SunHwa SunHwa 13 February 2012

Long Time No See!

Hi guys! Does anybody remember me? :)

I haven't been here for my university exam... and I'm so happy to tell that I passed the exam of Seoul National University! (Guess somebody here must be familiar with this name)

And now I'm rewatching LOST from the very beginning of the series with my mom:D

It's great to be here again!

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SunHwa SunHwa 25 February 2011

6 YEARS of LOST music medley

  Part 1     Part 2  
These videos were uploaded right after the finale, but I found these a month ago. And when I saw these I thought "Maybe I can share this with people in Lostpedia"... And now I'm writing this. Forgetfulness...
I was really impressed by this. Hope you too (Although I'm not a player!)

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SunHwa SunHwa 8 August 2010

Making natural numbers with the NUMBERS!

Actually... I'm now wondering how to express this idea to you. When I was hearing math lesson, I suddenly came up with this. Making numbers with The Numbers, like this :

  • 1=16-15
  • 2=8÷4 (or 16÷8... or... √4?)
  • 3=23-16-4
  • 4 is one of the numbers (or you can make it by 16÷4)
  • 5=4-15+16

So can you understand this? Like this I made natural numbers 1 to 20 :P But while making this, I think people won't like this when I introduce this idea because there aren't many people who like math :P (If I talk about this to my friends, they'll say "ARE YOU CRAZY!?")... But I hope you like it!!!:)

I wonder if I have to delete this or not: You have to use each number only once!

- 13:22, August 8, 2010 (UTC)

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SunHwa SunHwa 3 August 2010

Quite Confusing :P

We can't know someone in Lostpedia's gender by simply looking his (or her) username. Actually at first I thought Julietfan2626 was female too... :0 I think we should not repeat the same mistakes... :( So, let's know about it, are you male or female? Leave comments, and memorize them! ;)

I'm a girl!

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SunHwa SunHwa 2 August 2010

Korean in transcripts

I saw some transcripts. In Pilot, Part 1 transcript Korean is written.

  • JIN: 내 옆에서 없어지면 안 돼. 내가 어디로 가든지 꼭 따라와. 알겠지? [Sun nods.] 다른 사람 신경쓰지 말고 우린 같이 있어야 돼. [Subtitle: You must not leave my sight. You must follow me wherever I go. Do you understand? Don't worry about the others. We need to stay together.]

But there's no Korean in The Whole Truth transcript

  • JIN: [Subtitle: Are you coming to bed?]

I want to fill (I want to help Lostpedia!), but before doing it, I have to know if this has some purpose or this happened just because LP didn't have Korean user. (I thought, In Lostpedia, everything happens for a reason :P)?Since I'm Korean I can fill the transcripts with Korean (but I can't if it has some reason!) So what's your idea about this? :) Shou…

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