Lostpedia is great. I was looking at the page for "The End" and came across a splendid tidbit. It was under "episode allusions" and it pointed out a mirror-like connection hidden between two distant scenes: Jacob's death in "The Incident" and the Man in Black's in "The End."

They share a hand-knee position, a mouth full of blood, and a craned neck looking forward; the camera angles are the same, and the last-word warnings are similar. In the same way: Jacob is kicked into the fire and the Man in Black is kicked off of the cliff.

Jack Bender, the director, used an invisible thread to tie these episodes together. "The Incident" (season 5, episode 17) aired in 2009, and "The End" (season 6, episode 17) over a year later in 2010. It connects further: The shots of Jacob in the fire are identical to the closing shots of "Walkabout" (season 1, episode 4) (aired in 2004).

Jacob and the wheelchair represent a life-altering hindrance. The Man in Black wants to leave the Island and Locke wants to walk again. Bender captured their eventual fulfillment in the exact same light. The scenes end with Jacob and the wheelchair on fire, and the Lockes watch until the flames engulf the screen.

The Man in Black is kicked off of the cliff....and falls a similar fall the man whose body he's taken once fell. It's the fall that landed Locke in the wheelchair.

Bender's thread has woven through season 1, episode 4; season 5, episode 17; season 6, episode 17; and now season 3, episode 13, "The Man from Tallahassee" (2007).