Welcome, The thing, to Lostpedia! If you have any questions ask me
or a sysop. Here are some tips:

  • If there are any pages that aren't already here, Make them!
  • Make freinds with other new users.
  • Let us now about you.
  • Contribute, Contribute, Contribute!
  • Make sure to Be Bold! And have fun too!

The thing 11:33, 27 May 2006 (PDT)

I do support you greeting new users but i feel that the first tip you have should be removed. Users should get a feel for the environment and the wiki before creating any new pages, so we dont end up with pages like "micheal's hair" or "sayids bicep", i know that soulds far out but someone did one creat a page called "orange". Kman       talk contribs                   11:36, 27 May 2006 (PDT)
Agreed. Also, a few typos in there as well: 'freinds' should be 'friends', and 'now' should be 'know'. --kaini. 11:58, 27 May 2006 (PDT)
"or a sysop" => "or a sysop"

Was it you??

Ok, first of all welcome back, I banned you back then because it is an unspoken rule (We should write that somewhere) that userpages and signatures are only to be edited by the user in question. This is our space and speaks about who we are. One of our rules that from what I see you are already familiar is Play well with others. Only that, well, I hope you have fun, we are far better now that back then. Hope you have fun with some of the fine individuals who lurk in the talk pages, --†††GodEmperorOfHell††† 13:42, 27 May 2006 (PDT)

Alright. The thing Talk 13:44, 27 May 2006 (PDT)


Ok, here's the deal. You've been issuing a personalized welcome message to new users putting yourself as a doorman. that's abuse, we instituted the new user creation log as a way for us sysops to prevent vandalism, not to harass newcomers and pressure them into becoming active members. Please, stop. You may do as we have always done, wait for new users to do some edits and then and only after then engage in discussion, not before. Thanks in advance. --†††GodEmperorOfHell††† 17:56, 27 May 2006 (PDT)

Ok. The thing Talk 04:58, 28 May 2006 (PDT)

The Lost Experience clues

I've reverted your move from "The Lost Experience Clues" back to "The Lost Experience clues" because the word clues is secondary in importance to the actual title of the game, The Lost Experience, and should therefore be lower case. -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 18:02, 29 May 2006 (PDT)

Userpages are not to be edited by anyone except the user who owns them.

Please, stop it.--†††GodEmperorOfHell††† 19:44, 13 June 2006 (PDT)


You go to every single wiki you can, don't you? You don't even care what it is, you just care about making your username as widespread as possible. Why can't you leave this to the actual fans? Go back to the fanstuff wiki, where at least you won't be banned immediately because you're too bust being incoherent. Oh, and by the way — I'm not the Seriously that you think vandalized your stupid wiki. I'm someone completely different, who doesn't even go on any of the wikis you go to. Now get out of here, you scum.

Be quite! I love LOST! The thing Talk 13:54, 19 June 2006 (PDT)
Wow. This guy sure gives a bad name to Seriously. Hey, The thing. I don't know who this guy is, but he sure knows a bit too much about me, if he knows I go to the fanstuff wiki. I'm the real Seriously, by the way. Y'know, I never watched LOST until my Stepmom's sister got us the DVD of season 1. Ever since, I've been hooked. I'm trying not to spoil too many of the cliffhangers for myseklf, but that is pretty hard. Anyway, do you know when the DVD of season 2 is coming oput? I can't wait to get it. -- The real Seriously
It's out. The thing Talk 17:44, 22 June 2006 (PDT)
Do you know where I can get it? Seriously630 17:53, 22 June 2006 (PDT)
Oh c'mon Seriously, seriously. The thing: User:Seriously and User:Seriously630 are both the exact same Seriously from the HRWiki. Seriously: Sockpuppet accounts are highly discouraged, as are personal attacks on fellow users. In the future please be kinder to fellow users, and limit yourself to Seriously630, as Seriously has been blocked indefinently as a sockpuppet. Thunderbird 17:34, 25 June 2006 (PDT)
I figured that. I just didn't want to say anything. The thing Talk 05:52, 26 June 2006 (PDT)

Told you already you are not the doorman.

