Why do people assume #23 Shephard - is Jack? It could be Christian. When Jack saw his home where he grew up in the Lighthouse, it was really Christian's home. Also, in What They Died For, Jack gets the water, and is told "You're like me now," but it didn't stop him from being killed by MIB/corporeal Person. And when he gave the water to Hurley, who's to say it did anything? Except for having the ability to move off-Island at varioud TIMES, there really isn't any special healing power that is definitive. We see Jacob with Ilana, but did he heal her, really? And with John after he gets tossed 8 stories, isn't it just enough time for someone who got the wind knocked out of them and in excruciating pain to - wake up? The fact is when you discount powers in-world which includes ISLAND and REAL, then there is no boundary other than Water. If MIB could not go over water and MIB was counter to Jacob, but they were brothers, then the only explanation is Dark has boundaries and Light may appear anywhere(when). The technical definition in physics for darkness is the absence of ALL light. When it is dark out at night, it is still light, just much less than daytime. So the Source, the LIGHT, if it went out would enable MIB to go anywhere. WE would not know where he was (AS VIEWERS therefore no show), but since MIB died, all that would remain would be pure light. Now where do we see pure light? The Chapel. Who went into the light when the darkness, MIB, was gone. Christian SHEPHARD, so he must be #23 out of all the numbers which total 360 degrees, must be the one direction on a compass you need to be looking to go into the light. The OTHERS being distractions. Since #23 was where Christian needed to look and found the place to look to move on, the whole show was him finding his way out of HELL, or PURGATORY. The last scene of the Paradiso from Dante was the pilgrim finding the symbol of heaven which was a Rose. Rose Windows are what appear above the entrances of Churches. He Shepherded his way to the light. Whether it was him Dying in an alley outside a bar in Sydney or just having his wallet stolen after being knocked unconscious, his Distractions led him to the light and he was ready to L.eave O.pen T.ruth - I just hope Sawyer was there to say, "you allright, Jack?"

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