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The Valenzetti Foundation is an unofficial entity that exists in fan-created websites. The name has been inspired by Enzo Valenzetti in the storyline of The Lost Experience.


  • There are a few websites at the moment that refer to Enzo Valenzetti, but they are mostly blogs or fan created sites. According to Speaker, the Valenzetti Foundation does not exist and any web references to it are fake.[1]
  • On 26 March 2006 someone "registered" the domains,, and (in the same column there is an ABC-SITES.COM too). The episode aired three days later, so someone related to the show probably registered them.
  • There is a fake site at
    • The person who runs the site says he is Enrico Valenzetti, however, whois [?] reports show that a man named Gavin Dougtie is the site administrator.
    • Enrico says he loves to travel on Oceanic, and he has a blog indicating that he is currently stationed in Zanzibar.
    • In the sponsor page of the site, it is stated that provided all of the food for their expeditions, another unverified website.
      • If you go to, you find names and descriptions of several products they make for "Dharma" and "Infinity."
      • There is a link for, cited by "Enrico Valenzetti" as a "life extension supplier." The Methusalabs products include daily and monthly injections for life extension. This site is part of a fan-created ARG for Alias, and is definitely not part of The Lost Experience.
      • Enrico also cites "Big Spaceship" as a sponsor. This links to, a known fansite, which lists as its "Division Staff", Dr. Marvin Candle, Dr. Orin Selenici, and Dr. Sharon Alva. The letters of "Sharon Alva" can be jumbled to form "Alvar Hanso."
      • Milo Rambaldi (a fictional character from Alias) is noted on the Valenzetti Foundation's website as being a relative of Valenzetti
  • A video linked to the Valenzetti Foundation allegedly shows a prototype for a Dharma flying saucer. The authenticity of this film is very dubious, as it appeared in Google Video first. Also, the "flying saucer" appears to be a Vectron flying toy of some kind.


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