Warden Harris was the Warden of the prison where Sawyer was held, in "Every Man for Himself".

At first, Warden Harris seemed to appear corrupt; In a sewing room scene, a garbage-collecting Sawyer told another inmate, Munson, that the Warden was playing favorites with the latter, working on him to give up the location of his hidden $10 million dollars for himself. While this was happening the Warden entered the prison sewing room while eating an apple.

Later it is revealed that the Warden did, in fact, want the $10 million, but for recovery and not for personal gain. He also worked out a deal with Sawyer, granting him a full pardon as he conned Munson to find out the location of the money. This was then recorded by Agent Freedman of the U.S. Treasury. The agent gave Sawyer a reward for finding the lost money. Sawyer requested that the money be put into an account for his daughter Clementine.

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