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This page will remain named "Henry Gale" until the real name of "Henry" is revealed.
See Henry Gale (original) for the man fake Henry stole his identity from.


  • Captured by Danielle Rousseau, who shoots him with a crossbow and arrow to prevent him from escaping.
  • Claims to be called Henry Gale when tortured by Sayid, who suspects he's one of the others (in One of Them).
  • Claims to have crashed on the island in a balloon in attempt to cross the Pacific or travel around the world.
    • Claims his wife Jennifer is buried in a grave near the balloon.
    • Claims to have met his wife (maiden name Murphy) at the University of Minnesota.
    • Also claims to have had an emergency transmitter/ADF beacon.
  • Draws a map to the real Henry's balloon for Ana Lucia.
  • Eko confesses to Gale that he killed two of The Others during his first night on the island. Eko seems to believe that fake Henry is one of the Others.
  • Can hear what goes on outside the gun vault where he is being held and is aware of anything that has occured in the room outside.
  • Attempted to start a feud between Locke and Jack by telling Locke he appears to be in Jack's shadow. Later, Locke got angry enough to throw hatch inventory around just outside the armory where Gale is being held.
  • Manipulates Locke and seems to enjoy it.
  • Tells Locke that during the lockdown he never entered the numbers or pushed the button; the timer went back to 108 all by itself after the hieroglyphs flashed and there were strange machine sounds.
    • To quote: "This place is a joke, John!"
    • Locke is skeptical, but the mere thought clearly bothers him.
  • One of The Others.
  • Refused to eat, drink or speak for 2 days.
    • Knows who Walt is and says that 'they' would never trade Walt for him.
  • Claims he was sent by the Others to find and bring back Locke.
    • Believes that he will be killed by the mysterious Him, for failing this mission.
  • Tried to strangle Ana Lucia, but was stopped by Locke.
    • Whispers "we're scientists" twice while Ana-Lucia is speaking to him about how killers love to talk.
    • Told her that Goodwin thought there was hope for her which may have been what kept her from killing him.
  • Claims to be rich as a result of selling a non-metallic mining company (probably Minnesota Metallurgy).
  • His story is very similar to what may have happened to Adam and Eve previously.
  • Prefers Stephen King (a known follower of the show) over Dostoevsky.
  • Also knows about Hemingway and favours him over Dostoevsky.
  • Escaped from the Hatch, with the help of Michael.
  • In 'Other-style' he left no tracks after he escaped.
  • Appears to be in charge during the Walt exchange during the season two finale.
  • Got annoyed at Mr.Friendly for not having his beard on during the Walt exchange. (Kinda just asked where it was, didn't really seem like it was a huge deal as he didn't make him put it back on.)
  • Mentions that Michael's trade was "more than we bargained for", perhaps implying that it won't be too disappointing for them to lose Walt and the boat to Michael in the trade.
    • The "More than we bargained for" statement may refer to Walt's behavior being too much to handle
  • When asked by Micheal "Who are you?" He replies, "We're the good guys."
  • Claims Michael would never find the island again if he decides to come back. (While captured in the hatch, he claimed that even "God" wouldn't see the island.)

The $20 note

Main article: Twenty dollar bill

DSC 0003
DSC 0002

The message in the note reads as follows:

   Well you were 
   right. Crossing 
   the Pacific 
   isn't easy. 
   I owe you a 
   beer. I'm 
   hiking to one of 
   the beaches to start a 
   signal fire, but 
   if you're reading this, 
   I guess I didn't make it. 
   I'm sorry, 
   I love you Jenny, 
   always have, 
   always will.

After the $20 dollar note

  • Claims he didn't kill real Henry Gale.
  • Neither confirms nor denies that he interrogated Henry Gale.
  • Seems afraid to tell Sayid about "them" (assumedly the Others).
    • Claims "You have no idea what He'll do!" -- The False Henry Gale, in Dave.
  • Exclaims "I am not a bad person!"
  • While talking to Locke: "God doesn't know how long we've been here. He can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can."

