Tom on the walkie

The Others use a number of walkies, or handheld radios, to communicate with each other. Later Widmore's team brought another set of walkie-talkies.

Type of Other's walkies

3x09 Walkie.jpg
Aldo's broken Walkie ("Not in Portland")

It is a Motorola CP100 two-way radio. The CP100 is a 2W UHF or VHF radio, depending on the actual model. Its speaking distance would be about 3-4 miles in open terrain. However, the obstacles found on the Island(s) (Hydra concrete building, jungle, hills etc.) will decrease the talking distance significantly. However, this factor may change as there might be a repeater the Others use to overcome this problem.

It is not possible to find out the model, therefore it's not known whether it's a VHF or UHF radio.

People using Other's walkies

Widmore's walkie-talkies


Paulo walkie.jpg
Paulo holding the walkie ("Exposé")

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