I'm removing all your welcome messages, we don't do that, I told you already. Second notice. Can't I leave for a couple of days without thing running amok?. --†††GodEmperorOfHell††† 18:11, 22 June 2006 (PDT)

Well, I'm not sure why you don't. Mr. Inappropriate Username. Why is it so bad for the thing to just help a new user out? Seriously630 18:19, 22 June 2006 (PDT)
erm, that's a sysop you're addressing... commenting on his username like that probably isn't conducive to forwarding your viewpoint =x Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk 02:27, 7 July 2006 (PDT)

Reverted Change

Is there a reason "Rachel Blake Iceland 02 (hoax)" shouldn't be nominated for deletion? I mentioned the idea in the talk section and was supported by the other main contributor to the page --Nickb123 (Talk) 16:26, 28 June 2006 (PDT)

It's a Fansite. It's mnot Official, but it's real right? The thing Talk 16:33, 28 June 2006 (PDT)
Well yes but there are thousands of fan sites out there, wouldn't it just be easier to add it to 'confirmed hoaxs' under the Lost Experience article and not have a full page devoted to a user who purposefully tried to deceive everyone? --Nickb123 (Talk) 16:36, 28 June 2006 (PDT)

how did you get it?

you were right with the password and the username for the new clip. how the hell did you guess it? if you didnt guess it, can you edit the wiki and tell us where you got it from? dposse 10:11, 3 July 2006 (PDT)

Okay. The thing Talk 10:12, 3 July 2006 (PDT)

Welcome template

Hey. I noticed that you had been welcoming people. Well, I created a Welcome template for that purpose, similar to those of other Wikis. To use it, simply place {{welcome}}~~~~ on a new user talk page. I'd like to get this welcoming standardized. You can edit the template, but, please, keep it professional. Also, a benefit of the template is that if it is changed, everything that uses it is changed. Thanks. -Platypus Man | Talk 13:26, 5 July 2006 (PDT)

Actually, the idea was to use the template as I said above, not copy the contents of the template and use that. If you do that, it defeats the whole purpose of using a template. A template is very easy to use, takes up less space when used (I believe), and allows for changes to be made. As I said above, if you change the template, the changes are shown in all uses of it; just copying the contents does not. Also, if someone finds it annoying, it's easier to remove the template usage than its contents. One last thing -- it's no big deal, but I hadn't really been welcoming users who had been here a while. It doesn't seem fit to welcome someone who has been here longer than you. You can if you want, but they know everything it has to say, while actually new users probably do not. -Platypus Man | Talk 09:30, 7 July 2006 (PDT)
Also, you kinda messed up with the four tildes. It should read (~~~~), but it has your signature in it. I'm not quite sure how you did it, but it wouldn't have happened if you had used the template. No offense, but I'm going through and replacing your welcomes with the template. -Platypus Man | Talk 09:44, 7 July 2006 (PDT)
Oh, I put {{Subst:Welcome}} ~~~~. The thing Talk 11:13, 7 July 2006 (PDT)

Funny Wiki

I like the idea but it seems like all the articles are like empty and completely random at the moment. I don't get what kind of articles you would want on it, just jokes and stuff? Link me to an example of a model article so I get what ya mean and then I'll think about editing on it from time to time :) --Nickb123 (Talk) 06:59, 11 July 2006 (PDT)

The Funny wiki is just pages that you create and then eventually people will improve them and they may end up on the main page or something that the main page links to. You mainly just do anything that doesn't break the Rules. Someone wiill do something with it. That's it. The thing Talk 07:07, 11 July 2006 (PDT)

doorman (yet again)

please stop welcoming people until this issue has been properly discussed with sysops and the rest of the lostpedia community, and a solution that's satisfactory to everyone has been decided upon. thanks. --kaini. 20:58, 13 July 2006 (PDT) second -brianopp 12:04, 14 July 2006 (PDT)


stop reverting the july 14th article, see sublymonal we already know about those code words and the site is now redirecting anyways -brianopp 11:27, 14 July 2006 (PDT)

Look, the site isn'r redirestingfor me. The thing Talk 11:36, 14 July 2006 (PDT)
clear your cache -brianopp 12:04, 14 July 2006 (PDT)

There's nothing freaking here!

There's nothing freaking here! --The thing Talk

I warned you and you did it anyways.

I said no doorman, sorry, but I am going to make an unilateral decision. You are banned for a month, See you in september. THree strikes, you are out. take the bench. --†††GodEmperorOfHell††† 08:30, 1 August 2006 (PDT)

Platypus Man is right, the offense was made almost a month ago and My Machiavelli says that if punishment is not swift it is no good. But for the record you were blocked. I hope this is the last of the doorman discussion I see. --†††GodEmperorOfHell††† 09:36, 1 August 2006 (PDT)

What?!?! I didn't welcome anymore people! Look at a few messages up, someone TOLD me I could. Beleieve me. I LOOOVVVEEE LOST WIKI!! The thing Talk 08:11, 4 August 2006 (PDT)

Um... Mein Friende, was it Platypus man who told you so?--†††GodEmperorOfHell††† 08:45, 4 August 2006 (PDT)

Yea. The thing Talk 07:40, 7 August 2006 (PDT)
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