Veronica was Aaron's nanny who hired by Kate, and she was also the admitting nurse who helped Claire with her pregnancy of Aaron in Flash sideways.

After the Island

Veronica was the nanny who hired by Kate, to take care of Aaron while she was on trial. One day after the trial, Kate returned home and hugged with Veronica, who then told Kate that she had just put Aaron to bed, so Kate proceeded to go upstairs and check out on the sleeping Aaron. ("Eggtown")

Veronica continued to work for Kate as Aaron's nanny after Jack came to live with Kate. Veronica typically got off at 4, but one night, she worked late while Kate went out to do a favor for Sawyer, which eventually triggered the separation of Jack and Kate. ("Something Nice Back Home")

Flash sideways

Veronica as a nurse

In the flash sideways timeline, Veronica was working as an admitting nurse at the Angel of Mercy Hospital. On 22 September 2004, Veronica was once again involved with Kate and Aaron, when she ushered Claire into the hospital for the pregnancy of Aaron, along with Claire's accompany Kate after their visit to Lindsey Baskum. ("What Kate Does")


  • In "Eggtown", the character was credited as Nanny, and her name was not mentioned in the episode, but she was later given the name Veronica between a dialog of Jack and Kate in "Something Nice Back Home".
  • It is never stated in the show whether Aaron's nanny Veronica and the admitting nurse in the flash sideways world were meant to be the same character, but Tania Kahale who portrayed both characters has confirmed that they were indeed the same person.
    • Tania Kahale also revealed the name badge which was shown to be wearing by the admitting nurse in "What Kate Does", has no name written on it, and it simply said Admitting nurse, but it is safe to assume that her name was also Veronica, as same as her name in the original timeline, consider both of them are actually the same character.