I was watching Season 2 with my girlfriend the other day when we came across something very interesting that Hurley said. During "The Long Con" Hurley asks Sayid to fix a radio transmitter he found, at the time Sayid is still depressed from Shannons death and kind of brushes the conversation off to the side, but close to the end of the episode he comes up to Hurley with the radio rigged up to an antenna and they begin to search for signals, at first they just get the loop of Rousseau talking, but then they find a radio station playing Glen Miller Orchestra. Hurley states that due to how clear the signal is it must be coming from somewhere close. Sayid responds by saying that radio waves at that frequency bounce off the ionosphere and it could be "COMING FROM ANYWHERE", thats when the interesting part comes in, Hurley says "OR ANYTIME", at this point Sayid gives Hurley a look and Hurley says "Just Kidding Dude". We took that comment as Hurley knows something about the time travel early on that the other people on the island don't know yet. Or he remembers being there in the 70's. Just wanted to get some views on this. Thanks people.