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I'm the mad punctuation editor. I'm not American so you may be right as to practice in the US with punctuation inside quotations, but I would be surprised. Example is the period. If it is locked inside the quote but the quote is at the conclusion of the sentence - an extremely common Lostpedia situation - then the quote is "completed" but what happens to the sentence itself? It is never completed even though a new sentence with a capital is started. The reason is clear - quotes encapsulate "content", various forms of punctuation are not part of the "content" but part of the sentence structure so go outside the quotation. Furthermore Lostpedia is an internationally used site so American practice is not necessarily a good pointer. I guess I could research this and it's no huge thing! Also at least one of the editors likes to put a comma at the end of but inside a quotation - that one escapes me entirely! Charles Kane 04:04, February 19, 2010 (UTC)

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