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Mr. Leaf!

Glad to see you back. I've been doing the interviews with Lost Soul, and followed some of the leads you had done (Steven Labrash and Thomas Hannsz). Glad to see you're back, again. Let me know what you think of the interviews we've done since. -- Sam McPherson  T  C  E  17:18, 7 August 2008 (PDT)

Is that so? I thought you'd gone on to bigger things. =] But just fyi, Lost Soul's been gone on vacation, and won't be back until the 17th. And any contacts would be great! -- Sam McPherson  T  C  E  17:23, 7 August 2008 (PDT)
I've attempted to leave LP, but can't draw myself away. I'm probably gonna be on it until the bitter end. But yeah, my email is [email removed] if you wanna send me some. -- Sam McPherson  T  C  E  17:27, 7 August 2008 (PDT)

Awesome! Glad to see you here. -- CTS  Talk   Contribs 17:46, 7 August 2008 (PDT)

Also, perhaps you could weigh in on some of the featured article noms? -- Sam McPherson  T  C  E  17:52, 7 August 2008 (PDT)
Ah. Must be my psychic powers. lol. -- Sam McPherson  T  C  E  17:56, 7 August 2008 (PDT)

re:season 4

thank you! --Orhan94 00:20, 8 August 2008 (PDT)


Yeah I was aware, I've been watching Season 3 haha (saw Cost of Living a few days ago). I was gonna add it but I wondered whether or not to bother as Lost etc is always repeated on Sky during the day. --Nickb123 (Talk) 09:24, 9 August 2008 (PDT)

Image template

Well, i think you'll pretty much have it covered. However, some of the codes (such as for minor characters or portals) don't exactly work all the time. So yeah, that'd be something to make sure works. -- Sam McPherson  T  C  E  12:27, 9 August 2008 (PDT)

template index

Since the Index template is protected, and I could not add to it, could you fix a little problem that bugs me about it. Why are all main characters listed by their first names or nicknames, but not Ben and Juliet, they are listed as Benjamin Linus and Juliet Burke? I think it should be either all characters with full names or change them to Ben and Juliet. And why are Nikki, Paulo, Daniel, Miles and Charlotte not in that groupation. They are listed in the Main characters portal and cast changes article as regulars.--Orhan94 11:43, 16 August 2008 (PDT)

Did you mean to use "Johnathan" as Locke's first name on Template:Character appearances Infobox Code. The only place he was known by that name was on his firearms permit application.--Jim in Georgia Contribs Talk 08:08, 23 November 2008 (PST)

Your User Page

Not that big of a deal, just wanted to let you know that the picture in your "Cool Pages" section on your user page is a little distorted. Just thought I would let you know. But other than that your user page looks better than the main page for about 75% of the wikia's I've seen!-- SawBucks  Talk  Contribs  04:56, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

Long time no see!

Hey, Mr Leaf!Long time no see! Last time you asked me to translate the Lostpedia Interviews to Spanish, which I did, (though some of them are still in progress). You asked Admin to give the Sysop status to me and my mate, Frans. Now, after moving to Wikia, we've met some interesting people from the Lost Wikia that recently joined us. One of the most notable is a guy named Playsonic2. He has a lot of experience with Wikia and he's helping us a lot. I think two Sysops is not enough for our LP, and I think Playsonic2 would be perfect to help Frans and me. Plus, he designed our new wiki-Forum.

I hope you find this OK. SEE U!

--Calick 12:08, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

Canon Ruling

Can you look at Talk:Hydra_Island_camp#Runway and offer some insight please? Thank you. –DocH my edits

- Please revisit this at User_talk:Admin#CANON_Discussion and associated links. –DocH my edits

Revisiting episode titles ban + Old spoilers discussion

Hello. So, a while back, there was a decision made to ban all episode titles from the wiki with the exception of the immediately upcoming title. As far as I can tell, this decision was made in the topic Lostpedia talk:Spoiler Policy/Archive 02#Titles are spoilers! (redux) and was made because there was no way to create a collapsible Nav template for the episodes. As you may have seen, users were recently able to create such a template. As such, the original justification no longer applies, so I've reoppened the discussion here. If it's not too much trouble, I would like to get all the SysOps to weigh in on this publicly, as I feel previous spoiler policy discussions have been ignored and/or avoided by SysOps from time to time (particularly [[this one where there was a user consensus to set aside a page for officially released content from the producers, similar to the old "/Spoilers" pages, but used only for official content, which was never heard about again, despite a 100% consensus in the discussion.) At any rate, it would be great to have you all weigh in since I think this is an extremely important issue for Lostpedia that we have resolved, given the original reasoning behind it. Thanks.  Jimbo the Tubby  talk  contributions  07:51, 19 May 2009 (UTC)

