in the pilot.

EDWARDS: And this was all morning. Now this was an incredible horse, an untrained horse. The only black horse in Hawaii.

BONVILLAIN: It was dyed with about a hundred and something things of [Ununderstandable], wasn't it? Black dye?

LILY: Yeah, yeah.

EDWARDS: And what I said about Yunjin not taking a bad close-up? Same with Evie.

LILY: So this-

EDWARDS: Lighter training.

LILY: Yeah, lighter training, Paul had to teach me how to one-handed open a Zippo. That was, uh, something--what did you tell me, Paul? Every kid in-

EDWARDS: In America should be doing this soon, I don't know if it happened or not but with that trick--I learned that trick as a 13-year-old watching television.

LILY: When they first told me about my episode, Paul came up to me and said "Alright! Are you ready? First thing you gotta learn is how to open a Zippo with one hand. The second thing you gotta learn is how to ride a motorcycle."

EDWARDS: Now this guy was cast--he was basically the only choice. But you know those commercials where they go "Come to Texas, it's a whole 'nother place"? He's the voice.

LILY: Great shot. I love the way they pass.

BONVILLAIN: Kim Spencer did all these lights for his--this was not a kitchen.

LILY: There's your name Paul.

EDWARDS: Sounds like a hairdresser.

BONVILLAIN: Pa-ool. Call everyone the wrong-

LILY: Directed by Paul Edwards. For those people watching right now who don't know, Paul Edwards is our camera operator full-time and this is his very first time directing.

EDWARDS: This show.

LILY: This show, this is the show that was his very first experience as a director, and he-

EDWARDS: Wasn't.

LILY: And he, without being gratuitous, was brilliant.

EDWARDS: Well, bless you, they gave me another one.

LILY: Hopefully not my next one.

EDWARDS: I don't know. That was a source of great consternation.

LILY: "More vulnerability!"

EDWARDS: "More vulnerable!"

BONVILLAIN: "More vulnerable!" I'll be standing over here.

EDWARDS: Yes, my yelled out direction, vulnerability. There you go, rip the hand away. A continuing theme you'll notice throughout this episode is Evie's ripping her hand away. I wanted to make a point of that.

LILY: This was such a fun scene to be able to do because I had to learn to ride a motorcycle for this scene. The best part of my job is all things I have to learn to do for my job. I, uh...And it wasn't a kickstart bike, I was faking that part.

BONVILLAIN: And it wasn't even running right now. We pushed it out.

LILY: I know, I know!

BONVILLAIN: Because it was, why? Because it was-

LILY: Because we were too close, we were so close I would have run over the cameras. This one was really running. But when it was close-up we had somebody running behind the bike pushing me out of there!

BONVILLAIN: So that's interactive lighting, that's the cutout we did at the beach, and then you have the flames coming out. And we were sitting in your car listening to classical music-

[in progress]