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Your edit

I gave a brief reason in the edit summary. No one who was in the crater when Juliet hit the bomb remained in the crater after the flash, they were all "blown away" for lack of a better word. Kate just ended up in a tree, plus the writers/director just wanted to put Kate in a tree one final time as a call back to earlier seasons when Kate was constantly climbing trees. And if you didn't know, Evangeline Lilly loves to climb trees, so any excuse for her to climb one, you know. I think there's a little about it on the S6 DVD when they're filming that scene too. Why should we question where Kate ended up just because it was up higher, and no one else? Jack and Sawyer were outside the crater, which is higher than the level they were on. Anyway, they just wanted to put Kate in a tree, there's no mystery behind it, no answer which would be relevant in any way to the story or give an insight into anything else, therefore I removed your edit.--Baker1000 00:07, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

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