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Carlton Cuse and Michael Giacchino discuss Lost on its 12th anniversary at "We Have to Go Back: The Lost Concert".

We Have to Go Back: The Lost Concert was an official two day Lost 12th Anniversary reunion concert, featuring Michael Giacchino conducting the same group of musicians who scored Lost while it was on the air, at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. The concert was announced 23 Mar 2016 by Giacchino.

The concert[]

The concert itself began, appropriately enough, with the orchestra playing live over the opening sequence of the Lost pilot episode, as Jack’s eyes open up, Vincent runs up to him, and Jack then finds himself emerging into the chaos of the plane crash aftermath on the beach. From there, Giacchino moved into playing standout pieces of music from the entire series – parts of the score ("The Others," "Smoke Monster" and much more) that quickly evoked what it was like watching the series and how enthralling it was. There were images from the show displayed during these pieces and sometimes clip montages played as well – with iconic moments like Locke in the rain, Ben pushing the donkey wheel and Desmond reaching Penny on the phone powerfully backed by Giacchino’s score. At one point, producer Carlton Cuse, who appeared from time to time to provide some context and introductions into new sections, said he felt Lost had the best score ever written for a TV series and the concert certainly reinforced that a strong argument can be made for this claim or at the very least to say it is one of the best scores any television show has had. The final piece that played going into an intermission was the second of the night to be performed over a full sequence from the series, as we saw the big goodbye Sawyer, Jin, Michael and Walt had with the larger group, as they set off on the raft find help in the Season 1 finale.

Guest stars[]

Actors on the event included Kevin Durand (Keamy), Mira Furlan (Danielle Rousseau), Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Jorge Garcia (Hurley).



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