Other media

  • Someone on the island refers to him as "my brother" in the Diary on the ABC website.
    • This is probably someone talking about the real Henry Gale because if they heard the name, they wouldn't be thinking about someone making up the name; they'd think about the person who actually has that name. This leads some to believe that he may be the brother of Rose.
    • The writers have stated that they have no control over what goes in the diary, stating that it does contain "some fun stuff" which is "an interesting read". Tone of voice suggests that the writers hate the diary but are unable to outright say this on an official podcast.


  • In Live Together, Die Alone, he seems to be in charge, might be "Him."
  • 4 months ago he was a member of Henry Gale (original)'s search party.
  • Henry or another member of the others found the real Henry -
    • alive, killed him after interrogating him, and buried him.
  • The elements of fake Henry's story regarding his wealth, mining company and the ADF beacon may have been obtained from the real Henry.
  • Whispers "We're scientists" twice to Ana-Lucia while she is going on about how much killers love to talk.
  • Henry may be a psychologist or psychiatrist. He notes that John and Jack aren't very curious about the Hatch's origin (he almost chastises them for not being curious enough), claims that they have "trust issues," realizes that Sayid has recently lost someone dear to him, explains how the Survivors are looking for someone/something to blame for their hardship, etc.
  • He may have been a doctor in the medical hatch; a picture montage shows that he very closely resembles one of the doctors seen in the episode "Maternity Leave".
  • His claims that he was sent to retrieve Locke may be just another lie in his attempts to manipulate John. If he thought he'd be killed by Him just for failing, there would be nothing to stop him from talking during the interrogation in Dave.
    • Also, could he really take Locke by himself? How was he planning to do this alone?
  • He is able to draw a detailed and accurate map to the balloon with the losties beach camp as the starting point even though he was taken into the hatch while unconscious and has not been out since.
  • He was able to quickly memorize and rapidly repeat The Numbers when Locke told them to him, as if he already knew them and wasn't memorizing them for the first time.
  • Henry is Thomas's brother / Aaron's uncle. Supporting clues:
    • The actors portraying Thomas and Henry have markedly similar features (albeit different accents).
    • Locke gives him "The Brothers Karamazov" to read, a tale of patricide and fraternal conflict (see Appearance of Literary Works).
    • "Thomas" comes from the Hebrew word for "twin."
    • A Lost tie-in novel, "Bad Twin", is currently available for purchase . According to the publisher's description[1], the book is about a private detective looking into "the disappearance of one of a pair of twins, adult scions of a rich but tragedy-prone family." Henry Gale claims he is wealthy (he might be lying); perhaps he was looking for Thomas? Even more speculative, could their father be Alvar Hanso?
    • The mural in the bunker is similar to Thomas's artwork, suggesting a connection to the island.
    • Perhaps the show's writers are delaying the revelation of Henry's presence to Claire, who perhaps met him and could recognize him, until a later episode.
    • In the diary at the official Lost website, the fictitious author (who apparently lives among the plane survivors) refers to Henry as his "brother." (Maybe the writer only heard the name Henry Gale, and thinks it's the real Henry Gale). It could be possible that Rose's maiden name is Gale.

(The Diary Entry's Author is having delusions, as it turns out, his brother died in the crash and he and Jack buried his brother on the beach. Unrelated to Henry Gale.)

