• Tarbox7


    February 28, 2011 by Tarbox7

    I will punish the leaders and the royal songs, I will punish those who dress up like foreign priests and priestesses, who introduce pagan prayers and practices; and I will punish all who import pagan superstitions that turn holy places in hellhole. Judgment Day! God's Degree! Cries of panic from the city's Fish Gate, cries of terror from the city's Second Quarter, sounds of great crashing from the hills! Wail, you shopkeepers on Market Street! Moneymaking has had its day. The god Money is dead. On Judgment Day, I will search through every closet and alley in Jerusalem. I will find and punish those who are sitting it out, fat and lazy, amusing themselves and taking it easy who think God doesn't do anything good or bad. He isn't involved, so…

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