Walt's birthday is this Friday and I was thinking of having a surprise party for him. Can anyone tell me why Eloise didn't make Ben have John include Walt in those who must return to the Island? Ben obviously had the wherewithal to get Sayid on the plane. And no Desmond? It took Widmore's greed to get that Package to return. Why didn't Charles just kidnap Walt, Aaron AND Ji Yeon if they "never should have left"? It can't be that Ji Yeon (KWON 42) isn't connected to the Island - she was conceived there. It can't be that Aaron (LITTLETON 313) isn't connected to the Island - he was born there and Claire was fated to 815. It can't be that Walt (DAWSON 124) isn't connected to the Island - he's a whisper......... So, what if they all went back? Would Ben not have killed Jacob if he saw the Island can have conceptions be born? Would Jacob be alive if a baby growing up having a good life gave Ben enough perspective to not be duped by MIB? Or would Walt just freak Ben the hell out or even eat him? These X-factors make Ben's humanity seem pretty unqualified at the most important moment of his life - Ben (the LIAR) in the shadow of the statue. If he had more GENUINE human experience in his life, he might not have killed Jacob....Unfortunately, we will never know. Nor will we know what "Job" Walt accepted. This Friday, I think I'm gonna get him a hooker, or maybe a car. 83

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