  • He told Locke that he was sent by the others to take him, presumably because he was a "good person". He could, however, have been lying to John just to agitate him.
  • We know that the writers have used pseudonyms for characters sent from the others to infiltrate the Flight 815 camps. The Oceanic Air website used the anagram "other man" in a puzzle to identify Ethan Rom. Could Henry Gale also be an anagram? Now that the origin of the name is revealed, perhaps not. Here are a few examples of what the anagram could be:
    • Angry Heel
    • General Hy
    • Gen. Harley
  • Anagram of 'Henry Gale Minnesota'
    • See an Other man lying OR See another man lying
  • Another anagram for Henry Gale is Hegel yarn, which could be a reference to the work of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Hegel's concept of rational unity through tension, contradiction, and negation seems to have relevance to the overall story (or "yarn"), as the stranded survivors struggle to find equilibrium and meaning in a situation that presents many logical contradictions on a variety of levels, both individually and collectively. Interestingly, Hegel's notion of contradiction extended to nearly every area of life, most appropriately including "Self" versus "Other". In attempting to define what makes the "Others" (represented by the leadership of 'Henry Gale') so much different from themselves, the survivors face just such a contradiction.
  • Henry is Alvar Hanso. He looks a lot like the shadowy figure in the training video. Also the Hanso foundation is known to be involved in life extension. So while Alvar Hanso should be a lot older than Henry Gale, he may have been life extended. This might explain why he is so smart and good at manipulating Locke and Jack.
  • Henry is an Other, but he was taken and forced to join them against his will like Alex, Walt and some of the tail-enders. He seems willing to help and possibly defect to the castaways-- but only if they offer complete protection 'no matter what'.
  • In the episode "Dave", Sayid threatens Henry with a gun. Henry yells "He'll kill me if I tell!" Sayid replies with "I'll kill you if you don't". Henry again yells "I'm not a bad person!" Perhaps this means The Others are being coerced into doing something they don't necessairly agree with by Him?
  • Interesting to note that "Henry" is the SI (International System of Units) unit of inductance within a field of electromagnetism. Inductance is the rate of change of a current. I took inductance in this instance to be the act of induction, which correlates with the idea Henry is one of the others and his role is to provide and induction of the island to the survivors.
  • Entered the numbers and lied about it, as evidenced by the lack of EMP.
    • It is unclear why he would take such a risk in lying about it, if he knew what was going to happen if the button wasn't pressed.
  • He is actually Him, the leader of the Others.
    • Evidence: the name that Sawyer called Mr.Friendly, "Zeke", was the name of the person in Kansas who played the cowardly lion in Oz, and works for Dorothy's uncle Henry Gale.
    • Evidence: The way he carries himself around the other Others indicates he has a special status to them.
  • Henry's appearance and entire captivity are part of the "experiment" and were intended to see how the Hatch group would react.
    • During Two For The Road, "Henry" whispers to himself. Perhaps he isn't in training and in fact is self-projecting himself, therefore spying on and dividing the survivors.
  • 'Henry Gale' is rumored to be a member of the Widmore family, Alexander Widmore.
  • If it is true that he is a member of the Widmore family, and Libby is too, then maybe Libby was one of the writers of the diary, and is the sister of Henry Gale.
  • When Libby is talking to Ana-Lucia about what happened to her in the hatch, Libby says, "Don't do anything stupid", with a look of concern. Again maybe because the fake Gale is her brother.
  • Is actually Kelvin Inman's original partner, Radvinsky. Based on Live Together, Die Alone where Inman tells Desmond that it was Radvinsky who figured out how to activate the blast doors, and from Henry's actions in the hatch in Lockdown.


Fans have some alternate names for the Other who calls himself Henry Gale:

  • Fenry, from F(alse H)enry.
  • Faux Henry (refering to the writer O. Henry)
  • Not Henry
  • Not!Gale
  • Faux!Gale
  • Alias Gale
  • TOFKAH (The Other formally known as Henry)

Literary References

  • His pseudonym and supposed way of coming to the island refers to the children's book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. "Henry Gale" is Dorothy's Uncle Henry, while the balloon refers to the Wizard himself, who landed on Oz (and subsquently left it) on a hot air balloon.
  • This analogy could be taken one step furthur by saying that Henry, like the Wizard, was the "man behind the curtain", the real leader of the Others while previously we were led to believe Mr. Friendly, or to a greater degree Alvar Hanso, was in charge.
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