Your User Talk page wiki coding

Glad to see there is another sports fan on LP. I'm not really into hockey, although my local team (Carolina Hurricanes) are making a good playoff run. My sport is the NFL. Anyways, I was wondering where to get the codes for wiki colors. You have some great colors here and I want to personalize my User pages a little better. I to have created my name & colors off of my favorite college team, North Carolina State University. Is it ok if I use your wiki coding on my user pages? I want to change the colors, but I love what you've done. If you want to be the only one like this, I completely understand and don't want to infringe upon your originality. I just really like it & would like to incorportate it on my page with new colors.  NEVERGIVEUP  Contribs  Talk  19:23, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

Since I haven't heard back from you, I'm went ahead & adopted some of your code while modifying it a little. Please let me know if that is not ok with you, and I will remove it immediately.  NEVERGIVEUP  Contribs  Talk  17:59, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Fan Fiction Contest

During the hiatus the theme has been fan appreciation. And I thought what better way than to have a fan fiction contest. And what better place to have it then on lostpedia! There would be rules and challenges each week or two. We would write 18 episodes each has to be with in the same story arc Ben can't die one episode and then come back to life the next one. I really need an admin to support me on this idea and all the feed back I have gotten is positive. Please help! --BenKilledDharma 00:21, 23 August 2009 (UTC) mrb0605@gmail.com


I'm sorry, but why is never the LostpediaAdmin online, and with that I mean on this site. It's just a question, that I have a long time with me! I see him never here.--Station7 16:57, January 4, 2010 (UTC)


Hey Mr. Leaf. I know you haven't been around here much, but I'm bringing this up with you since you were the creator of Template:Image. I'm wondering if we really need the function in the template that automatically adds a category to an image if a particular tag term exists. This is messing up image categorization with categories that have redirects to them, like Category:Images of Hurley. It also clutters up Special:WantedPages quite drastically, and has resulted in additional redirected categories being created, like Category:Images of the fb. The list of search terms in Template:Image/Code is pretty exhaustive, so it seems to me rather fruitless to have that piece of code messing with the categorization. -- Graft   talk   contributions  09:28, January 20, 2010 (UTC)

Well, it looks like deleting the redirecting category does indeed solve the problem. Category:Images of the fb is now empty, and images such as File:1X06 SunAirport.jpg, which previously were placed in that category, are now properly categorized under Category:Flashback images. So for now, I will take a look at the other redirecting categories and put delete tags on them, and change any images that use, for instance, Category:Images of Hurley to use {{img=Hurley}}. Thanks for your help, and hope to see you back around here if circumstances allow it! -- Graft   talk   contributions  00:58, January 23, 2010 (UTC)

Spoilers out of control in community blogs

Hello. There is a situation that desperately needs moderator action in the community blogs here on Lostpedia. This user, Jt8845 has been posting several spoilers about the upcoming episodes and he has been at it all day. I have been trying to warn others to not visit his posts, but he is getting worse and worse, now resorting to personal attacks. He claims to have a roaming IP address and the problem has been reported several times already today (since at least 6:00am AZ Mountain Time) but there has been no response to this issue. The problem has gotten worse and a lot of people are upset and leaving Lostpedia until after the finale airs for fear of being spoiled. I don't know what else to do as no action has been taken in nearly 48 hours. Here are his contributions after creating his user profile today, http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Contributions/Jt8845. Please advise at your earliest convenience. Thank you. Best Regards, BMetcalf82 19:57, March 5, 2010 (UTC)


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change LP to block all new users... a spoiler-happy vandal just wreaked havoc today on multiple blog pages and I see no other way to stop this type of blatant abuse between now and Series Finale except to block them all. Not sure if there is a more appropriate spot for this suggestion. If yes, please let me know. Please don't let newbies with spoilers ruin this site for regular users. LostFreak408SJ 00:52, May 4, 2010 (UTC)

MIB Centrin

wanted to say that the mysterious young boy is a version of Jacob. And that 15 episodes will be central MIB.-Tom Jacob 16:36,March 21, 2010(LT)